SOLVED: Can You Split Screen on iPad?

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Ipad has many unique features that make it stand out from other tablets, such as the Android tablets. It is the first tablet with a retina display, making it look very close in quality to many high-definition laptops. 

There are many features on the iPad that separate it from other tablet devices. These include sharing content via AirPlay, accessing social networks via iMessaging and FaceTime, and easy access to Apple Music or iTunes online services. This article will talk about split screening and how it is done.

Can You Split Screen on iPad?

The iPad 2 and later models can display two apps side by side when in split mode. However, the older model, like the iPad 1, cannot display more than one app at a time in split mode. 

Some third-party apps streamline creating a dual-screen on an iPad, but these are designed for older models that do not have access to split-screen. The apps that allow splitting screens on iPad 1 are called GridPad and SplitScreenX.

What is Split Screening?

Split Screening is the act of viewing and interacting with two or more apps on one screen at once. Split Screening is done by toggling the apps on one side of the screen, and on the other, you can access the third app. 

The apps run in split mode on a second app for easy access. It allows you to use two applications at once on one main screen. Split Screening is useful as it offers a more efficient way to work where you can move from one application to another easily and quickly.

How Do You Split Your Screen on an iPad?

The process of splitting the screen on an iPad is very easy; follow these steps:

1. When you want to split two apps, tap the Home key + Command + S to split the screen. It will split the screen into two separate panes of apps.

2. Now, you can access two additional apps by touching and holding on top of any app you wish to access. These extra apps will appear at the bottom of your main screen until you decide to remove them from view by pressing and holding again on any other available app.

3. To close a pane, swipe it away using a finger or a stylus. You can also use a finger to gently whack the screen or any part of the top of the iPad in a downward motion.

4. To split an app with another, touch and hold on top of it. Then, when you release your finger on the split-screen, that app will move from one side to the other.

5. To move apps from one side to the other, touch and hold on top of the app on one side and then let go to move it to the other.

Can You Split Screen on iPad

Benefits of Split Screening

Split Screening on the iPad can offer many benefits. They include:

1. Increased Productivity

Split Screening on iPad is great for working more efficiently when you have to open additional apps. You can easily access your email and read it immediately as you are working on another project. It cuts down on having to visit another screen or open a different application to locate the information you need.

2. It is Customizable

Another thing that makes Split Screening on iPad so attractive is that you can resize each pane to any size you want. You can also arrange the screens in a way that suits you. You may want to keep one part of your screen bigger than the other to see what you are doing with each app. 

It works just like a window, and how you can resize windows to show just what you need them to show at the time.

3. You can Access More Apps

In addition to the fact that you can easily access many more apps in Split Screening, you can also open an extra app to use in conjunction with the others. It is perfect for people trying to do two things simultaneously as they split-screen two applications in one.

4. It is Very Easy to Use

People new to the iPad can use Split Screening with no problem. Even people who have not used an iPad before can use it. They often find that they will be able to access data more easily than on any other device.

5. It is Reliable

You have to remember that an iPad is designed to work both indoors and outdoors. 

If you want to use it at home, you can set it on the kitchen counter and get down to the task of cooking while looking at the recipes. 

If you are at a business meeting, you can take your iPad with you. If it is raining, you’re sitting in a cafe, or you are out for lunch, this will not make any difference to how well your iPad works.

Disadvantages of Split Screening

Split Screening has only a few disadvantages, and they are:

1. It is Inefficient

Using two apps at once can be inefficient if you do something that requires high accuracy and concentration. If you have to write down a recipe, but you are also trying to access your email, this can make the process of saving all your work very difficult. You may make mistakes and then have to start over again because you cannot find the recipe in your email anymore.

2. It is Not for Everyone

Although Split Screening on the iPad is very easy to use, it does require you to be able to read and follow instructions well. It can be difficult for people who are stiff, old-fashioned, or cannot judge distances very easily. In the case of someone like this, they may find using Split Screening on iPad very frustrating and not worth their time at all.

3. It Can Be Confusing

You have a lot of apps on your iPad, and if you do not make a list so that you know what app is on what side, you may find yourself tapping the wrong app at any time. When you are trying to get something done, this can seriously hinder your progress, which you will want to avoid.


Split Screening on the iPad is not just a novelty; it can be used every day by anyone who wants to use it to help them get more done, easier and faster.

The iPad 2 and later models can run in split mode showing two applications at a time on one main screen.

Older models like the iPad 1 will only run on one app at a time due to hardware limitations, but there are some third-party apps available that allow you to create your dual-screen on an iPad 1.