How to Delete Photo Albums on an iPhone?

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As an iPhone owner for multiple years, I have been able to compile quite a few photos on my phone.

Due to the number of photos on my phone, I have had to create some photo albums to better organize my photos.

After some time, I decided I wanted to delete some of my photo albums, but I was unsure of how to do so. 

This led to some research, and this is what I found while conducting my research.

How to Delete Photo Albums on an iPhone?

To delete photo albums from your phone you can tap on a red minus button that is on each album. Open your photos app, then tap the Albums, See All, and then Edit. Click Edit and a red minus button will appear on each album. Click that red minus sign to delete your photo album.

Read on for more detailed instructions on how to delete entire albums from your iPhone as well as some other handy features to help manage your photos.

How do I delete photos from my camera roll without deleting from an album?

Unfortunately, you cannot delete photos from your camera roll without them being deleted from an album. If you delete a photo from your camera roll, then the picture is completely deleted. 

This includes all folders and albums that it belongs to as well.

If you would like to keep a photo, then you may want to post it on social media. Posting it on your social media account will give you access to it forever, and it will allow you to delete it from your phone.

How do I create a photo album on an iPhone?

To create an album on your iPhone you need to first open the photos app. 

Then once you have the photos app open, you should go to the album tabs within the app. 

Once you are within the album tab there should be an add button.

You can click the add button and a new album will be created.

Once the new album is created you will then be able to name the album according to the pictures you want to put in it, and you can then add pictures to it from your camera roll.

Then once you have done all that, you can press the done button and the album should be saved on your iPhone.

How do I create an album folder on an iPhone?

How to Delete Photo Albums on an iPhone 2 How to Delete Photo Albums on an iPhone?

Like creating an album, to create an album folder you must first open the photos app. 

Then once you are in the photo app, you must tap on the albums tab.

Once you are in the albums tab, then you can tap on the plus button that is in the top left corner of your screen. 

It will then give you the option to create a new folder.

Once you tap the create a new folder button, then the folder will be created.

After the folder is created, then you will be able to name the folder and save it. 

Once the folder is saved, then you can open the folder and add the albums that you want to the folder.

What is the difference between an album and a folder on an iPhone?

There is a slight difference between an album and a folder on an iPhone, but both are used to organize photos.

An album is used to organize specific photos into one general area. 

A folder is used to sort and store the various albums that you have created on your phone.

Both have very similar processes to create them, but the slight difference is that albums hold photos and folders hold the albums.

How do I free up storage on my iPhone?

There are multiple ways to free up storage on your iPhone, but the main way to free up storage on your iPhone is to delete things.

If you are specifically talking about pictures, then you may want to delete any pictures that you may not want on your iPhone.

There are other ways to free up storage that are not photo-related. 

These things include deleting unused apps, deleting downloaded items, deleting text messages, and many other things. 

Your iPhone storage can be very limited, which is why you may want to look into these other methods.

How do I free up storage on my iPhone without deleting everything?

If you do not want to delete anything on your iPhone, then there is one other way to free up storage. 

You can upload photos to the cloud to free up space on your iPhone. 

You can upload your photos to the cloud by going into your device’s settings. 

Once you are in the device settings, then you can click on your iPhone’s name at the top of the settings. 

Within this menu, you will see an iCloud tab. 

Then, within the iCloud tab, there is a photos tab. 

There is a download and keep originals tab that will allow you to upload the original photos/videos to the cloud. 

Once they are saved to the cloud, your phone will create a smaller version of the photos/videos for your phone.

These smaller photos/videos will take up less storage on your iPhone, which will allow you to create some more space. 

Also, you can delete these smaller photos/videos and you will be able to download the originals from the cloud to your iPhone whenever you wish to.

Do all my photos get sent to the cloud?

If you have iCloud turned on in your iPhone settings, then yes, all photos and videos that you take are sent to the cloud.

The cloud allows for your photos and videos to be shared amongst all devices when they are in the cloud.

To make sure your iCloud settings are toggled on, you can go to your settings and tap on the Photos tab. 

Then, within the photos tab, you can toggle on/off the iCloud setting.

Can I recover deleted photos on an iPhone?

Yes, you can recover deleted photos on an iPhone

However, those photos must be deleted within the last 30 days to recover them on your iPhone. 

If you wish to recover recently deleted photos, then you can tap on the recently deleted tabs within the photos app. 

Then, once you are in the recently deleted tab, you can tap recover on the photos/videos that your wish to recover.

If the photos/videos were deleted more than 30 days ago, then you will not be able to recover them from your iPhone. These photos/videos may be in the cloud, but you will need to access a computer to recover the photos/videos from the cloud.

Closing Thoughts

After completing my research, I was able to find that you can delete an entire album of photos.

It is also rather simple to do so. 

The organizational tools that Apple provides in their iPhones make sorting photos/videos extremely clear and easy. 

Due to the ease of sorting photos/videos, if you were to accidentally delete photo albums or multiple photos, then you can also recover them if you wish to within 30 days. 

Overall, the process to delete photos and albums is rather simple to do.