Keep Your Notes App Secure With These Password Tips

Notes, a note-taking app that comes pre-installed on Apple devices, is a great way to keep track of important information. Because the app syncs with iCloud, your notes are available on all your devices. But what happens if someone gets access to your Notes app? Password-protecting your notes if you use Notes at work or school may be a good idea.

You can create a password for Notes in the Settings app. You can also enable Touch or Face ID to use biometric authentication to unlock your notes. You’ll lose access to locked notes if you forget your password, so using these other biometric passwords is a good failsafe.

This article will walk you through how to create or change the password on your Notes app and reset it if you forget it. Plus, we’ll explain whether your Notes password can differ from your iPhone password and provide tips on creating a strong password.

Can You Create a Password For Your Notes App?

Notes App

Yes, you can create a password for your Apple Notes app. 

On your iPhone or iPad,

  1. Open the Settings app and scroll to Notes on the lefthand side of the screen.
  1. Next, tap Password and enter a password into the text field.
  1. Finally, tap on the Done button to save your changes.

You can also enable Touch ID or Face ID for your Notes app by tapping on the toggle next to the respective option, allowing you to unlock your Notes app using your fingerprint or facial recognition instead of a password.

Setting a password for Notes does not automatically lock all notes. You will still need to manually lock each note you want to keep private. To do this, open the note and tap on the Lock icon at the top of the screen.

Only iOS 9.3 or later, OS X 10.11.4, or iPadOS 13 support locked notes; earlier OS versions do not support it, so locked notes will not appear on those devices.

How Do You Change The Password on Your Notes App?

To change your Notes app password:

  1. Open the Settings app, select Notes, and enter your current password.
  1. Next, tap Change Password. It may prompt you to log in with your Apple ID before updating your password.
  1. Enter your new password and tap the Done button to save your changes.

Can Your Notes Password be Different from Your iPhone Password?

Yes, your Notes password can differ from your iPhone password. 

It is best to have a different password for Notes than the one used to unlock your iPhone. This way, if someone gets access to your iPhone, they won’t be able to view your private notes without the password.

How Do You Reset Your Notes Password if You Forgot It?

If you forget your Notes password, you can reset it by:

  1. Go to the Settings app. 
  1. Tap on Notes and select Reset Password. It will prompt you to enter your Apple ID. Then a pop-up will appear asking you to confirm the reset.
  1. Once you’ve confirmed the reset, enter your new password and tap Done.

The password reset option allows you to create a new password only for notes you lock in the future. Previously locked notes will remain locked with the old password.

The only way to view locked notes without the password is by using Touch ID or Face ID if you’ve enabled those options when creating the password.

How Do You Remove the Password From Your Notes App?

If you no longer want to use a password for your Notes app:

  1. Open Settings and select Notes
  1. Select Password and choose Reset.
  1. Enter your Apple ID, then tap Reset.
  1. Then, instead of setting a new password, select Cancel.

Your Notes app is now password-free, but this does not remove passwords from locked notes—those will remain locked with the old password.

Tips For Creating a Strong Password

Hand of business man tying tablet computer with password login on screen at office

When creating a password, experts recommend using a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols. The longer the password, the better.

When creating a strong password, keep these tips in mind:

  • Use a mix of upper and lowercase letters.
  • Include numbers and symbols.
  • Make it at least eight characters long.
  • Avoid using easily guessed words like your name or birthdate.
  • Don’t use the same password for multiple accounts.

Following these tips can help keep your Notes app—and all your other online accounts—more secure.