How Much Are Bose Wireless Headphones?

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Music fanatics, runners, business professionals, gamers, and anyone who needs good sound quality love Bose products

Going wire-free makes the experience even better without the limitation of being attached to something else. But that added convenience can come with a hefty price tag.

How Much Are Bose Wireless Headphones?

Bose currently sells four different models of wireless headphones that range in price from $129 to $299: the SoundSport Wireless Headphones ($129), Bose On-Ear Wireless Headphones ($179.95), SoundLink Around-Ear Wireless Headphones II ($229), and the QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones II ($299).

These four models provide a good range of price, style, and quality. 

Look into the details of each of these wireless headphones to find out which one will be best for your needs and your budget.

SoundSport Wireless Headphones

The SoundSport Wireless Headphones are the cheapest option, going for $129 on the Bose website and Amazon. 


They are an in-ear bud style with a thin connecting wire that goes behind your neck. 

The rest of the headphones are going to go on or around your ear with the band that arches over your head. 

These headphones have fun color options like a bright yellow or teal, in addition to a classic black.

If you like a slim, low-profile look, the SoundSports earbuds will be your best option.

These are also the best option if you plan to use the headphones for exercise. 

The small and light design will make sure that they don’t get in the way of your workout, and the silicone buds will help them stay in your ear despite any movement.

Using silicone tips to seal the headphone into your ear will also help improve the sound quality.

Next to the buds, Bose added a small plastic wing that will fit into the grooves of your ear for even more stability.

The SoundSport headphones are also great for an active lifestyle because they are water-resistant.

This means that you won’t have to worry about sweat or rain; you can take these almost anywhere.

As you would expect from a good set of wireless headphones, the SoundSport has great Bluetooth connectivity. 

The charge will last you about 6 hours of use, with 2 hours plugged in for a complete recharge.

The Bose app will help you manage settings, devices, and other features for your SoundSport headphones. 

The app can also help you locate your headphones if you ever misplace them in partnership with the Tile app.

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Bose On-Ear Wireless Headphones

These classic headphones retail for $179.95.

The black, on-ear style is simple and timeless. 

Unlike some other on-ear headphones, the ones from Bose are designed to be lighter and more comfortable.

They have an adjustable padded headband and great cushioning on the earcups.

The right earcup is where you will find all the controls you need for everyday use. 

You can skip, change volume, and even access your phone’s voice assistant with a small selection of buttons.

These headphones hold an impressive amount of charge, especially when you compare them to the SoundSport headphones.

It takes an hour and a half to fully charge, and then your headphones will be good to go for 15 hours. 

If you do happen to run out of battery, these headphones come with an additional cable you can use to continue listening, although they wouldn’t be wireless at that point anymore.

Bose uses their Active EQ technology on this set of headphones.

The EQ technology helps the sound quality be more consistent across volume levels. 

You will get a clear and immersive listening experience whether you like to keep it quiet or really blast the sound.

These headphones are a great choice for work or for anyone who takes a lot of calls.

They have two microphones to help eliminate background noise for whoever you are talking to. 

You can also make your volume controls sensitive to background noise, so the headphones will automatically raise or lower the volume of your call to account for any distracting noises in your environment.

The SoundLink headphones are a little more pricey, selling for $229 on the Bose website and Amazon. 


They look pretty similar to the Bose On-Ear wireless headphones, but the earcups are slightly larger, and you have the additional color option for white headphones. 

The actual function of the headphones however does see a few changes with the price jump.

The SoundLinks are going to be even more comfortable to wear with suede cushions and an even softer earcup.

With the around-ear design instead of on-ear, the earcups will completely envelop your ear in cushioning. 

This can be a lot more comfortable than having the edges of the padding line up with the edges of your ear. 

The materials used to create the SoundLink headphones are not only comfortable but will also last really well. 

The nylon and steel are ready to handle any impact.

Soundlink headphones make it easy to seamlessly switch between multiple Bluetooth devices, and even support Near Field Communication (NFC) connections.

If your phone is NFC enabled, you can simply tap the device to the earcup for the easiest Bluetooth pairing ever.

The SoundLink also has Active EQ tech, and the HD Voice system in combination with multiple microphones helps make phone calls clear on both ends. 

All the volume, skip, call, and Siri controls are on the right earcup, and you can manage more advanced settings through the Bose app.

The SoundLink Headphones have the same 15-hour charge as the on-ear headphones, but it will take you twice as long to get a full charge. 

The SoundLink headphones tradeoff a longer charge time and higher price for more comfort and advanced technology.

QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones II

The QuietComfort headphones are the most expensive wireless headphones that Bose sells, typically going for $299. 

You can check out renewed QuietComfort headphones on Amazon for a slightly cheaper price.


These around-ear-style headphones come in either black or silver. 

The controls that are typically found on the right earcup of Bose wireless headphones are actually split between both sides on this model.

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The QuietComfort also adds one control switch that makes all the difference. 

The reason why these headphones are a total upgrade compared to the others is the noise cancellation technology.

A lot of the sound technology is pretty consistent between models, but noise cancellation can make a higher difference.

You can choose to completely eliminate the background or adjust exactly how much you want to hear with the QuietComfort headphones.

Just like the Soundlink headphones, QuietComfort headphones have Active EQ, NFC Bluetooth, voice assistant connectivity, and an optional cable.

QuietComfort has the best battery life of 20 hours of listening without a charge. 

The upcharge for QuietComfort headphones is worth it for those who want to be constantly listening or anyone who wants to enjoy the peace of noise cancellation.