How To Connect Bluetooth Earphones To PC

Windows allows you to pair all Bluetooth devices, including earphones, keyboards, mice, and speakers among others. Most computers have Bluetooth built in – these include laptops and tablets. Some PCs do not have Bluetooth built-in, but you can plug in a Bluetooth adapter to make them compatible.

Read on to learn how to connect Bluetooth earphones.

How To Connect Bluetooth Earphones To PC

The first step in connecting Bluetooth devices to PC is to ensure your PC has Bluetooth capabilities. Here, you only need to check product specifications from Microsoft website or from your computer manual. If your PC has Bluetooth, you are good to go.

If your PC doesn’t have Bluetooth capabilities, get an adapter to facilitate the connection. Once you are all set, you need to ensure Bluetooth is turned on in your PC.

Some laptops come with a physical switch at the back or on the sides. If that is the case with yours, switch it on and ensure it shows the ON light. However, most PCs do not have the physical button, and you have to switch on from the settings of the PC.

From your PC, open the action center from the taskbar – the action center has a message icon to the right of your PC’s taskbar. If you do not see the Bluetooth icon from the action center, click Expand to reveal more icons.

Click on the Bluetooth icon to turn it on. If there are no devices connected, you will see the message “Not Connected.” You can also turn it on from settings. Click the Start Button on the left hand bottom corner of your screen and select Settings/Control Panel.

Open Devices >> Bluetooth and Other Devices and ensure that Bluetooth is turned on from there. Immediately you turn on Bluetooth, your computer will give you a notification that says you are now discoverable with your computer name.

If you are using a Bluetooth adapter, connect it to the PC and ensure it is on. Once you do that, check your earphones to ensure they are ready for the connection.

Ensure the earphones are on and charged, and they are in close proximity to your PC to facilitate the connection.

Pairing Bluetooth Earphones to PC

If the earphones are and in pairing mode, and the PC Bluetooth is on, you can go ahead and pair them to start enjoying audio.

In Windows 10, click Start >> Settings >> Devices >> Bluetooth and other devices >> Add Bluetooth or other device >> Bluetooth. From here, you will see a list of available devices that you can add, and your earphones should be one of them. Follow prompts to make the connection complete and then click Done after the process.

Once you pair the two devices, they will connect automatically anytime they are in range.

Windows 10 offers Swift Pair, which is a feature that allows quick connections when two devices are in range. However, your earphones need to support Swift Pair to establish the connection. If the earphones are Swift Pair compatible, you will get a notification whenever it is near a computer with Windows 10.

If you haven’t used Swift Pair, click Yes when asked to confirm whether you need to receive Swift Pair notifications. Swift Pair will scan for new devices, and when one is in range, you will be prompted to Connect. Once you click Connect and close, you are good to go.

If you are using Windows 8.1, turn on your Bluetooth earphones and ensure they are discoverable. Most earphones require you to tap and hold the pairing button. In Windows 8.1, click Start and type Bluetooth from the search bar at the bottom.

Open Bluetooth Settings from the list, turn on Bluetooth, select your earphones, and then click Pair to start the connection. Follow prompts from the screen, and you are ready to start listening to audio.

If your PC runs Windows 7, click the Start Button then select Devices and Printers. Click Add a Device and select your Bluetooth earphones. Click Next and follow prompts to complete the connection.

After the connection, the two devices will automatically connect whenever they are in range.

Troubleshooting Bluetooth Problems in PC

What if your earphones fail to connect even after following the procedures above?

The easiest troubleshooting step is to switch off the earphones, place them in their charging case, and wait for 30 minutes. As you wait, switch off Bluetooth on your PC, and you can even restart the PC.

Switch the earphones back on and get them ready to pair. Switch on Bluetooth on your PC and connect to the earphones as described above. This troubleshooting procedure works in most cases where you need to fix simple software problems with your devices.

If the above doesn’t work, you need to check the settings of your PC.

Check the PC to ensure that you have not set Airplane Mode on. Open Start and select Settings or Control Panel. Open Network and Internet next and then Airplane Mode and ensure it is turned off.

With Airplane Mode on, you cannot make any connections to the computer. Once that is done, turn your Bluetooth off and then on again. You can also remove the earphones from the list of available Bluetooth devices and then connect it later after restarting your computer.

What If My PC Doesn’t Have the Bluetooth Icon?

Your Bluetooth connection may fail due to a number of problems, which include:

• A missing Bluetooth icon or an icon that doesn’t allow you to switch Bluetooth on and off

• Bluetooth failing to work after you install a Windows 10 update

• You may also have issues when you upgrade your PC from Windows 7 or 8.1 to Windows 10

• Bluetooth doesn’t appear anywhere in device manager, and you have never connected any devices

If you have any of the above problems, you can try simple troubleshooting steps to get the connection going. For starters, run the Bluetooth troubleshooter from PC settings. Open Start >> Settings >> Update and Security >> Troubleshoot.

Click the option Find and Fix Problems and select Bluetooth from there. Click Run Troubleshooter and follow prompts. If there are issues with your PC, you should be able to see them from the Troubleshooter.

If your PC doesn’t have the latest Bluetooth drivers, the connection may fail. This is common with PC owners who recently upgraded or updated their Windows. The current drivers may not work well with the new update, and you need to update the drivers too.

If your device has Bluetooth capability, search Device Manager from the search bar at the bottom. Click Device Manager and select Bluetooth adapter. Right click on the option Bluetooth adapter and select Update Driver.

From there, select Search for Updated Driver and follow prompts to update the driver before closing. Restart your computer and afterward check whether that fixes the problem. If Windows doesn’t find the driver, visit the PC manufacturer’s website and search for the driver from there.

Outdated Bluetooth drivers are among the most common causes of Bluetooth connection problems. You can install the drivers from Device Manager, or you can do it manually by downloading the driver from the PC manufacturer’s website.

Troubleshoot Other Bluetooth Problems

In most cases, your Bluetooth earphones will connect automatically to your PC without any challenges. However, there are instances where the connection won’t happen.

There are many reasons that may happen, including:

Earphones Out of Charge

You need to charge your earphones before connecting them with your PC over Bluetooth. Place the earphones in their charging case and ensure they light up when you start charging. Once they are fully charged, the earphones light will go off or will change its color.

When the battery is low, your device might not connect. Luckily, you will get a notification to charge when power gets low.

Incompatible Versions of Bluetooth

This is not common as Bluetooth is universal, but there are times that devices with different versions of Bluetooth can fail to connect. The problem comes when one device, mostly your earphone, uses Bluetooth Smart. Such an earphone will only pair to a device that is Bluetooth Smart compatible, and it is less likely that your PC has such compatibility.

If your earphones will not connect to your PC no matter what troubleshooting step you try, do some research and see whether the earphones run Bluetooth Smart.

Bluetooth Device Out of Range

If the PC and the earphones are more than 30 feet apart, the connection may never happen. However, if you have the latest Bluetooth version, the connection might still happen even if the devices are 100 feet apart.

If your devices are far, bring them closer. You can also try and remove any obstructions between the two devices to make pairing easier. If there is a wall in between the two devices, place the earphones where there is less obstruction.

Earphones Not In Pairing Mode

The way you make your earphones discoverable differs from one brand to the next. In some, you only need to switch them on, and they are instantly discoverable, while in others, you need to switch on pairing mode. Check with your manufacturer and place the earphones in pairing mode before you search for them from your PC.

Most devices will have LED light that flushes when pairing mode is on. If your device has this kind of light, ensure it goes on when you switch it on.

If you are outside, the connection might suffer outside interference. In such a case, you need to ensure you place the devices as close to each other to make them to connect.

Closing Thoughts

Most modern PCs are Bluetooth compatible, and you can make the connections with your earphones with ease. If it happens that your PC doesn’t have Bluetooth capability, you need to get a USB Bluetooth adapter. The adapter allows you to connect to any Bluetooth devices.

If you have connection problems and your PC is Bluetooth-enabled, try the troubleshooting steps above. With Bluetooth earphones, you can enjoy gaming, listening to music, and doing much more while using your PC. It is ideal that you get high quality Bluetooth earphones for the best quality audio.

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