How To Charge Bluetooth Headphones

Bluetooth headphones come in handy when you need to answer the phone when driving. They are also ideal in a verity of so many other applications such as gaming and listening to music on-the-go. With these headphones, you never have to deal with tangled wires.

One of the main challenges with these headphones is battery life. Although the charging process can be simple, most users still do not understand how long they should charge the headphones and what to do if they do not have a charger. Read on to learn more.

How To Charge Bluetooth Headphones

The best way to charge a Bluetooth is to use its dedicated charger. These dedicated chargers come with your wireless headphone in the box. If you do not have a dedicated charger, you can find another charging interface with the same charging rated output power as the dedicated charger.

If you have a dedicated charger, you need to install all the plugs and charge as the manufacturer recommends. The red light indicator goes on when you are charging the device, and it turns blue when the device is fully charged. In some headphones, the light will turn off when the unit is fully charged.

Note that, in some headsets, it might take up to a minute before the light turns on when you plug it in to charge. When connected for charging, you cannot use the headsets.

It is easy to charge your device when using a dedicated charger and the charging will be fast. However, what happens when you do not have that charger?

Charging Your Headphones With No Charger

If you do not have a charger, you can charge your headphones by connecting it to a power bank, laptop, or PC. All you need to make any of these connections is a USB power cable.

Charging With a USB Cable

With a USB cable, you can charge your headphones in any device that has a Universal Serial Bus (USB) port. These devices include your TV, gaming console, laptop, speaker, or any other. Your headphones do not need to be compatible with any of these devices as long as the devices have a USB port.

You can also charge your headsets from your phone or tablet. To do that, you need an OTG cable. If your headset features USB type C, you need an OTG cable with USB 3.0 male connector on one side and USB type C connect on the other side. If your headset has USB 3.0, you need to get a cable with USB 3.0 male connectors on both sides.

One end of the OTG cable goes into your phone and the other goes into your headphones. Your headphones should be charging when you complete this connection.

Not all smartphones support OTG. If your smartphone is one of these, you cannot use this option to charge your device.

Charging With Laptop or PC

With a laptop or PC, you do not need an OTG cable as you can use the ordinary USB cable with USB type C on one end and USB 3.0 on the other end, both male connectors. Connect one end to your PC or laptop and the other to your headphones, and they will start charging immediately.

How To Charge Bluetooth Headphones

Charging through your phone, your PC, or your laptop will not damage your headphones. Headsets have a way to prevent an overflow of energy so that they do not get damaged when you are charging. Whatever charger you use, the headphones have a way of regulating the energy that goes into them to keep them safe.

Note that, if you are using your phone or laptop to charge your headphones, your phone will de brained of the charge, and you have to keep a charger or power bank handy.

Which Are Some of the Common Charging Issues?

There are a number of technical reasons why your headphones might not be charging. One of the reasons is a faulty charging cable. Your cable should be the first point of inspection as the twists and turns can create weak points.

The weak points can lead to wear or tear. However, if the cable doesn’t have any weak points, you need to check that it is well connected to the headphone. You can also connect the cable into a different port and see if that helps correct the problem. Other problems might be:

Incompatible Cable

Some cables may not be compatible with your headphones. If the cable is intact and still won’t charge, you can try use a different USB cable.

Faulty Battery

If the cable is okay, then the problem might be with the Bluetooth headphone battery. The battery of your headphone can get damaged if you do not use it much. If you keep the headphones in storage for several months, the battery might end up damaged.

There are other reasons why your battery may be damaged, including overheating. If you place the headphones in a hot car or under direct sunlight for a long time, the battery might get damaged. However, if the headphones won’t charge, and they are new, you should send them back to the factory for replacement – the problem might be a factory fault.

Another reason for a faulty battery is when you allow the battery to discharge completely. The battery may die from complete discharging, and when you plug it in to charge, it doesn’t come on. If that happens, allow the charger to stay on for a while.

Faulty Charging Port

If the charging port is faulty from general wear and tear, your headphones will not charge. When the inside of your USB port gets scratches, it may fail to make the needed connection and the charging will not happen.

The headphones’ USB port might also pick up dust, lint, oil, and other particles. These particles can get in the way of your charging unless you clean the dirt.

Extreme Temperatures

Very low or high temperatures affect the mechanical components of your headphones and may also affect the battery. It is advisable that you do not charge your headphones in warm and humid weather and also in very cold temperatures.

You can turn on your AC to keep the temperatures just right. Whatever feels comfortable for you will be safe for your headphones. Ensure the temperature ranges between 41 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

Closing Thoughts

When you charge your headphones correctly, they will last up to 30 hours of continuous use on charge. Some will even last longer. How long the battery of your headphones last is dependent on the features you use, the brand of your headphones, and what you use the headphones for.

You need to ensure you get the best affordable headphones so that you can enjoy a long battery life, short charging time, and a durable battery. Once you have the best headphones, now you have to charge them right so that they last long.

Ensure the headphones do not drain off their power completely as this will damage the battery. You also need to unplug them from the charge immediately the light turns color or goes off. Overcharging can lead to overheating, which can be detrimental for your battery.

If possible, use the headphones’ dedicated charger as other charging might be slow. For instance, when you connect to your PC, you will wait for longer than you would with a dedicated charger.

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