What Apple Watches Are Waterproof? [Solved!]

There’s no doubt that the Apple Watch is one of the hottest trends in smart-gear right now. They are being built to do everything from reading and displaying your biometrics (such as your blood pressure and heartrate) to letting you send and receive text messages. And, yes, you can even wear the newer ones in the water.

But are Apple Watches waterproof or just water-resistant?

There is, after all, a difference between being waterproof and water-resistant, but this is something you might not be aware of when you go to buy a new Apple Watch. Besides, who wants to drop several hundred bucks on a brand-new piece of technology only to have it go kaput with a dip in the lake or a swim in the pool?

Well, dear reader, if you own the OG Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport, or Apple Watch 1, you’re out of luck since these models are only splash-resistant. Everything after that is water resistant in up to 50 meters (160.04 feet if you’re) of water. Just don’t conflate “waterproof” with “water-resistant”, or else you could be looking at having to entirely replace your watch.

Your Apple Watch is built with durability in mind, but that doesn’t make it infallible. Over time, wear and tear on the water-resistant components can cause leaks to develop. Any time that water gets past these barriers, you’re going to have a busted watch on your hands – er, well, on your wrist. And who wants that?

With proper care and maintenance, the Apple Watch can be your best fitness buddy and companion on fun outdoor adventures.

What Apple Watches are waterproof?

Any Apple Watch 2 or newer is rated as being water-resistant. These watches are rated WR50, which means they can be submerged in up to 50 meters of water. Only the original Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport, and Apple Watch 1 Series are splash-resistant-only; submerging them in water would cause electrical failure.

What exactly is the difference between “waterproof” and “water-resistant”, and why does it matter when it comes to getting the Apple Watch wet? Can the Apple Watch handle high impact water sports? And just what can you do if your watch does happen to sustain some water damage? Read on to learn more.

The Difference Between Being Waterproof vs Water-resistant

You might want to know is Apple Watch Series 5 waterproof so that you can take it swimming with you. While you can take it in a pool or swimming in shallow enough water at the beach, you cannot take it beyond 50 meters down. The water-resistant components could wear down with the increased pressure at lower depths.

These watches just aren’t built to sustain pressure or high impacts, so you will need to be careful. Some water could get in, and since the components are not waterproof, you could fry your expensive new watch.

How much water can my Apple Watch take?

Are you wondering “are apple watch series 3 waterproof”, the answer is quite clearly “No.” But anything made after the Apple Watch 1 Series is WR50 water-resistant. Submerging the Apple Watch 1 or earlier models is not at all recommended. They only hold up against minor splashes.

Swimming in the pool or in a shallow lake is just fine. If you plan on doing any high impact water sports (such as jet skiing), you should take the watch off since an impact with the surface of the water at a high rate of speed could destroy the watch. Otherwise, keep your diving limited to some shallow water snorkeling, and you should be good.

Can I wear my Apple Watch in the shower?

You can wear the Apple Watch in the shower, but proceed with caution. They are designed to resist splashes from the water itself, but anything with chemicals (like body wash, soap, and shampoo) could potentially cause damage.

They are known to degrade the water seals, which could lead to water getting into the watch and wreaking havoc on the components. Damaging an acoustic membrane or water seal would prove difficult to repair and make it a bad idea to expose it to water.

Can I wear my Apple Watch while swimming in the pool?

What Apple Watches Are Waterproof Solved 1 What Apple Watches Are Waterproof? [Solved!]

You can wear your Apple Watch while swimming in the pool. You should always rinse it off with clean, fresh water afterward and gently dry it off with a towel so that the chemicals used in the pool to control its pH balance do not linger on the surface of the watch. In general, it is a good idea to wipe the surface of the watch down after any contact with water.

Can I wear my Apple Watch while scuba diving?

You might not want to wear your Apple Watch while scuba diving. Apple doesn’t recommend it, since you could get below 50 meters and not even realize it. And 50 is definitely the limit for the Apple Watch 2 and newer.

A light round of snorkeling along a coral reef? Not a problem. But anything that takes you deep below the surface of the water is generally a bad idea.

Can I wear my watch while water skiing?

Avoid high impact water sports while wearing your Apple Watch. The force of impact should you hit the water could be enough to break the water resistant components and cause permanent damage to the internal electronic bits. Apple definitely doesn’t recommend wearing the watch while water skiing or jet skiing.

What happens if my Apple Watch sustains water damage?

Water damage can be dealt with – to an extent. If you suspect a minor amount of water damage has occurred, try to safely disassemble the unit and clean it out using at least 91% isopropyl alcohol. You’ll need to let it dry out completely before you piece it back together.

Major water damage, though, can destroy the watch. You will need to check with Apple to see that your watch is still within warranty and what your warranty will cover. This should give you a basic idea of the potential repair costs.

Closing Thoughts

The Apple Watch is not waterproof. Its materials are, instead, water-resistant. You can submerge the Apple Watch 2 and newer in up to 50 meters of water, but does that mean that you should?

Treat your Apple Watch with care, and it will likely last a long time. Treat it poorly and expose it to potential water damage. The Apple Watch is built to last, and it can join you on some underwater excursions.

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