7 Ways To Prevent Unauthorized Access To Bluetooth Speakers

Networking always presents security concerns whether wired or wireless. Bluetooth connectivity is a wireless network that can expose you to various security risks, which is especially true if you do not have measures in place to avoid unauthorized access to your devices. While the invasion to your Bluetooth speaker may occur accidentally, it may as well be a deliberate hacking operation.

Brace up, below we discuss several tips on how to prevent a hacker from accessing your Bluetooth speaker.

How to Prevent Unauthorized Access to Bluetooth Speakers

There are several simple steps that can prevent unauthorized access to your Bluetooth speaker, including having a security code, deactivating Bluetooth when not in use, keeping your Bluetooth undiscoverable, making an audio jack, pairing in private, unpairing your Bluetooth from public devices, and installing security updates.

Essentially, hackers gain access to your Bluetooth speaker by manipulating the flaws in your speaker’s software configuration. Hackers may also use stolen security codes, stolen passwords, and usernames to complete their action. So, to prevent hackers from getting a hold of your private information, take the following steps:

Have a Security Code

Many modern devices are equipped with advanced security features, which restrict Bluetooth pairing. These speakers when paired with any other device, be it a smartphone or other speakers in the household, provide a code.

In that case, anyone who wants to access your speaker will have to know this code. If the code is secured, unauthorized persons cannot access your speakers. You will also receive a notification to confirm the match. If you do not approve, there is no way the unauthorized person will access your speaker.

In the event that your security code is compromised, you can change the security pin by referring to the guidelines in the manual. The code works effectively on speakers with displays. And for those without displays, the speakers can speak out the code while others have simple connectivity that does not require security at all.

Deactivate Bluetooth When Not In Use

This is the simplest way to secure your Bluetooth speaker against unauthorized access. Leaving your Bluetooth active at all times paves the way for hackers to discover not only your speaker, but also other devices paired with it previously. Once they do so, these hackers can find out your login details, and with it, your financial details.

Turning Bluetooth off helps to kick out unwarranted persons from your Bluetooth speaker. Unfortunately, some seasoned hackers can access your Bluetooth speaker even when turned off. In such a situation, setting the speaker to undiscoverable is the next best option.

Some smart speakers are known to maintain pairing for days. If this is the case with yours, you can carry them along when going to work to kill the connectivity by the long distance.

Keep your Bluetooth Undiscoverable

If turning off doesn’t get it done, then setting it to undiscoverable will surely execute it. Some speakers jump to the pairing mode and become discoverable the moment they are turned on. These speakers do not have discrete Bluetooth button.

Those that do have discrete buttons requires one to press on the button to activate the discovery mode, making it a great security option.

Other \ speakers with displays provide an option to hide the Bluetooth visibility in the settings. To get this done, set your Bluetooth settings to invisible. This will help you hide your device’s Bluetooth even when it is on.

Make an Audio Jack

This is another simple step that you can try to keep hackers at bay, and it does not require lots of work. However, this is effective in speakers that prioritize wired connection over wireless. So, before you take this route, test your device with your friend to ensure it prioritizes wired connectivity. You can also test with two other different devices.

To do this, find an old-headphone that is not use and cut the audio jack. A microphone splitter may also work just fine. Stick the jack into the speaker and the wireless connectivity will be stopped.

Pair in Private

Speakers are most vulnerable to hacking when in pairing mode. When your device is paring, it searches for compatible devices, and it is during this moment that strangers jump onto the opportunity of gaining access.

To avoid these situations, avoid pairing your device when in crowded places such as coffee shops or public parks. Additionally, make sure to reject unexpected requests to keep your device safe from hacking. By doing so, you automatically kick out unwanted users off your Bluetooth speaker.

Unpair your Bluetooth Speaker from Public Devices

If you happened to pair your Bluetooth speaker with a computer in the school library or at your work place, ensure to unpair your device. This will help to clear any personal data that remains on the public device.

A hacker will, therefore, have a hard time in accessing your private information without your personal data.

Keep Up With Software Updates

Your Bluetooth speaker’s security may be compromised by bugs in its application. Luckily, manufacturers are always re-evaluating their security features, and as such, you should always keep up with the latest security updates.

Doing this will help you secure your device with advanced software updates. To keep your speaker extra safe, pair it with secure devices only using a secure application and Bluetooth connection.

Why Secure Your Speakers

Now that we’ve exhausted on ways you can prevent hackers from accessing your Bluetooth speaker, let’s look at why you should prevent them in the first place. Hackers may:

Access Your Personal Information

When hackers access your speakers, they may spoof your other devices and get to know your personal details such as bank details and professional information. These unscrupulous people may use these details to inflict psychological and physical trauma on you. For instance, a hacker may withdraw huge amounts of money from your bank while others may start stalking you.

Hijack Your Speaker

Speaker hijacking is a thing. Some hackers may ruin an event you are hosting by disrupting your music and playing an unwanted audio, leaving you embarrassed in front of family and friends. And if not in events, speaker hijacking may happen anywhere in your home, at the gym, and office, restricting you from listening to your music or podcasts, which could be annoying to say the least.

Damage Your Professional Reputation

Other hackers may access your information with the motive of ruining your business reputation. This they can do by sending false information to your potential clients. They may also go further to hack client information and publicizing it, making your credibility suffer, which could see your profits dwindle.


Bluetooth connectivity does expose you to many security risks, particularly if you don’t put the provided tips into action. Although hackers are smart, these simple tips can outsmart them in their own game. Therefore, ensure to keep your Bluetooth speakers safe and secure at all times.

By turning off your Bluetooth connectivity, pairing in private, and installing updates, you will save yourself from the serious consequences brought about by hacking. We hope this article has provided you with all the tips you need to secure your speakers.

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