How Long Do AirPods Pro Take To Fully Charge?

Keeping your devices charged is easier said than done, and sometimes you find yourself with a dead battery at the worst time. Luckily, charging times are getting faster and faster as technology advances. So, how long do the AirPods Pro take to fully charge?

The AirPods Pro earbuds take ~22 minutes to fully charge. The charging case, however, takes one hour to charge through a Lightning cable and longer through a wireless charger. The green light on the charging case indicates a full charge, while the amber light means that it’s still charging.

Let’s take a closer look at how much time you need to charge your AirPods Pro and their case, as well as the various methods you can use to check your charge status. That way, you can always make sure you’ve got enough battery life to enjoy listening to your favorite tunes and podcasts.

How Long Do AirPods Pro Take to Charge?

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AirPods Pro (on Amazon) are a high-end version of wireless headphones from Apple. Apple released the AirPods Pro in 2019, and since then, they’ve been a user favorite thanks to some amazing features. 

The battery life of AirPods Pro is almost the same as that of the classic AirPods, but the AirPods Pro take more time to charge. AirPods Pro with a fully drained battery take a minimum of 22 minutes to fully charge.

The charging case of AirPods Pro, meanwhile, holds six charges for the AirPods Pro. For this reason, the charging case takes much more time to charge. It charges faster with a wired setup like the Belkin Dual USB Wall Charger (on Amazon) than a wireless charger. 

The charging case takes approximately one hour to fully charge, and it stores almost 24 hours of charge for the AirPods Pro.

Charging the AirPods Pro for about 15 minutes gives you enough charge to use them again for a good while. If the battery isn’t fully drained, even a 5-minute charge can give you one hour of listening time.

The case might not charge as quickly if your AirPods Pro is old and the batteries of the charging case have worn out. The battery will also drain faster than expected. 

This is because both the charging case and the AirPods Pro have lithium-ion batteries. It’s a well-known fact that the storage capacity of lithium-ion batteries degrades over time. If the batteries are subjected to high temperatures often, they will deteriorate even faster. 

Why Do AirPods Pro Charge So Slowly?

The AirPods Pro charge slower than previous AirPods models. For example, the 1st Generation AirPods took only 17 minutes to fully charge.

The reason behind the slower charging of AirPods Pro is the advanced features. Because the AirPods Pro have more features than the previous versions, they take more time to fully charge.

However, if the AirPods Pro are taking even more time than usual, there might be an underlying cause for it. So, let’s find out why your AirPods Pro might be charging slower than usual!

Optimized Battery Feature

The optimized battery feature improves the battery life of AirPods Pro. It prevents the batteries from aging and gives the AirPods Pro longer life expectancy. 

This feature doesn’t let the AirPods Pro charge past 80% until you need to use the headphones. It prevents the AirPods Pro from being fully charged because the more you charge your batteries, the quicker they wear out. So, it’s an amazing feature that saves the batteries of AirPods Pro over time.

To charge your AirPods Pro more quickly, however, you can disable this feature. Follow the steps below to disable the optimized battery feature:

  1. Turn on Bluetooth on your device.
  2. Bring the AirPods Pro near your device and connect it. 
  3. Go to Bluetooth settings and find AirPods Pro in the devices.
  4. Click the icon next to AirPods Pro.
  5. Find ‘Optimized Battery.’
  6. Disable it.

After charging the AirPods Pro, don’t forget to enable the optimized battery feature again. Follow the same steps above and turn it on just like you disabled it. 

You don’t need to enable or disable the optimized battery feature on every device you connect to the AirPods Pro. Once you’ve done it, it will turn on or off on every device until you change the settings.

Slow Charging Case

If you use a wireless charger, it might be the reason behind the slow charging of the charging case. While a wireless charger is an amazing accessory for AirPods Pro, it takes more time to charge the case. So, switch to a Lightning cable and a compatible power adapter. 

Non-Branded Accessories

Non-branded accessories such as power adapters and charging cables may charge the charging case slower than expected. 

Keep in mind that Apple used its own products for the testing of AirPods Pro battery life. Therefore, the usual one-hour charge for the charging case is expected only when you use an original charger.

It’s always best to use the original Apple Power Adapter (on Amazon) to charge the AirPods Pro because it’s safe for the battery and charges it faster. Unreliable adapters or charging cables may damage the AirPods Pro’s batteries, causing them to charge slower than usual.

Dust or Debris

If your charging case is taking too long to charge, try cleaning the charging port. The charging port must be free of dust and moisture to charge the AirPods Pro efficiently. Clean the charging ports regularly. 

The AirPods Pro might take more time to charge if the contact points inside the charging port aren’t clean. Use a dry, lint-free fabric to clean the inside of the charging case. Make sure there’s no dust or debris inside the case.

How Do You Know When Your AirPods Pro Are Fully Charged?

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You place the AirPods Pro inside the charging case to charge them. But how do you know when they’re fully charged? It would be a nightmare if you took the charging case off the charger only to find out it wasn’t charging the whole time. 

Luckily, there’s a way to know when your AirPods Pro is charging and when it’s fully charged! To recognize the charge status of the AirPods Pro, the charging case has a status light. 

To check if the AirPods Pro is charging or is fully charged, follow the steps below:

  1. Place the AirPods Pro in the charging case, close the lid and wait for 2-3 seconds.
  2. Open the lid of the charging case.
  3. Check the status light on the charging case.
  4. If the light is amber or orange, the AirPods Pro are currently charging.
  5. If the light is green, the AirPods Pro are fully charged.

When the AirPods Pro are fully charged, they stop charging and the green light appears on the charging case. So, an orange or amber light always means that the AirPods Pro isn’t fully charged yet. This feature saves the AirPods Pro from overcharging and damaging the battery. 

How Do You Check Your AirPods Pro Battery?

Want to know how much charge is left in the AirPods Pro and the charging case? There are various ways to check the battery of the AirPods Pro. 

You can check the battery on different devices such as iPhones and iPads. The procedure is the same. So, let’s check out some ways to know the battery of your AirPods Pro!

Using the Charging Case

You can learn about the charge level from the charging light on the charging case. Open the lid of the charging case while the AirPods Pro are inside it. If the light turns green, it means the AirPods Pro are fully charged. An orange or amber light means the AirPods Pro are currently charging.

However, this method doesn’t tell the exact battery percentage of the AirPods Pro and the charging case.

Using Another Device

You can check the exact battery percentage of both the AirPods Pro and the charging case on an iPhone or iPad. All you have to do is follow these steps:

  1. Place the AirPods Pro inside the charging case.
  2. Unlock your iPhone or iPad.
  3. Bring the charging case near your device.
  4. Open the lid of the charging case and keep it open until a pop-up appears on your device.
  5. The pop-up will indicate the battery percentage of both the charging case and the AirPods Pro.

Using Battery Widgets

Check the battery of your AirPods Pro through a battery widget on your iPhone or iPad. To do this, you’ll have to add the battery widget on your home screen. Let’s find out how you can do it in a few simple steps:

  1. Touch an empty space on your home screen and hold it until the apps start to jiggle.
  2. On the top left corner, click on the plus (+) sign. 
  3. A widget menu will appear. Search ‘Batteries’ in the search bar.
  4. Place the battery widget wherever you wish to put it on the home screen. 
  5. Check the status of your AirPods battery using the battery widget. 

You can also check the battery percentage of AirPods Pro when it’s connected to your device through the battery widget.

How Long Do AirPods Pro Last?

The AirPods Pro last for 2-3 years, about as long as the other AirPods models. This is because the same batteries are present in the AirPods Pro and the classic AirPods (on Amazon)

If you find yourself charging the AirPods Pro more frequently than before, it might be a sign of worn-out batteries. As we mentioned above, lithium-ion batteries are bound to degrade in a few years no matter how hard you try to keep them intact. 

The AirPods Pro are also quite tiny, and dropping them on the floor isn’t exactly a rarity. Dropping them damages the internal components and affects the battery life. If you don’t protect the AirPods Pro, they won’t last their average life expectancy and can degrade faster than usual.

Tips to Make the AirPods Pro Last Longer

Here are a few tips to maintain the integrity of the AirPods Pro:

  • Keep the AirPods Pro in the charging case when you’re not using them.
  • Don’t throw the AirPods Pro on the floor or fiddle them around.
  • Keep the AirPods Pro away from moisture and dust.
  • Don’t store the AirPods Pro in extreme heat or cold.
  • Don’t leave the AirPods Pro in a parked car for a long time.
  • Turn down the volume of the AirPods Pro while using them.

Final Thoughts

Now you’re familiar with how long it takes to fully charge the AirPods Pro and much more about their battery life. The AirPods Pro charge fairly quickly, and the battery life is quite reasonable too.

If you turn off the advanced features, the battery life increases. Protecting the AirPods Pro from user damage and environmental conditions will help keep them in good shape for longer.

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