The Ultimate Bluetooth Pillow Speaker Guide

More and more people have been seeing the benefits of a Bluetooth pillow speaker in recent years. Alongside helping mask the symptoms of tinnitus, they can provide you with a relaxing way to fall asleep.

That doesn’t mean all models are equal, however. With a broad range of manufacturers, brands, and possible features, there’s quite a difference in performance. If you’re in the market for a high-quality pillow speaker, then here are a few you’ll want to check out.

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Table of Contents

  1. ASIILOVI Store Bluetooth Speaker with Mic
  2. PillowPlayer Bluetooth Stereo Speakers
  3. Pyle PPSP18 Bluetooth Speaker
  4. Pyle Portable and Comfortable Travel Music Pillow
  5. Pillowsonic Under-Pillow Speaker System
  6. Frequently Asked Questions
  7. Different Types of Pillow Speakers
  8. Benefits of a Pillow Speaker
  9. Conclusion

Looking For a Bluetooth Pillow Speaker? Here Are the Best

1. ASIILOVI Store Bluetooth Speaker with Mic

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Since you’ll be trying to sleep, comfort will be vital. That’s what this ASIILOVI Store option boasts, as it’s made using a soft, padded foam. While this could stifle the sound a little bit, it’s a sacrifice worth making for the comfort you’re getting.

The controls are also well laid out and easy to use, which makes setting it up and switching between audio quick and efficient. Overall, the sound quality is above average. While the foam padding negatively affects it slightly, it should still offer relatively clear and appealing sound.

That’s only at low to middle volumes, however, as the sound could get worse the higher the volume is. If you’re worried about being able to connect any device to the speaker, you shouldn’t be. This speaker can pair with most Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Unlike some other options, this speaker includes a microphone, which could be appealing. You can answer phone calls when using it, so you shouldn’t need to move too much, which might be a positive benefit if you have any neck or back issues.

The only real negative here is that it’s not the most long-lasting option. Given how affordable the pillow speaker is, though, there shouldn’t be too much of a problem replacing it.


  • Should connect to devices quickly and easily
  • Soft, padded foam makes it comfortable to use
  • Controls are quite easy to understand
  • Offers decent quality sound


  • Not a long-lasting option
  • Sound quality could get worse at higher volumes

2. PillowPlayer Bluetooth Stereo Speakers

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While most pillow speakers are designed for comfort, many of them forget to minimize the bulk. That’s not the case with the PillowPlayer Bluetooth Stereo Speakers, as they’re designed to be as compact as possible.

That means your neck won’t be at an awkward angle when you’re using it. Because of that, there’ll be no neck pains once you wake up. The sound quality is also great here, as it’s designed to soothe you without disturbing your partner.

One of the larger benefits of this system, though, is the battery. While you might need to charge it every day or so, the speakers should play throughout the night. That should help you have relaxing sleep every time you use it.

The battery may stop charging after several months. Thankfully, this should be covered under warranty, so it’s easily replaced. But you might be irritated having to replace it.


  • Designed to avoid disturbing your partner
  • Has a decent amount of battery life
  • Less bulky than some alternatives


  • You will need to charge it before each use
  • Will stop charging after a few months

3. Pyle PPSP18 Bluetooth Speaker

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B073VV6P7S&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=gadget buyer 20&language=en US The Ultimate Bluetooth Pillow Speaker Guide

If the one thing stopping you from getting a pillow speaker is the bulk, then you can rest easy with the Pyle PPSP18 Bluetooth Speaker. As it’s designed to be as thin as possible, you should barely feel it when you’re sleeping.

That hasn’t meant a sacrifice in performance. Alongside an acceptable sound performance, it’s compatible with most Bluetooth devices, so you can play audio from almost anything. It’s also programmed to play nature sounds without any sort of connection, which can prove relaxing.

That’s because of the speaker’s built-in memory, which is larger than you would expect. You should be able to load a few of your favorite audio files onto it with ease. The only problem you might face is that you have to pair it with a device every time you use it. Some options do this automatically after the first connection.


  • Much thinner than others so you should barely feel it
  • Compatible with the majority of devices
  • Can also be programmed to play nature sounds
  • Has a significant amount of built-in memory


  • You have to pair it with a device every time you use it
  • Not as durable as some alternatives

4. Pyle Portable and Comfortable Travel Music Pillow

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You might not want to get a speaker that fits into or under your pillow. Instead, you might want something that’s more of an accessory and that you can use almost anywhere. That’s why you should consider the Pyle Portable and Comfortable Travel Music Pillow, as it’s designed to be portable.

That could make it perfect if you’re going on vacation or taking a long car trip. Since it’s designed to go around the back of your neck, it adds more support and comfort than many of its competitors. That should be a positive for most people.

Then there’s the performance. With dual-speaker technology, you should get surround sound, which enhances the overall audio experience. Plus, the audio is crystal clear.

The speaker can also connect to devices at a distance, so you might be able to listen to a television or radio from another room. Its overall functionality is also a highlight, as the controls are simple, making them easy to understand.

When you have the Bluetooth switched on, which will be most of the time, it can produce a hum that might be irritating. The battery life is also a little disappointing, as it isn’t going to last as long as some competitors.


  • Dual-speaker technology enhances sound quality
  • Connection range is quite long
  • Adds more comfort than most of its competitors
  • Controls are easy to use


  • Battery life is quite short
  • Can hum when using Bluetooth

5. Pillowsonic Under-Pillow Speaker System

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Some pillow speakers can’t be used long-term, as they can’t withstand wear and tear. Another problem is that you can’t clean them, which could cause bacteria buildup. This is not the case with the Pillowsonic Under-Pillow Speaker System, as it’s designed for long-term use.

The system includes a machine washable cover for the entire device. With that, you wouldn’t have to worry about cleanliness or if it will end up making you sick. Despite the added cover, it’s not going to be uncomfortable under your pillow.

That’s because of the thin design, which makes it relatively flat, so you shouldn’t feel it much, if at all. The Pillowsonic option also hasn’t compromised on performance, as the sound will be crystal clear, and you can pair it with virtually any device.

The only drawback here is that it needs to be plugged in to be used. If you accidentally unplug it during your sleep, then it will turn off. That’s something that you wouldn’t see with a lot of other options.


  • Thin design makes it hard to feel under your pillow
  • Cover is machine washable
  • Should be pairable with most devices
  • Sound should be crystal clear


  • Has to be plugged in to use

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Headphone Pillows Connect to My TV?

You should be able to connect your pillow speaker to your television with no problem. However, that will only be the case if it’s a smart television or Bluetooth-enabled. If it isn’t, then you might not be able to do so.

In some cases, you can get a speaker model with an extension cord that can plug into the audio jack on your television. Once you have everything set up, you shouldn’t have any problems.

Some televisions might also need a specific setup process, although this is relatively easy and should be similar to connecting your speaker to any other device.

How Do I Connect a Phone?

Connecting devices through Bluetooth is surprisingly easy. If you haven’t done it before, there are a few simple steps to follow:

  1. Put your Bluetooth speaker into pairing mode by either pressing the pairing button or holding the power button.
  2. Go to your phone’s settings and navigate to the connectivity section. On an iPhone, this can be done by picking ‘Settings,’ then ‘Bluetooth,’ and then ‘Other Devices.’ With an Android, you should choose ‘Settings,’ then ‘Connected Devices,’ then ‘Bluetooth,’ and lastly, ‘Pair Device.’
  3. The speaker should show up on your screen, at which point you should tap its name and the devices will connect.

The majority of devices should connect automatically after you’ve done it manually the first time. Normally, this will take a few seconds. However, that can vary from product to product, so you should check the packaging for details.

If you’re using a different device, you should follow an approach similar to the above, although it can vary slightly depending on your device.

Where Can I Buy Them?

There are several places online where you can buy pillow speakers. If you’re looking for the best price and some high-quality customer service, though, you should go with Amazon. All of the above devices are available on Amazon and come with a lot of recommendations.

What to Consider When Buying a Pillow Speaker

As you might expect, there are a few things that you’ll want to consider when buying a pillow speaker. Sound quality will typically be one of the more significant things. If you’re expecting the quality to be as great as your CD player’s speakers, you’ll be disappointed.

While the pillow speakers aren’t going to sound bad, they’re far from the highest quality speakers on the planet. That’s because there will be a few layers of fabric between the speakers and your head, especially if you have thick pillows.

Related to this is volume. You should aim for inline volume control, as this will be more convenient to use than other types. The power source should also play a role in your decision.

Many options will need to be plugged in continuously to work. While these are the more affordable options, they can also be more awkward to use. If you don’t have a plug near your bed, you won’t be able to use it.

Alternatively, some models use rechargeable batteries, which may be the better-recommended option. All you’ll have to do is charge the device for a few hours before bed, and it will last you throughout the night.

You might want to compare the various pillow speaker designs. Some are speakers you simply put into your pillowcase, while others are thin and built to be put under your pillow. These can offer different benefits, such as comfort levels.

For instance, thin devices won’t have anything pushing up against your face, which could make it the more comfortable option. You can also find all-in-one products with the speakers built into the pillow. These are much more expensive than standalone devices, though.

While a few options come with a plush cover that surrounds your speaker, it’s not a common feature. You might want to choose one of these, however, as they can keep your speaker clean.

These covers are typically machine washable, so there wouldn’t be any problem keeping them clean. With how often you might be using the speakers, being able to keep it as clean as possible will be important.

Different Types of Pillow Speakers

You might think that all pillow speakers are the same thing. As the above products highlight, however, that isn’t the case. Instead, there are three main types:

  • Flat Under-Pillow: These are the simplest speaker pillows on offer, and perhaps the most common. These are slim and fit under your pillow, so you shouldn’t feel it when you’re trying to sleep. Alongside that, they’re designed to provide you with decent audio without annoying your partner. They’re also quite affordable, although they may not last too long.
  • Small Portable Speakers: Small portable speakers are recommended if you travel a lot and don’t want to bring anything too big or heavy. They often have better sound than their flatter counterparts, although they could be a little uncomfortable when you’re using them.
  • Memory Foam With A Built-In Speaker: These are the most expensive pillow speakers on the market, although they’re the most comfortable to use. As the name suggests, the speaker is built into a memory foam pillow, which should give you a great night’s sleep.

Each type of pillow speaker has pros and cons, which can change based on the model and manufacturer. That makes them better at different things, so we recommend having two or three versions on hand for different situations.

Benefits of a Pillow Speaker

Pillow speakers are a proven tool to help with tinnitus, which is a condition characterized by ringing in one or both of your ears. Alternatively, you could hear sounds that aren’t actually there. This condition could be distracting and prevent you from going to sleep.

With a pillow speaker or something similar, you can mask these sounds with some relaxing background music. Some people also find background noise relaxing, and it helps them get into a sleeping mood. However, their partners might need silence.

A pillow speaker can be a nice compromise, with both partners getting the best of both worlds. They’ve also been known to be a positive source of sound therapy. This is when sound or music is used to treat symptoms of depression, anxiety, and PTSD, among other mental health-related issues.

Typically, these will be soothing and meditative sounds like beach or forest soundscapes. Alternatively, they can be used to play a guided meditation.


While it has some minor drawbacks, the Pyle PPSP18 Bluetooth pillow speaker may be the best option among the above. Though the rest certainly have their benefits, they don’t offer as many unique benefits as the Pyle option.

There are also fewer negatives associated with it, with the main negatives all being relatively minor. The fact that it’s one of the thinnest options you can get means you’ll barely feel it when you’re trying to sleep.

Instead, you’ll get a nice and relaxed night’s sleep, which makes it well worth buying. If you are having trouble sleeping and you want an effective solution, we recommend investing in a pillow speaker. You will wake up more rested and ready to take on the world.

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