Can Someone Hack You Through Bluetooth?

Can someone hack into your phone through Bluetooth? Many of us are wondering if this is possible. If so, under what circumstances can someone hack you? Hacking looks like a far-fetched activity that we only see in movies. I did some digging, and this is what I found out on Bluetooth hacking.

Can Someone Hack You Through Bluetooth?

So, can someone hack you through Bluetooth? Yes, hacking is possible through Bluetooth. Every day, more people fall victim to this demise without knowing anything. If you are not protecting your device, hackers are ready to pounce on any opportunity.

As technology evolves, so does Bluetooth. Not so long ago, we used Bluetooth for file-sharing purposes. There has been a vast improvement in the gadgets we use nowadays. The emergence of the wireless connection necessitated the need to improve on Bluetooth.

You can connect to your day-to-day devices via Bluetooth. From HiFi systems to earphones and smartwatches, you’d rely on a Bluetooth connection. It can connect to up to a range of 10m from the device.

At times, you can forget to switch off your Bluetooth connection after use. This is common among many people. It can also be a loophole that hackers can exploit. Any hacker in the range of your signal can seize the opportunity and hack your device.

Bluetooth connections are not as secure as Wi-Fi connections. The hackers can sneak into your device without you noticing it. They can take total control of the device and it won’t be long before you realize it.

What Are the Different Types of Hacking?

Profiling a hacker is one difficult task. The hacker can be anyone around you. This is especially the case for Bluetooth hacking since the hacker must be close to getting access. They unanimously creep into your phone and capitalize on it.

They use specialized software. This software can be able to detect devices that have Bluetooth. This is provided they are within their vicinity. To add to that, they can also see all the networks that the device has previously connected to.

This is already a big problem. Your gadget trusts these networks and automatically connects to them when in range. If the hackers have access to such networks, they can be able to replicate them. By doing so, they can trick your device into thinking that the replica is the prior network.

This is already a big problem. Cybercriminals have complete control if you fall for the play. They can spy on you or even steal crucial data from you. They can even install the malware in your device to steal information from your gadget.

There are other types of popular Bluetooth hacking methods:

● Bluebugging – This exploit is often executed in public places. They target commuters who are going on with their business. The hacker remains undetected and closely monitors the devices that pass regularly. Restaurants and pubs are also easy targets. The hackers can send messages or make calls on your device. They can also access the internet and access personal information on your device.

● Bluesnarfing – In this technique, the hackers must be within your range. They connect to your gadget through Bluetooth and access the information on it. They can also download data from your device if it is still within range.

● Bluejacking – This is another technique employed by cybercriminals. It is the least harmless of the other attacks. The hackers send anonymous messages to their targets. These targets must be Bluetooth enabled and within their range. Bluejacking is less harmful since the hackers do not get control of your device. They neither have access to your data nor cannot manipulate it.

● Car Whisperer – In this attack, the hacker can listen to your conversations while in the car. They only need a laptop or a Bluetooth antenna to execute this. It would be best if you changed your car’s Bluetooth default pin to avoid this.

● Location Tracking – Hackers intercept your connected devices to find your location. Wearables are more prone to these attacks. They provide a continuous live stream of movement to your hacker.

● BlueBorne attacks – This attack is associated with the installation of malware. The hacker can be able to control your device. This, in turn, spreads to the devices also connected to it. Using outdated software puts you at a greater risk.

What Damage Can Bluetooth Hacking Cause?

As seen before, compromising your Bluetooth can have very many repercussions. Hackers can then access vital information from your gadget.

They can have total control of the screen or even control the apps. There might be sensitive information in the device, such as credit card details. The hackers are keen to find such information to maximize the opportunity.

They can also use your Bluetooth connection to make phone-based payments. They can also make pay-per-minute numbers. If the connection is compromised, the hacker can intercept or redirect your calls.

This also includes access to your banking information. They might as well sit back and monitor all the activities that you are doing.

What Safety Tips Can I Take?

Make sure your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are always off when not in use. This is the major area where most cybercriminals exploit. Hackers can be able to see your previous networks. They can get relevant information on how to carry their attack from this.

It would be best if you always kept your Bluetooth connection non-discoverable. This will reduce your chances of being an easy target, especially in public areas. You should be cautious when connected to your headphones or smart devices when in public.

Activating two-factor authentication on all possible accounts. It limits the possibility of someone accessing your account. This is even if they know your password. They always must give a pin when accessing your accounts.

You should also note that having smart passwords can come in handy. If a website contains sensitive information, you should create even tougher passwords. They should be long and unique characters that are very difficult to decrypt.

This also goes in handy with using a password manager. It’s a program that stores all your passwords remotely on a cloud. You can have access to all of them at any time. It is also advisable to change your passwords more than once every year.

You should also disable file-sharing services on your device. These are the likes of AirDrop or Fast Share. They should only be turned on when in use. You should also only send or receive files from a trusted friend. Limiting the number of services makes you less prone to blue bugging.

Having an antimalware app on your device can also be helpful. If the hacker has access to your device, the application can be able to detect it. The antimalware app will detect suspicious activity. This will, in the long run, help to protect your personal information and your privacy.

If possible, you should know your device’s Bluetooth MAC address. You should also turn it off so that it is not visible. Bluetooth devices broadcast their MAC address when they are pairing.

You should also beware of the devices that you were previously connected to. If a device you were paired to gets lost or stolen, remove it from paired devices. It would help if you always remembered to unpair.

Installing the latest patches and updates is also relevant. These devices are constantly rolled out with known vulnerabilities. They become even more visible when people start interacting with them. Companies often release patched to curb this. The updates repair flaws that previously existed and fix the bugs.

Avoid sharing sensitive information via Bluetooth. This includes bank information, passwords, or any other data. There are many technological vulnerabilities out here, and more are yet to be discovered. To be safe side, you should not share sensitive information through Bluetooth.

You should also be cautious with the devices you are pairing to. You can never know if a hacker is sniffing for information around the corner. You should not pair to any device unless you are sure it is the device you want to link to. This is a simple exploit that hackers use to take advantage of.

A public place is a hotspot for hackers. You should avoid pairing your devices in these areas. This is especially the case if it is your first time. You should maybe do it when at home or when in a secure area. This will make it impossible for hackers to detect your device. It is always discoverable when pairing.

Closing Thoughts

Bluetooth hacking is an existing thing. Hackers are ready to pounce on any loophole to exploit people. The hacks can cause a lot of damage and you can take the necessary steps to prevent it.

Technology is evolving and it comes with new challenges. It comes with a lot of security and privacy risks. You should always turn your Bluetooth off when not in use. Avoiding unknown devices is also crucial and always be on top of your device’s updates and patches.

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