Charging Time for a PS4 Controller

One of the great things about more modern consoles like the PS4 is their ability to come with wireless chargers, so you can play games on the big screen without a long wire trailing from the console to the controller. However, the battery inside of a PS4 controller needs to be charged, so it’s important to know how long it takes to charge the controller and how long the battery actually lasts once fully charged.

When using the standard cable that comes with the PS4, it takes about two hours to charge a controller. You can buy fast-charging cables to reduce that time to an hour or so. You’ll then be able to play for the equivalent of four to eight hours of continuous use before you have to charge it again.

Let’s take a closer look at the PS4 controller, including how long it takes to charge, how long it lasts, and then what to do if the controller isn’t charging.

How Long Does It Take a PS4 Controller to Charge?

PS4 Controller

The time it takes for a PS4 controller to charge depends on the type of charging method you use. On average, it takes two hours to fully charge a PS4 controller using the standard charging cable that comes with the controller, but this time can vary based on the charging cable’s specifications and the state of the battery in the controller. 

If you are using a fast-charging cable (which you can buy on Amazon), you can expect the controller to charge faster, often in an hour or less.

How to Tell if Your PS4 Controller Is Fully Charged

The light bar on the top of the controller will change from orange to white once the controller is fully charged. You will also receive an audio cue — once the controller charges fully, you’ll hear a beeping sound from the controller, indicating that the charging process is complete.

You will also be able to tell if the controller is connected to the PS4. An on-screen battery level indicator will appear on the screen, showing you the current battery level of your controller. 100%, of course, means your controller is fully charged.

How Long Does a PS4 Controller Last on a Full Charge?

The battery life of a PS4 controller can vary based on several factors, including how often you use it and the brightness level of the light bar. On average, a fully charged PS4 controller can last anywhere from four to eight hours of continuous use.

Of course, this also depends on the age of the controller. The battery of a PS4 controller — as with most devices — will degrade over time, so a new controller (which you can buy on Amazon) is likely to last longer than one that’s a few years old.

How to Extend the Battery Life

There are a few ways you can extend the battery life of your PS4 controller, including:

  1. Reducing the brightness of the light bar on the controller, which can use an extensive amount of the battery if it’s turned on or powered up too high.
  2. Turning off the controller to conserve power when it’s not in use. You can do this by holding down the PlayStation button on the controller until the power menu appears, and then selecting ‘Turn Off Controller’.
  3. If you use your PS4 controller frequently, you can invest in a charging station that allows you to charge multiple controllers at once. This way, you can have a fully charged controller ready to go when you need it.
  4. Using a high-quality charging cable can also ensure that your controller charges efficiently and quickly, reducing the amount of time it spends on the charger and extending the overall battery life.

You should also try to take good care of your PS4 controller. If it gets damaged or wears down quickly, the battery life can be reduced significantly along with other components of the PS4 controller.

Can You Wirelessly Charge a PS4 Controller?

Unlike many modern devices, you cannot wirelessly charge a PS4 controller as it requires a connection through the wire to a source of power.

Even if you buy a charging station, you will still have to connect the PS4 controller with a wire (unlike, say, the PS5 dock which does not require a wired connection to the controller to charge it).

Why Isn’t My PS4 Controller Charging?

Black Sony Ps4 Dualshock 4 On Tabletop

If your PS4 controller isn’t charging, there’s a number of potential causes.

Here’s a few:

Faulty Charging Cable

The charging cable may be damaged or broken, which can prevent the controller from charging. You can visually examine the charging cable to see if anything looks off.

Ideally, you will have another charging cable you can use to attempt to charge the controller. If the other charging cable works, then you know the cable itself was the problem and you’ll need to get a new one (available on Amazon). Try borrowing a cable from a friend rather than buying a new one right away in case it isn’t the problem, if possible.

Debris in Charging Port

Dust, debris, or other foreign objects in the charging port can prevent the controller from charging. Clean the charging port with a soft cloth and try charging again.

You should never, ever insert small objects into the charging port to scrape out debris like a safety pin as you could scratch it. You should also never put soap or, in fact, any liquid into the charging port. A soft cloth is really all you can safely do.

Low Power

The charging cable might not be providing enough power to the controller if it is connected to a low-power USB port. Try connecting the controller to a different USB port or using a USB wall adapter to make sure that there’s enough power for the controller to charge.

Dead Controller Battery

Like batteries in other electronics, there’s always a chance that the battery inside of the PS4 has died. You can purchase a new one and have it replaced by a professional. While it’s possible to do this yourself, it’s generally not a good idea unless you’re experienced.

Broken Controller

If none of the above issues is the problem, it could just be that you have a faulty or broken controller. It may be damaged, or it may simply be old. In this case, you will have to purchase a new controller.

Overall, the PS4 controller should charge in a couple of hours and last between four and eight hours of use, depending on the light bar and the game you’re playing. However, over time, it will last less, and eventually you may have to replace the battery or the entire controller itself.