How to Get Sleeping Dogs on PS5: There’s a Workaround…

Sleeping Dogs is a cult classic open world video game that combines the mechanics of Grand Theft Auto with martial arts combat in the streets of Hong Kong. But despite having a PS4 release, the game cannot be found on the PS5 Store. So how you supposed to play Sleeping Dogs on a PS5?

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Is sleeping dogs on PS5?

You can play Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition on your PS5 by either using a physical copy of the game or by downloading it to your console via the official Playstation phone app. The game was likely delisted on PS5 due to some performance issues, but it can still be played on the console.

Even two console generations after the game’s original release, it’s possible to enjoy Sleeping Dogs on a PS5. Let’s take a look at how to download the game, as well as the performance issues you may run into.

If you are a gamer who loves to play war and action games, you have probably heard of Sleeping Dogs. The Sleeping Dogs represent a prototype of the Grand Theft Auto open-world action adventure game but with a mix of martial arts and a different scene in Hong Kong. 

When developers first produced the game, it received criticism for having poor graphic quality and looking old. But, after it was relaunched, its creators brilliantly updated the game to maintain its stunning visuals to this day.

When it comes to the game’s setting, the game occurs in the modern-day four primary areas of Hong Kong. Additionally, the characters in the game have access to different resources and can buy various things in the area. In the game, Hong Kong is referred to as the land of new territories.

Can You Play Sleeping Dogs on the PS5?

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Yes, you can play Sleeping Dogs on PS5. However, you will need to play Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition rather than the original.

This because the original game is a PS3 game, while the Definitive Edition is a PS4 port. While you can play certain PS3 games on the PS5, these are only a select few that Sony has added to their PS+ game streaming service. At the time of writing this article, the original Sleeping Dogs is not on PS+.

On the bright side, playing Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition has a number of benefits over playing the original PS3 game. The Definitive Edition runs at a native 1080p and features many graphical improvements, such as an entirely new lighting system, new visual effects, and new animations.

The Definitive Edition also includes all 24 post-launch DLC packs for no additional cost. You’ll also notice some gameplay enhancements, like better vehicle handling, better timing for counterattacks, and some smoothed out difficulty spikes.

Despite the fact that you won’t find the game on PS+, the Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition can be played on the PS5 because the console has full crossplay support for PS4 games. The game can also be played on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.

How Do I Get Sleeping Dogs On My PS5?

Sleeping Dogs on iPhone Playstation App

The most surprising thing about Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition on PS5 is that it doesn’t appear to be listed on the PS5 version of the PSN Store.

This means that you won’t be able to download the game onto your PS5 using only your PS5. Neither Sony nor Sleeping Dogs’ developers, United Front Games, have put out statements giving a reason as to why this game is not listed for sale, but there are some pretty convincing theories.

When you go to the Playstation Store’s website listing for Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition , you’ll see a warning that “When playing on PS5, this game may exhibit errors or unexpected behavior and some features available on PS4 may be absent.

This warning unusual and isn’t found on most PS4 game listings. It’s theorized that games with this warning cannot be found on the PS5 store. However, there are easy workarounds to download them anyways.

How to Find Sleeping Dogs on PS5

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Using Playstore App

The simplest method to download Sleeping Dogs is to use the play store app. You will only need to connect your PS5 gaming console to your phone and purchase and download the game via the app. 

The process involves downloading the PS app on your phone, signing in with your PS5 PSN account, and then connecting to complete the task. 

By connecting the gaming console and your phone, you can download Sleeping Dog to your PS5 by pressing the apps download button.

Using External Hard Drives

Other alternative ways to find and download Sleeping Dogs is to use a physical copy of the game through devices such as flash drives by transferring the game from another source, such as a computer, to your PS5 gaming console.

Ensure that the flash drive is free from malware to avoid transmitting the virus to your gaming device.

Buying Sleeping Dogs CD Copy

The last option is to purchase a physical copy of the Sleeping Dog directly from gaming stores and other platforms such as Amazon, and they will deliver it to you. 

If you want to use the compact disk sparingly, you can copy the game from the cd directly to your PS5 gaming console. Therefore, as long as your PS5 gaming console has a disk slot, using a compact disk will be efficient.

Is Playing Sleeping Dogs on PS5 Worth It?

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Again, Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition on PS5 comes with a warning about potential performance issues. This will likely leave many gamers a little wary about even playing the game, but you’ll probably be happy to learn that these performance issues aren’t really that severe.

The main thing people complain about with Sleeping Dogs on PS5 is random crashes. These don’t seem to happen that often. One user on the psnprofiles forums claims that they only experienced 6 or 7 crashes during the length of an entire 100% playthrough.

Another user claimed that they experienced some funny AI glitches that weren’t there on the PS4, like the AI flying through the air and cars bouncing off the road.

The main thing you may have to worry about is there are some people reporting possible save data corruptions happening.

This means that if you’re playing Sleeping Dogs on PS5, you need to save often to prevent you from losing significant progress in case of crashes, and you need to make sure your save data is being backed up on the PS+ cloud in case your data gets corrupted.

Flexible missions

In games like Grand Theft Auto, you must finish the first mission to play the next task. Most gamers never liked this strategy because some levels can be challenging. 

But with the Sleeping Dogs game, players can go to the next levels without having to finish the previous levels.

The Road Carnage

The Sleeping Dog provides players options for using vehicles and motorbikes during combat, like Grand Theft Auto and other related games. Additionally, you can move from one car to the next without facing any consequences. 

Gamers also like how Sleeping Dogs take a step further in allowing them to shoot at the vehicle’s fuel tank to blow them, shoot at their enemy’s car tire so they can lose control, and launch their vehicle into the air as high as they can go. 

These activities give action gamers the desire to continue playing the game.

Sleeping Dogs On The PS5 1 Why You Can’t Find Sleeping Dogs On The PS5 (Read This, Stop Looking)

The Night Life

The portrayal of Hong Kong’s nightlife also represents one of the features gamers like. It is uncommon to get an open-world game that captures the vibrancy of light and energy as the Sleeping Dog game has.

The games create a realistic outlook due to the twilight hours of the day and night. Additionally, the weather usually changes, just like in real life.

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