How Do I Get My Bose Speaker To Stop Beeping?

Bose is a popular speaker brand that has won the hearts of many music lovers. Whether you are a die-hard music addict or just a casual music lover, Bose has a speaker design to suit your needs. Over the years, Bose has been very innovative and produces high-quality smart and wireless Bluetooth speakers such as the Bose SoundLink Color II, Bose SoundLink Revolve, and Bose SoundLink Revolve+.

Besides ranking amongst the best performing high-quality speakers, Bose speakers will sometimes produce a beeping sound. Have you ever wondered how you can get your Bose speaker to stop beeping?

When I bought my first Bose speaker, I had no idea that they were prone to producing an irritating beeping sound, especially when plugged into the charger. As a result, I had to do a lot of research online and interviews with other Bose speaker owners.

In this article, I will go through some of my findings as to why Bose speakers produce a beeping sound and what you can do about it.

Let us dig in…

If you have experienced a similar situation, you are in the right place. In this article, we will discuss seven easy ways you can stop your Bose speaker from making the unpleasant beeping sound.

But first, you need to ask yourself why your Bose speakers are beeping.

Why Are My Bose speaker Beeping?

Why are my Bose speakers Beeping? There are several reasons why your Bose speakers are Beeping. Most of which relates to the power of the system. Here are some of the reasons why your Bose speaker is constantly beeping:

• Your speaker is not receiving the correct amount of power to charge it

• Your Bose speaker is not fully charged

• When there is an error message

• Speaker has not correctly plugged into the power sources

• You are using an outdated Firmware version

• Using a defective Micro-USB Cable

• When the USB port or power cable is dirty

Those are some of the reasons why your Bose speaker is beeping continuously. In the next section of the article, we will discuss how you can stop this irritating beeping sound. The remedies proposed here are from my personal experience and that of other Bose speaker owners and music lovers.

In my research, I gathered recommendations from many other Bose speaker owners online and support forums.

Then, How Do I Get My Bose Speaker To Stop Beeping?

So, how do I get my Bose speaker to stop Beeping? Yes, you can stop your Bose speaker from beeping. There are several ways to do this, depending on what is causing the speaker to beep. The first thing you need to investigate is why it is beeping before you try to resolve it.

Here are seven ways you can use to get your Bose speaker to stop beeping:

1. Use a plug-in port and not a computer USB port to charge your speaker

2. Ensure your battery is fully charged before using the speaker

3. Unplug the speaker

4. Update your Bose Soundlink firmware version

5. Hold down the mute button to reset your speaker

6. Use a different Micro-USB cable

7. Check the power cable and USB Port for debris

The beeping sounds from the Bose speakers, especially when charging, can drive you nuts. Here are details on the seven ways mentioned above to stop the beeping.

1. Use A Plug-In Port And Not A Computer USB Port To Charge Your Speaker

Ensure you are using a plug-in port and not a computer USB port to charge your speaker. The USB ports are designed for data transfer and may not supply enough voltage to charge your Bose speakers. If your battery is completely depleted, then be sure to charge it sufficiently using the plug-in port instead.

Some USB ports that are built into the wall outlet will have a low power rating. When you plug in your Bose speaker to such a USB port, it will produce an irritating beeping sound because of low charging voltage. Use a different USB port or plug in the speaker directly to your AC power source using its original charger.

If the beeping persists, consider turning off the speaker while charging and use a 1.0 Amp to 3.0 Amp USB charging brick instead of the USB port in your computer.

2. Ensure Your Battery Is Fully Charged Before Using The Speaker

Your Bose speaker will produce a continuous beeping sound when the battery is running low. To avoid this, ensure the speaker is fully charged before unplugging it from the power sources.

Check to ensure that the battery light is green. When the battery light is red, your device will start beeping to alert you that the battery is low. Turn off the speaker to allow it to charge for a while before using it.

For Bluetooth connection to function correctly, your speaker must be fully charged. Once the battery capacity falls below a certain level, the Bluetooth connection will fail to work. Your speaker will beep sporadically to alert you of the low power.

3. Unplug The Speaker

Suppose the above remedies do not work. Consider unplugging and plugging back the speakers again. Hold down the multi-function button for about 10 seconds while plugged in and then let go. If the beeping continues, hold down the power button for another ten seconds to reset while plugged in.

Once plugged in, leave the speaker for a while if the battery is severely depleted to allow it to charge. Sometimes the constant beeping is because of the low power on the speaker.

How Do I Get My Bose Speaker To Stop Beeping

When you try all the above-suggested measures and your Bose speaker is still beeping, most likely, the Bose Soundlink firmware you are using is outdated. You need to update the firmware. To do this, link your speaker to your computer, then go to and update to the latest version.

Once the firmware update is complete, unplug and replug your speaker. Hold down the power button for ten seconds to reset all settings if necessary. Also, update the Apps on your phone or computer to eliminate any chances of having incompatible or outdated Apps.

5. Hold Down the Mute Button to Reset the Speaker

Most devices are designed to produce a beeping sound to alert the user of an impending problem. System configuration settings or incompatibility of the devices may cause it to beep continuously.

To resolve this, rest the speaker settings by holding down the mute button on the speaker’s top for 10 seconds. The lights will flash and turn off once it is reset. Turn it back on again and listen to whether the beeping persists.

For smart or Bluetooth speakers, ensure that it is properly paired to your devices. This should stop the Bose speaker from beeping.

6. Use a Different Micro-USB cable

Since most speakers use a standard Micro-USB cable, replacements are readily available in most electrical stores. If it uses a proprietary cable, you can get a replacement from Bose website.

A Micro-USB cable of the correct power rating may do the trick. Before plugging in a new Micro-USB cable, ensure that the speaker is off. Once plugged in, allow it to charge for a short period before turning it on.

Whether you are recharging your Bose SoundLink Color II or Bose SoundLink Revolve, use the shortest cable possible. The cable’s copper content may affect its charging capability hence causing the device to beep. Unbranded cables will hardly contain more copper.

7. Check the Power Cable and USB port for debris

If the beep on your Bose Speaker is sporadic when charging, this may mean that the power cable is not correctly inserted. Check your connections for any loose links.

Also, there may be debris, dust, or damages to the cable or power connection port. Ensure the USB ports are clean before plugging in. You should check both the cable and the port on the speaker for any possible problem.

If the power cable is not connected securely, or the power delivered is intermitted because of dust or debris, it would explain the beeping noise. If this fails, use a different power source or power cable as recommended above.


Soundlink Speakers are programmed to produce an up-beep when plugged in and a down-beep when unplugged. This is a diagnostic test for the speaker. A Bose speaker with stereo configuration will make an up-beep on the left speaker and a down-beep on the right. But when the beeps persist, you should try one of the recommended steps above to resolve them.

If you try all the above remedies and your speaker still produces a beeping sound, you should consider getting in touch with your local Bose support to discuss more options for your service. Click here to find details of Bose Local support.

There you go, those are the seven simple ways that will help if your Bose Speakers are beeping continuously. Consider troubleshooting your speakers using all the solutions above, and let us know which one worked for you.

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