Here’s Why Your Lenovo Laptop Power Button is Flashing

lenovo flashing 1 Here’s Why Your Lenovo Laptop Power Button is Flashing

If your Lenovo laptop’s power button is flashing, it could be a source of puzzlement. These affordable, high-performing computers have their unique characteristics, as is the case with many brands. Here, we’ll explore why the Lenovo power button blinking happens and offer solutions for potential issues.

Why is my Lenovo power button flashing?

If you see the Lenovo laptop power button flashing, then this is actually normal for these laptops. It just means it is in sleep or standby mode. Normally you don’t need to do anything special to wake it back up. Sometimes you will have to reset the laptop, though if it isn’t responding.

Seeing your Lonovo power button flashing isn’t that weird, and waking your computer back up is often easy. You might be here because your laptop isn’t responding or waking up. I’ll give you some troubleshooting steps as well to help with this.

Why is the Lenovo Laptop Power Button Flashing?

Every laptop manufacturer seems to make their computers slightly different. 

This leads to some odd occurrences that may or may not be worth worrying about. For example, a Dell laptop with a flashing power button often means hardware failure.

A Lenovo laptop, though has been programmed to do this when the computer is in sleep or standby mode.

You may have activated this manually through the Windows icon, or you closed the laptop without turning the computer off.

In either case, this will put the laptop in sleep mode. Lenovo decided that a flashing power button would be the best way to indicate that the computer is still on even if the screen is black.

Waking a Sleeping Lenovo Laptop

Waking up your laptop should be incredibly easy. The following sections will highlight troubleshooting steps, but this section will show you how to wake up the laptop if there are no problems.

Opening the laptop should be enough to wake it up. The power button should return to normal and the screen should turn on.

If it doesn’t happen immediately, then move the mouse around or push a few buttons on the keyboard.

It might take a few seconds, but the laptop should wake up and begin responding to your orders.

lenovo flashing 1 1 Here’s Why Your Lenovo Laptop Power Button is Flashing

Flashing Power Button Problems

No matter what is going on with the Lenovo laptop, a flash power button always means that the computer is in sleep or standby mode.

The problem though is that sometimes the laptop won’t respond or wake up. This could be the result of both hardware or software failures.

There are some easy fixes that will hopefully work along with more detailed methods of fixing your laptop. The following sections will highlight ways of fixing the computer.

Open the Laptop Several Times

This is the easiest fix and many people find that it works. Normally opening the laptop once or pushing some buttons on the keyboard should be enough to wake it up.

Older laptops though might require a little more effort.

Try opening the laptop several times. Do it slowly each time. You don’t want to wear out the parts more or put it back in sleep mode if it turns on. Push keyboard buttons as well each time you open the laptop.

Most people find that the laptop responds within the third or fourth time of opening it. This most often happens to older laptops because the hardware is wearing out.

Changing the Lid Actions

Many people don’t know this, but you can change how your laptop responds to the lid closing. Normally this puts it in sleep mode, but that could be a problem if you have a bad sensor.

The sensor might think the lid is always closed, which leads to a sleep mode that is hard to deactivate.

Go to “Control Panel” on your laptop and then select “Power Options.” You will see a selection for the lid and how the computer should react when it’s closed. Select the “Do Nothing” option.

This means that your laptop will no longer go into sleep mode when the laptop is closed, so be mindful of this as you’ll have to manually activate it. At the same time, this should bypass a bad sensor because a closed lid will do nothing to your computer.

Reset the Laptop

You’ve tried opening the lid multiple times and still nothing works. The next step would be resetting the laptop. The easiest way to do this is to press the power button for about 15 seconds. This should turn the laptop off. 

Keep it off for about a minute and then turn it back on.

Some Lenovo laptops have a reset hole in the back of the laptop. If the power button isn’t reacting, then push a straight pin into this hole. It will cut the power connection and reset the laptop.

If that doesn’t work or your model doesn’t have a reset hole, then the last option is removing the battery. Most Lenovo laptops allow you to access the battery from under the computer.

Open up this section and take the battery out. Give it a minute or two and then put the battery back in.

Plug in the Laptop

Some people have noticed that their Lenovo laptops have just enough battery power to make the light blink but not enough to turn it back on. Some laptops have an external power indicator that shows you how much power the battery has.

If your model has this, then push the button and see how much power your battery has. If not, then just move on to the next step.

Plugging your laptop in might be exactly what it needs to turn back on. This will give it all the power it needs to power the screen and other components.

This tends to be rare, but it can happen if the battery is extremely low and close to dying. If this is the issue, then plugging in the laptop should instantly fix it.

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