How Do You Connect Bluetooth To Scosche?

Scosche is a Bluetooth device that allows hands-free calling, and you can also use it to stream music. On the device are two USB ports, which you can use to charge your mobile phone and other devices. If you need to play radio on your car, or you need to make hands-free calls, you can go ahead and get a Scosche.

Modern Scosches are advanced that they make perfect Bluetooth connections for the best Bluetooth hands-free calling. But how do you connect the device?

How Do You Connect Bluetooth To Scosche?

To connect Bluetooth to Scosche, you need to plug it into the 12V power socket in your car or in the AUX input of the car stereo, depending on the model of Scosche you are using. Open your smartphone’s Bluetooth settings and switch on Bluetooth and select the Scosche device from the list of available devices. Your phone will confirm once the connection is made.

Once you connect the unit to your phone, you are good to stream music from services such as Pandora and Spotify. You can also make hands-free calls with ease. Better still, the device comes with an FM radio transmitter that you can use to listen to the radio on the stereo of your car.

What are the Features of the Scosche Bluetooth FM Transmitter?

There are several models of the Scosche Bluetooth transmitter. These devices are a wireless audio kit that allows you to use your vehicle hands-free. You can use the kits to stream music to the factory radio in your car or send music to an aftermarket head unit.

With the kit installed in your car, you can make and receive hands-free calls. You can also play music directly from your smartphone to the speakers of your car. You need to first connect the device to your phone through your phone’s Bluetooth setting.

Scosche works with Android, Windows, and iOS devices. Depending on the phone you are using, you may or may not need to enter a passcode. Once you pair the device to your phone, it will be ready to use. The device cannot connect to multiple devices at a time; it can only pair to one device.

The device has a built-in mic through which you can make hands-free calls. The person on the other end of the line will be heard through the speakers of the car.

If you have stored music on your smartphone, or you have music streaming apps, you can play the music wirelessly through the Scosche Bluetooth transmitter. When the music plays, you can control it through your smartphone or through the Bluetooth transmitter. Most of the music control will be from your phone or any other Bluetooth device you connect to your Scosche.

Scosche device feature a built-in rechargeable battery that gives up to six hours of music. You can charge it with the 12V charger that you can connect to the 12V power port in your car. You can also plug it into the cigarette lighter port and wait for the 1.5 hours that the device takes to charge.

On the device is a USB port that you can use to charge your phone or other smart devices. This charging port is rated 5V/1A. To save power, the unit will switch off if you do not connect it to the device for 5 minutes.

Some of the specs that you may enjoy on a Scosche Bluetooth transmitter include:

• Bluetooth version 5.0

• FM frequency ranging from 87.5 and 107.9

• 12-24VDC=3A input

• LED digital display

• 5V, 2.4A Charging Port

• Microphone

Depending on the model that you have, the FM frequency range may vary. When shopping for a Scosche transmitter, check the frequency range that will meet your needs.

How Do You Connect Scosche to Your Car’s Stereo?

The FM radio transmitter on Scosche can broadcast to the stereo of your car. To connect your device, you need to find a weak FM signal with no active broadcast signal. On your transmitter, press the channel button, and then turn the multifunction knob/button until you find the frequency of the FM channel you are looking for.

On some transmitters, there are no knobs to turn, but buttons to press to find the channel you are looking for. If you experience interference, there is a chance that you have entered an area with an active signal. You can turn the knob or press the buttons until you get to a clear station.

When you need to change the frequency, press the CH (Channel) button.

How Do You Stream Music and Make a Call Using Scosche?

Once you connect Scosche to your phone, you can start streaming music. The Scosche device has controls for the music, including play/pause, track forward, and track back for the best music control.

Making a call through the Scosche transmitter requires you to make the call through your phone as normal. The call will automatically stream through the Scosche Bluetooth transmitter. If you need to hang up the call, touch the MFB/K button once. If you want to redial a number you had dialed earlier, press the MFB/K button twice.

If your phone’s Bluetooth is already connected to the transmitter, all calls to your phone will come through the device. To receive the call, tap the MFB/K button once. You can use the same button to end a call after you have received. If you want to reject a call, tap and hold the MFB/K button.

Some of the Scosche allow you to activate voice assistant from your phone. This is important when you need directions from your phone’s maps. To activate voice assistant, tap and hold the multifunction button for about three seconds.

With voice assistant and the mic on your transmitter, you can search anything you want without necessarily touching your phone.

Why Isnt My Scosche Bluetooth Working?

The Scosche device may have pairing problems like any other Bluetooth device. If that happens, you can try a few conventional means of correcting the issue. The first step is to ensure that the unit is not paired to another Bluetooth device as these transmitters can only pair to one device.

Turn off Bluetooth on your phone, wait for three minutes and then turn it on. Switch off the device, wait for three seconds, and then switch it on. Your transmitter should appear on the list of available Bluetooth devices on your phone.

Click on it to connect if it appears. If the device connects, but is not playing any music, ensure that the speaker on your phone is not muted and the car stereo speakers are also not set on low volume. You can use the same switch off/on method to test whether your speaker is working.

If you still have connection issues, you can choose to reset it. However, resetting should always be the last option. Resetting the transmitter removes all past connections, so you have to pair it to your phone again.

To reset it, press and hold the MFB button for about 10 seconds and the device will be reset. Reseting can help solve challenges with Bluetooth connection and with charging.

How do you put a scosche in pairing mode?

Most of the devices are automatically discoverable, so they will show on your smartphone when you switch on Bluetooth. However, for others, you have to press the center button for about three seconds to make it discoverable.

How Can You Fix Static on the Scosche Transmitter?

If your radio makes noises, the problem is usually not the transmitter. The problem is either with the tuner, the antenna, or another external interference. There are also instances where you can experience static regardless of the audio source you select.

With a good Scosche FM transmitter, you will have fewer issues with interference. You can choose an FM frequency between 88.1 and 107.9 MHz, then enter your city zip code, and find the unused frequencies in your area. Choosing unused frequencies ensures that your transmitter performs exemplary.

You need to choose frequencies not used by the radio stations in your area. You can check the ground connection of your car radio and then check the antenna to ensure it is working just fine.

Closing Thoughts

If your car doesn’t have Bluetooth functionality, you can add one with a Bluetooth transmitter. Most of these Bluetooth transmitters are universal, and they work with several devices, including Windows, Android, iOS and Blackberry. They allow you to connect your phone to your car stereo and make calls, receive calls, and stream music.

You only need to plug in the device into the 12V power port or into the AUX input of the car stereo. The unit charges and can give you up to six or more hours of listening to music. Most of the Scosche transmitters will offer stable frequency and great audio quality so that you can enjoy better streaming.

These devices are easy to connect to your smartphone, but if they have a pairing problem, you can solve it with a simple procedure such as switching it off and then on.

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