Why does my Bluetooth keep disconnecting from my speaker?

Technology has advanced significantly, and we currently have Bluetooth speakers in the market. There are different brands that focus on quality, and you can find them in different stores all around the world. The main advantage of Bluetooth speakers is the portability factor. Unfortunately, some issues usually arise, and some of them might be minor or major, and one of them is the Bluetooth connection that keeps disconnecting.

If the Bluetooth speaker fails to connect, or it disconnects regularly, there is a high likelihood that the device is not in range. Also, another device might be interfering with the Bluetooth connection. You should ensure the Bluetooth speaker has enough charge. The device you want to connect to the Bluetooth speaker should also be Bluetooth enabled, and it should be within range. If each step fails, you should try to reset the Bluetooth speaker.

In this article, we’ll look into some of the reasons why the Bluetooth speaker won’t connect or keeps disconnecting. We shall look into some of the issues present and the steps that you should take.

The Bluetooth Speaker Keeps Disconnecting

Bluetooth technology has been around for many years, and it is usually used to transfer data between two devices wirelessly. The process of connecting two devices using Bluetooth is referred to as pairing. The transfer usually occurs between different devices, including speakers, phones, keyboards, and headphones.

If the Bluetooth speaker keeps disconnecting, some of the causes include:

• There is another device that is interfering with the connection

• The older software is not compatible with the new software

• The distance between the devices is too much

• The device has power issues

• There are many devices connected to the Bluetooth speaker

The majority of the products that are Bluetooth enabled are marked clearly; nevertheless, you may find different issues as you try to pair using a computer or older phone. For example, when trying to connect a new Bluetooth speaker to an old MacBook, you’ll experience issues trying to connect the two devices because of a software compatibility issue.

Check the Proximity of the Device

Regardless of whether a Bluetooth speaker has a large connectivity range, you should be close to the speaker when initiating the pairing process. After connecting the two devices successfully, you are free to move away. If you move too far, the initial connection will be distorted.

Check Different Connections

In some instances, if the speaker is paired using another device, the connection can easily interfere with the link. Ensure the devices are close before you go ahead and initiate the pairing process. You can try to un-pair the devices such that the Bluetooth speaker can connect to yours.

You Can Move Away from Devices Such as a Wi-Fi Router

Although newer devices usually account for newer frequencies, you will notice some connection issues if the Bluetooth speaker has been placed close to the Wi-Fi router. The main problem is the radio frequency from the router will block the Bluetooth technology.

Why does my Bluetooth keep disconnecting from my speaker?
Wifi and broadband router on white table in room at the home.

Check the Devices Charge

Some Bluetooth speakers usually have a power-saving feature. For instance, when the battery charge runs low, the Bluetooth feature will turn off automatically. For a strong connection, the Bluetooth device should be charged sufficiently.

The Bluetooth Speaker Fails to Connect

If the speaker fails to connect, ensure that you’re close to the Bluetooth speaker when initiating the pairing process. Check whether the device has sufficient charge and ensure there are no devices connected to the speaker. You should also try to:

• Adhere to the pairing process present in the manual

• Ensure the Bluetooth technology is present on both the device and the speaker

• Ensure the Bluetooth cache has been cleared

• Perform a speaker reset

In some instances, the issue can be fixed easily. Nevertheless, if you try out all the suggestions we have listed above, and you cannot initiate a connection with the Bluetooth speaker, it means the Bluetooth chip has a major issue, and it should be replaced. Alternatively, you can purchase a new Bluetooth speaker.

Ensure You’ve Checked Whether the Bluetooth is ON

Regardless of whether you’re connecting your PC or phone, you should ensure you’ve crosschecked whether the Bluetooth has been enabled. You should check the settings. You cannot connect to the device if the Bluetooth connection is not turned ON; however, we saw it fit to mention this point.

• For the iPhone, the Bluetooth settings are present in the settings

• For the MacBook, the Bluetooth settings are present at the top right corner

• For an android device, the Bluetooth settings are present at the screen’s top right corner

• For a Windows device, the Bluetooth settings are present in the settings, and you should check the Devices section

• Depending on the TV model, the device may also have Bluetooth, and you can crosscheck in the settings section

Crosscheck the Manual to Learn About the Pairing Process

Some devices usually pair when you turn them ON for the first time. For instance, the JBL G02 comes with a particular set of instructions.

To pair with the JBL Charger 4 or JBL GO2, you should follow the following steps:

• Ensure the speaker is fully charged

• Turn ON the speaker

• Press the Bluetooth button until you notice the power button is flashing

• Ensure the Bluetooth device is discoverable

After ensuring the devices have paired, there is no need to repeat each of these steps. Instead, when you turn On the Bluetooth speaker, and it is in range, it will connect automatically.

Check the Discovery Mode of the Device

Some devices usually connect automatically when a device is in range. In this case, you’ll have to disconnect the device if you want to pair it with another. For instance, if your phone is paired to the JBL GO2, it will reconnect automatically when you’re in range. You’re supposed to disconnect if you want to pair the JBL GO2 with another device.

If there are many devices connected to the Television, you need to unpair them to connect to the JBL Flip 5.

Turn the Bluetooth Speaker On and Off Again

This is a suggestion that usually works well in most cases, considering the Bluetooth speaker runs off software and internal programs. If the speaker is left to run continuously, there will be an overflow of data, and the device needs to be wiped clean if it is going to work correctly again.

The device and the speaker you want to connect normally use temporary memory when storing data. There comes the point when the data is too much. The device will start lagging in such an instance, and some apps can even crush on your phone. Fortunately, such an issue can be fixed. First, power the device, then wipe the device’s memory.

Ensure the Device is Disconnected

Similarly, the temporary memory capacity will be filled, and it needs to be wiped clean. When you unpair the Bluetooth speaker, it will be possible to fix the internal bugs that hinder the device’s successful connection.

You should follow the following tips:

• For an iPhone: you can find the Bluetooth option in the settings application. Click the ‘information’ symbol and choose ‘forget the device.’

• For a MacBook: the Bluetooth symbol usually appears on the top right-hand side of the screen. Click on it the ‘Bluetooth preferences will appear. Look for the specific Bluetooth speaker, and it may be the JBL Flip 2 in this case. To close the connection, you should click on ‘x.’

• For Android: check the settings and choose connected devices. After that, you should check the connection preferences. In the Bluetooth section, you should select the specific speaker and then select ‘unpair.’

• For Windows: In Settings, you should choose devices. Go ahead and click on Bluetooth. You will then select the Bluetooth speaker and click on ‘remove device.’

• For TV: For most models, the Bluetooth devices can be found in settings. You can use the remote control and find the speakers. You can then click on ‘disconnect.’

After ensuring the devices are not connected anymore, you can try to reconnect. We had listed the pairing instructions earlier.

Always Check Whether there are Updates

When you check for updates for the Bluetooth speaker and the device, it will be possible to fix the connectivity issues. If the device software is not current, it means you’ll have some issues trying to connect to using Bluetooth successfully.

The speaker will also have to update to avoid such issues. If the PC or phone uses the latest Bluetooth firmware, it means the speaker will have some issues connecting unless everything is up to date.

For the PC, the main issue may be that you don’t have the correct computer drivers that are supposed to be used when running the speaker. The driver is the software normally used when the computer is connecting to specific devices.

You Should Perform a Reset

The reset helps to wipe the Bluetooth speaker’s cache such that the factory settings will be restored. All devices connected to the Bluetooth speaker will be ‘forgotten.’ After resetting, you should pair the devices afresh.

Final Thoughts

If you find the JBL GO2 speaker is not connecting or keeps disconnecting, there is a high likelihood the issue can be fixed in a simple manner. The main issue might be that the initial connection is far or the signal is being blocked by a device such as a router. You can get close to the Bluetooth speaker and ensure the Bluetooth is ON. At times, you’ll be forced to disconnect the device and reset the speaker.

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