JLab Go Air Will Not Connect

Founded in 2005, JLab is an American electronics company that is known for making high-quality headphones and earbuds for consumers who are shopping on a budget. 

This company truly is at the top of its game when it comes to making budget-friendly electronics.

Of course, that does not make their products infallible. 

In fact, connection issues are extremely common among Bluetooth headphones and earbuds in general.

I’d even go so far as to wager that it is the most common complaint among owners of Bluetooth headphones. 

It is one that I read about quite often in my research and have had my own problems with in the past.

Luckily, in most cases, the issue can be easily remedied. 

Whether you are simply experiencing a disruption based on environmental factors (like a nearby microwave causing interference) or forgot to enable Bluetooth on your cell phone, there are quick and easy ways to take care of the issue.

Of course, there are times when something more serious comes into play, such as a damaged internal component – and those cannot be easily – or at all – remedied.

If something has gone wrong beyond the point of troubleshooting, then you will want to contact JLab’s consumer services to get further assistance.

“Why won’t my JLAB earbuds connect?” you ask.

So, how might you troubleshoot a connection issue with your JLab Go Air wireless earbuds? What could possibly be causing your Go Air earbuds to not connect with your phone? Let’s take a more in-depth look at why this might be happening and what you can do about it.

JLab Go Air Will Not Connect

Bluetooth headphones and earbuds often fail to connect due to some sort of interference or lack of communication from the host device (e.g., your smartphone). Troubleshooting is often as simple as just resetting your device. However, if an internal mechanism is damaged, you will have to replace your JLab Go Air wireless earbuds.

How can you go about resetting your JLab earbuds

What about when the JLab earbuds won’t pair with each other? 

How do you handle intermittent sound dropping in and out? Why does Bluetooth struggle so much anyway? 

And, if needed, how can you contact JLab to get a replacement or repairs – and can you? Will the warranty cover it? 

Read on to learn more about why your JLab Go Air might not be properly connecting with your listening device.

Bluetooth Connectivity Isn’t Always Reliable

Here’s the deal: Bluetooth has a range of about 33 feet. 

That is not a lot, all things considered. 

While this probably works fine at home, it won’t work as well when you are out and about.

If you leave your phone in your car, your headphones or earbuds will fail to connect if you walk into a grocery store or take a jog down a long trail.

Bluetooth devices are also vulnerable to interference. 

Even a simple microwave can cause interruptions because of the waves that it emits.

Bluetooth is absolutely handy to have, but there are certain environmental factors that can keep it from working properly all the time.

How to Reset Your JLab Earbuds

Wondering “How do I reset my JLab Go Air earbuds?” If you are experiencing problems with your JLab Go Air wireless earbuds connecting with your phone, you can try resetting them, which will let you re-establish a connection. 

The reset process is simple but varies a little bit by device.

Here are the ways you can reset your JLab earbuds.

JLab Air (Executive, Sport, and V2)

  1. Set both earbuds back inside of their case.
  2. Quickly tap on one earbud four times, then it should start flashing a blue light three times.
  3. Repeat the previous step with the other earbud.
  4. Remove them from the case. They should both start flashing white and blue, which means that they are “discoverable” by your device and are therefore ready to be paired with it.

JLab Air V1

  1. Ensure that both earbuds are turned off.
  2. Press and hold down on one earbud for about 15 seconds, at which point it should start flashing white.
  3. Repeat the previous step with the other earbud.
  4. When the earbuds are ready to pair, they will flash blue and white.

JLab Epic ANC

  1. Put both earbuds in the case.
  2. Tap on one earbud seven times, and it should flash blue three times.
  3. Repeat this step with the other earbud.
  4. Remove both earbuds from the case. If they are alternately blinking blue and white, then they are ready to be paired with your device.

JLab Earbuds Will Not Pair With Each Other

You might also be wondering “How do I get my JLab headphones into pairing mode” when they don’t seem to want to pair. 

Sometimes, resetting your earbuds is not enough to get them back into pairing mode.

Now, you might be asking yourself “How do I pair JLab Go Air manually?” If resetting does not work, here are a few other methods you can try with your JLab earbuds:

  1. Turn each of your earbuds off and put them inside of their case. Leave them in there for an entire minute before you power them back on and remove them from the case. Place them less than 2 inches apart and see if they will now pair.
  2. Do not turn the earbuds off, but you can put them in their case’s cradle for an entire minute before taking them out once more. Place them less than 2 inches apart until you get them to pair together.
  3. Place your JLab Go Air wireless earbuds inside of their case. Turn the Bluetooth off on your smartphone or other host device. Remove the earbuds from their case and hold them less than 2 inches apart. If they go into pairing mode, Bluetooth on, on your host device. Try pairing them up again.
  4. Before you take the earbuds out of their case, you need to ensure that you stay away from other electronics or whatever device(s) might be communicating with your host device or WIFI router. These can all cause interferences with Bluetooth connections.

JLab Sound Keeps Dropping In and Out

Is your sound dropping in and out, seemingly at random? This is another common occurrence with Bluetooth headphones and earbuds. 

Here are a few things you can try doing if this starts to happen:

  1. If you are more than 20 feet away from your host device, move in closer to it. Smartphones especially should stay within a few feet of your earbuds. The closer, the better when it comes to smartphones.
  2. Turn Bluetooth off on your host device, then turn it back on again after waiting about an entire minute.
  3. Take your earbuds out of your ears and put them in their case. Turn off your device’s Bluetooth and wait a full 60 seconds. Turn Bluetooth back on and take your earbuds back out of their case. This might help restore the connection.
  4. You might need to force your host device to power off. Try restarting it and see if that helps restore the connection.

JLab’s Warranty Coverage

JLab will let you initiate a return/exchange within 30 days of your purchase. 

Also, all of their Bluetooth devices come with a two-year limited warranty. 

If a manufacturing defect is responsible for your JLab Go Air earbuds not being able to connect, you can utilize your warranty coverage to get a replacement.

Closing Thoughts

JLab’s earbuds normally work pretty well and are easy to pair with any host device you choose. 

I pair mine with my iPhone and usually do not experience any problems. 

However, there have been times when I have had to reset my earbuds because the connection was not holding strong. 

Such is the nature of Bluetooth, my friend.

Give the above troubleshooting methods a try and see if that helps you out.

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