Do You Need PS+ To Play 2K21? Answered!

You can play games online with or without a PS, even for gaming lovers who don’t own a PS. However, it matters what game you’re playing.

Do You Need PS To Play 2K21 1 Do You Need PS+ To Play 2K21? Answered!

Do you need PS+ To Play 2k21?

You do not need to have PS+ to play the 2K21 game. This is an online game only that you play against 59 people, and none of them have to use PS+. However, you can still enjoy it on the PS+, as long as you have a PS4 or PS5.

We have been exploring different PS and online games with friends and gaming enthusiasts. This leads us to the basketball favorite, 2K21, which seems to be a favorite for all basketball lovers. We learned from gaming lovers that this is a perfect online game you can enjoy with friends without owning a PS.

Can you Find the NBA 2K21 Game on PS Plus?

Yes, you can. For some time, PS owners with PS4 and PS5 have been able to download and enjoy free games, including 2K21.

Others are Rogue Company, Rocket League, MLB The Show 21, Destruction All-Stars, World of Tanks/World of Warships, Brawlhalla, and Warframe.

You can still enjoy many online games on your PS without necessarily buying them all. Research the freely available games and install them on your PS.

Do You Need PS To Play 2K21 1 1 Do You Need PS+ To Play 2K21? Answered!

Do you have to Pay for 2K21 on PlayStation?

The NBA 2K21 is a free downloadable game that all players with PS4 and PS5 can access without pay. 

However, to enjoy the game on PS5, one may have to ensure they are using the latest updated software. This means downloading the latest software system for their PS5.

If you wonder if the game can work on PS4, then yes. However, not all features may be available on PS4, so it helps to manage your expectations. 

Check out the PS website for details on what to expect when using a PS to play the game.

You have to pay for a subscription to access all the features that come with the game. Unless you are not keen on the features, the free option of the NBA 2K21 game is limited on PS4.

Accessing the NBA 2k21 Game Online

You have to be in the Rec center first. Once in, use your phone to invite the person you want from the ‘who’s online list.’ You have to scroll to the person’s name, click on it, and a sub-menu pops up.

On the menu, proceed to invite the player by clicking on ‘Invite to your Rec Lobby,’ and the player on the other end will receive the invite. If they accept, then you can proceed to enjoy the game online.

Is it possible for PS5 and PS4 Players to Play NBA 2K21 at the Same Time?

The exciting bit is that regardless of which of the two PS you own, you can still enjoy the 2K21 game. 

This game is a cross-platform game that accommodates players on two different consoles.

Do You Need PS To Play 2K21 2 Do You Need PS+ To Play 2K21? Answered!

How to 1v1 a Friend in NBA 2K21

When you join the NBA 2K21 game, choose the option ‘Play Now’ at the bottom-left of your screen’s header. 

Utilize your left stick to choose and move to the game type ‘Play with Friends Online.’ This should be part of the list.

The prompt that comes up next is the Locker room, which in turn, displays the friends you can play with because they are online at the time.

Possible Reasons why NBA 2K21 May not Play on PS4

You may notice that the game fails to play on your PS4 or some functions fail here. This is because you need the PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold to access all the online functionalities in the 2K21 game. 

Your PS4 may be limiting because you do not have the PS plus or Xbox Gold.

If this is not a hindrance because you have the Plus subscription, check to see no children’s account restriction.

Children’s permission settings will limit access to all PS content, so you have to confirm and remove the permission when you want to play some games or access everything.

Just be sure to set back the permission when you are done to regulate what the kids can access.

Why do you Need the Xbox Gold for NBA 2K21?

Do You Need PS To Play 2K21 3 Do You Need PS+ To Play 2K21? Answered!

This is simply because all online multiplayer functions on consoles need the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or Xbox Live Gold to work. Note that you will have to pay for the subscription separately.

Is the NBA 2K21 Free?

You can always access the NBA 2K21 game as a free download at the Epic Games Store. 

The store offers free games every week to keep up with free PC gaming streaming.

Several freebies can be thrown in sometimes in some weeks, so gaming enthusiasts should always check to see what is on offer.

Is a PS Plus Account Necessary to Enjoy the NBA 2K Game?

If you are playing in MyTeam Mode, you need an NBA 2K account to help you access and open your MyTeam Packs. The PS Plus is a subscription service that consumers pay on an ongoing g and recurring basis.

The fee incurred is charged automatically depending on the gamer’s frequency when purchasing the subscription.

It only ceases to apply after the subscription cancellation, which is why you should always read the terms and conditions and make sure only to subscribe if you are a serious gaming enthusiast that needs the subscription.

Do you get MyTeam Packs Offers for NBA 2K21?

Only NBA 2K account holders and Playstation Plus subscription members are eligible for offers. Usually, these offers are announced as they are time specific and last a specified period. 

Note that you need the NBA 2K account to access your Team packs in the right mode, ‘MyTeam mode.’

Key Takeaways

  • You can play the NBA 2K21 game without having a PS Plus Account
  • Both PS4 and PS5 owners can enjoy the NBA 2K21 game at the same time
  • You need the PS plus account to enjoy specific offers of the NBA 2K21 game
  • The NBA 2K21 game is always available as a free download

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