Can’t Reset Powerbeats Pro? [Fixed!]

You’re rockin’ out to your favorite tunes on Apple Music or Spotify when – GASP! – one of your Powerbeats Pro earbuds stops working. It might be the right one. 

It could be the left one. Or – worst-case scenario – they both stop working. 

You know you have enough juice in the battery too. 

Or, perhaps you’re just experiencing a loss of sound volume or sound quality and want to reset your Powerbeats Pro.

When something goes awry with Beats headphones or earphones, one of the most commonly recommended solutions is to simply reset them. 

And, in most cases, a hard reset is all they need to get back to working like normal. 

But there have been cases in which users have not been able to reset their Powerbeats Pro earbuds at all.

On one forum, a user stated, “I forgot my Powerbeats pro from my phone and tried to resync it. 

It wouldn’t show up, so I tried to reset it. I held the system for 15 secs like the website said, but the case won’t flash red and white.” Other users replied that they, too, were experiencing the same problem.

This problem usually starts off with one earbud failing to connect. 

For some users, it was the right bud, but for others, it was the left. 

Unpairing and repairing to their iPhones resulted in the case light just blinking white. Even trying to force a reset resulted in no change at all. 

A few users had to get replacement devices from Apple.

If you are having problems resetting your Powerbeats Pro using the button on the front of the case, you could be running into the same problem as these poor folks. 

Unfortunately, there aren’t really any known successful workarounds. However, I am here to help guide you through a few simple troubleshooting steps and how to contact Apple Support if they all fail.

Can’t Reset Powerbeats Pro? [Fixed!]

Sometimes, Powerbeats Pro lose power in one earbud without any warning or reason (even with the battery at full charge). Attempting a reset usually fixes this, but if you are unable to reset via the case after unpairing and re-pairing with your device, you will need to contact Apple Support for help. You will likely end up needing to get your Beats repaired or replaced by Apple.

Why is this such a growing problem with Powerbeats Pro earbuds? What is Apple doing to remedy it? How can you be sure that there is a reset problem?

Read on, and I will attempt to walk you through what to do when you’re wondering “What do I do if my Powerbeats Pro won’t reset?”

What’s wrong with Powerbeats Pro?

Powerbeats Pro normally work pretty well. 

Ideally, both earbuds should play volume at your desired level without any cutting-out.

And you should be able to reset your Beats as needed just by pushing that little button on the front of the case. Apple tries to make owning these earbuds simple and efficient.

After all, Apple’s selling point has long been focused on connectivity.

But Powerbeats Pro do have their share of known issues. 

Many users have reported losing volume – sometimes just minimally, other times losing all sound – from just one earbud. The other earbud will play just fine. 

Resetting the earbuds often fixes this problem, but in some instances, that hasn’t resolved the problem.

And that leads me to surmise that an internal hardware issue is to blame.

What do I do if my Powerbeats Pro won’t connect?

Cant Reset your Powerbeats Pro Fixed 1 Can't Reset Powerbeats Pro? [Fixed!]

Before you jump to any conclusions when you lose sound in an earbud, try resetting your Powerbeats Pro to see if you can get them to connect again. 

Here is how you are supposed to reset your Powerbeats Pro:

  1. Put both of your earbuds in their case and leave the lid open.
  2. Press and hold down on the system button, which is located on the case. Do this for 15 seconds or until the LED indicator light starts flashing red and white.
  3. Take your finger off of the system button.
  4. If the LED indicator light continually flashes white, you can go ahead and pair your Powerbeats Pro with your iPhone, Mac, Android, or other device once again.

Here’s how to pair them from your iPhone, in case you forgot:

  1. Unlock your ‌iPhone‌, ‌iPad‌, or ‌iPod touch‌. When it is unlocked, head over to the Home screen.
  2. Place your ‌Powerbeats Pro‌ case – with the earbuds secured inside of it – next to your device, leaving the lid of the case open.
  3. Wait for the setup pop-up to show up on the screen of your device.
  4. Tap Connect, then press Done.

Easy, right? Well, it should be. But hardware or software problems could prevent this from working.

Why are my Powerbeats Pro blinking white?

If your Powerbeats Pro are blinking white, they are in pairing mode. 

This is a good thing, so don’t panic! You can now try pairing your Powerbeats Pro back with your selected device.

Just follow the steps I gave you above and see how it works.

Why can’t I reset my Powerbeats Pro?

Some folks might not be able to reset their Powerbeats Pro. 

One user who had to send their Powerbeats Pro back to Apple stated that Apple sent them back, saying they had to replace the right earbud and had to sync the case.

Are individual earbuds losing sync, or is the case just dying?

In some cases, individual earbuds or headphones seem to lose sync with the case. 

Many report that it is the right earbud, but it happens with the left earbud too. 

For other folks, it seems as though the case itself is the problem and is dying due to some sort of hardware failure.

When it is a single earbud that fails to sync, this seems to stop the case from working properly and keeps the one working earbud from properly pairing with the device.

How to Contact Apple Support

If you are unable to reset your Powerbeats Pro case, you need to contact Apple Support for help.

You can reach out to them via online chat, a phone call, or by going into your closest Apple Store. 

You will likely be asked to ship your device in or hand it over to a tech in person to get your device repaired. 

If a repair is not possible, you might need a replacement.

Fingers crossed that you still have AppleCare+ on your Powerbeats Pro, since that does provide some coverage for malfunctioning Powerbeats Pro.

Closing Thoughts

Your Powerbeats Pro should work well enough to last you for years. 

But that might not always be the case. 

Issues with loss of sync in one earbud is really common, and this seems to prevent the case from resetting like it needs to. 

This means that users have to spend time and money getting their expensive earbuds repaired or replaced, but, luckily, Apple can do that for you if you reach out and explain your problem to them.

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