Can Powerbeats Pro Be Tracked? [Explained!]

Let’s say you’re out at a restaurant and set your Powerbeats Pro on the table while you eat.

After you’re done, you head out to your car and start driving home – only to realize you left your super expensive earbuds in the restaurant! You high-tail it back to the eatery, but when you get there, your buds are gone. 

No one can find them anywhere.

Powerbeats Pro are a hot commodity and attract petty thieves who can snag them for personal use or turn around a quick buck by selling them to some unsuspecting buyer.

It is also pretty easy to simply misplace the earbuds due to their small size. (This happens a lot more than you might think.) Heck, even the chunkier Beats headphones get lost or stolen quite a bit.

Apple is pretty well known for making it easy to track lost or stolen devices, and this is certainly true for their Powerbeats Pro earbuds. 

If your device ever gets lost or stolen, you can use Apple’s Find My feature to locate it. 

Let me explain how this feature works and what you can do if you are unable to locate your Powerbeats Pro.

Can Powerbeats Pro Be Tracked? [Explained!]

You can track lost or stolen Powerbeats Pro earbuds and their case using Apple’s Find My feature. You can also find them by their serial number, using Bluetooth scanner apps, or loud audio output. While you can get them replaced, there will be a service fee involved.

How can you track stolen Beats headphones using Find My?

Is there GPS tracking built into these earbuds? 

And how do you go about getting them replaced if they become forever lost? Read on to get the details on how to track down your Powerbeats Pro.

How to Use Find My to Locate Powerbeats Pro

Can Powerbeats Pro Be Tracked Explained 1 Can Powerbeats Pro Be Tracked? [Explained!]

One question that comes up a lot in Apple discussion forums is “How do I find my Powerbeats Pro if I lost it?” Like almost any other Apple device being manufactured today, your earbuds can be tracked. 

While they don’t have GPS built into them, you can use the Find My feature to locate a lost or stolen Apple device.

Find My can only track headphones with H1 or W1 chips in them. 

Since Powerbeats Pro have the H1 chip in them, they can be tracked this way. 

You can locate them using Find My by:

  1. Tapping on the Find My app icon to open it up. Then select the Devices tab.
  2. Look through the list of of devices in the Find My app.
  3. Click on your Beats headphones when you see them in the list – this will start the locating process.

The Find My app gives users the option to play sounds or get real-time directions. 

You can play sounds from either or both earpieces when the play sound options are enabled. 

Doing this lets you more easily locate your lost earbuds when you know they are somewhere close by.

You can also use Apple’s iCloud Website to find lost Powerbeats Pro earbuds or the case.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go into your browser, go to, and sign in using your Apple ID.
  2. Select All Devices. Then, you need to select the headphones/earbuds you want to locate. If they are currently online, their location will pop up on the map.

Note that Find My does have a few limitations

First, your headphones or earbuds need to already be paired with your iPhone or other device. 

Secondly, they still have to be turned on and have some juice left in the battery for them to be located.

Finding Powerbeats Pro Using Their Serial Number

Can Powerbeats be tracked another way? Sure. 

You can use your device’s serial number (SN) to track it down.

You can find the SN on the Powerbeats Pro themselves as well as on the original packaging that they came in. 

(This is why I always recommend that you keep the packaging for expensive devices like these.) 

Once you’ve checked the box and know the SN, contact Apple Support

They can help you figure out if someone else is now using your Powerbeats Pro or, if this is a worst case scenario type of deal, help you get signed up for a replacement.

Using Bluetooth Scanner Apps to Locate Powerbeats Pro

Bluetooth scanner apps can be used to find lost or stolen earbuds. 

In order for this method to work, your Powerbeats Pro must be paired up with your device (which needs to have Bluetooth activated), your earbuds must be turned on, and they must be within the Bluetooth range.

Apps like Find My Bluetooth Device can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. 

You can use the app to ‘Search devices’, which will display all Bluetooth devices. 

You can select your earbuds if they show up as being paired. 

A ‘temperature’ dial will tell you if you’re ‘hot’ or ‘cold’ in your position from the earbuds.

How to Use Loud Audio Output to Locate Powerbeats Pro

If you know your earbuds are somewhere close by, you can put their insanely loud audio settings to good use to locate them.

Grab your paired smartphone, turn the volume all the way up, and start playing a song. 

With any amount of luck, this will help you track down your lost Powerbeats Pro.

Getting Powerbeats Pro Replaced

If all else fails, you might need to contact Apple Support to see about getting a replacement.

This won’t come free (or even cheap), as replacing the earbuds costs $99 (plus applicable taxes), while the case will also cost $99 (plus taxes).

Some folks choose to just get another pair instead of paying this much and waiting for the new set to arrive.

Closing Thoughts

While you cannot track your lost or stolen Powerbeats Pro via GPS, there is an app for that. 

Use Find My if your devices are paired and the earbuds still have some power left in them and are turned on. 

If you’re fortunate, you’ll be able to quickly find them and get back to your music or podcast listening experience. 

If not, though, you will need to consider getting a replacement through Apple.

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