PS5 Trophies: Where They Are And How To Find Them

PS5 offers trophies to individuals who win certain game levels or achieve particular game tasks. So, how can you find trophies on PS5? 

Where do you find your trophies on the PS5 1 PS5 Trophies: Where They Are And How To Find Them

Where do you find your trophies on the PS5?

Finding trophies on PS5 involves pressing your profile on the home screen and clicking trophies. In the trophies option, there is a list of the number of trophies one has and the information on the trophy on each card. Alternatively, you can use the PS app to find your trophy collection.

For most gamers, trophies represent a significant aspect of the game experience because it provides them with motivation and enjoyment. Trophies are commonly awarded for accomplishing games such as online car racing, wrestling or other online multiple-player matches between gamers. 

Most trophies are secretive about ensuring that the players receive no spoilers and motivating them to continue playing because they are curious to know the kind of trophy they would win to keep the game achievement a mystery.

Recently, the new PS5 has a new software update that allows players to find or locate hidden trophies. The mystic, which happens to be one of the most known influencers for PlayStation, has outlined the ways you can discover hidden trophies and an easy method to access the trophies you’ve won.

How to find Trophies on PS5

Where do you find your trophies on the PS5 1 1 PS5 Trophies: Where They Are And How To Find Them

Finding your trophies in the PS5 console involves clicking your profile image on the home screen and pressing the trophy option. 

In the trophy option, you will get a list of trophies you have earned, and when you click on the trophies, it will display information about the trophy in regards to the gem you won or task you finished successfully.

Additionally, you can view other specific trophy information such as the date you won the trophy and the grade of the trophy in terms of platinum, gold, silver, and bronze.

Alternatively, if you don’t own a PS5 game console, you can always find your trophy collection using a PS5 app. 

With just your phone, you can download and install the PS trophies in your play store and sign in with the Playstation account you use in the game. The collection of trophies you will access on the game console will be the same as on the phone.

Additionally, you can view each trophy individually to view its description, rarity, grade, and the date you earned it.. However, one drawback of using the play station app on your mobile is that you need help finding a screenshot the console captures while unlocking a trophy.

How to find Hidden Trophies in PS5

Where do you find your trophies on the PS5 2 PS5 Trophies: Where They Are And How To Find Them

The main reason there are hidden trophies in PS5 and other previous play station versions is to avoid potential story spoilers. However, this does not limit gamers from accessing the information on the hidden trophies. 

In the previous PlayStation versions, such as the PS4, you were only required to press the square button on your controller to uncover or unlock a concealed trophy, but the PS5 game console requires more knowledge on how to find hidden trophies.

Finding hidden trophies on PS5 involves going to the trophy list option on your home screen. 

The trophy option should be under your profile or account you use while playing the game. Then, pick the game you want to play and finish all the levels.

Navigate to the trophy’s location on the map and see the in-game option. Press the x button on your PS pad to unlock the option, and you will see the details of the hidden trophies.

Alternatives Way to find Trophies on PS5

Another alternative way to find trophies on PS5 is to set your console to automatically take a screenshot or a brief video when you win a particular prize. This method is significant when you would have won a challenging game or award. 

To find your screenshot or a brief video of the trophy, open its detail page on either the home screen or the control center.

Additionally, you can modify the level of trophy screenshots and videos by going to the setting option, the broadcast and capture option, and the auto-capture trophies. 

Remember that recording videos for the trophies will take a lot of storage space than taking screenshots. Therefore, taking a screenshot will save space.

Where do you find your trophies on the PS5 3 PS5 Trophies: Where They Are And How To Find Them

Tracking your Trophies

Tracking your trophies will ensure that you can quickly get trophy details while still playing your game.

If you want to track your trophies, you need to go to the control center on your home screen, press the kind of trophy you want to track, and then choose the start monitoring option. If the trophy you want to track is not on the card, return to your home screen and then go to the control center. 

Then, choose your game profile and then select trophies. In the list of trophies, you can choose at least 5 trophies for every game.

Can you view all hidden Trophies Once?

It is possible to find and view all the hidden trophies in your PS5 console because the PS5 has undergone a new change.

Before these changes, you had to navigate and select to expose each hidden trophy one at a time to get its information.

After the PS5 installed the updated software, gamers can access all the hidden trophies simultaneously.

Accessing all the hidden trophies at once involves pressing the trophy option and enabling the reveal-all option. This will ensure that all the hidden trophies remain visible until you change the real all function off once more.

Key Takeaways

  • Trophies provide an excellent motivation to challenge other gamers
  • Trophies have ranks or grades
  • PS5 has a new system update that enables you to see all hidden trophies at once
  • Taking a screenshot is an excellent way to store and find trophies automatically
  • The use of a PS app provides an alternative to checking your trophy collections

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