Why Does My iPad Keep Crashing? (Troubleshooting Steps!)

The Apple iPad is an excellent device that is worth your money. Despite having great features and capabilities, the iPad is prone to crashing.

Fortunately, there are different ways to fix the issue of your iPad crashing. But first, you need to troubleshoot.

By troubleshooting, it is possible to determine the sole reason why your iPad keeps crashing.

Why Does My iPad Keep Crashing?

Your iPad probably keeps crashing because of pending software updates, battery-related issues, third-party applications that are incompatible, or malware or virus intrusions. Finding out which of these issues is causing the problem is easy once you know what to look for.

Some of the solutions you can try out include:

1. Clear All background Apps

The apps you have been using recently are why your iPad keeps crashing. 

If you have just downloaded new apps, your iPad will crash because you have to update the apps for them to work properly.

The simplest way of solving this issue is by closing the apps you’re using. 

Double-tap the home button and flick left or right until it comes up with the app that has crashed. 

Then press your finger on it and flick it up to remove it from your screen. 

Do that to all apps running the moment when your iPad crashes.

2. New OS updates

If your iPad keeps crashing because of some specific reasons, then you should update it. 

The update will also help you to access the latest apps

Check out the system update menu first so that you can update whenever necessary.

3. Reset your device

If your device is experiencing a lot of crashing problems, and there seems to be no solution that can help you, then updating the iOS may not be enough.

If a simple reset method will fix the problem, you should go to Settings>General>Reset and choose Reset All Settings.

This may resolve minor problems like your iPad keeps crashing due to third-party apps that aren’t compatible with the OS. 

If you encounter software issues and your device is still crashing even after updating, you have no choice but to factory reset your iPad.

Just remember to back up the important files stored in it first.

Why Does My iPad Keep Crashing Troubleshooting Steps 1 Why Does My iPad Keep Crashing? (Troubleshooting Steps!)

4. Update the apps

If your apps are incompatible with the latest version of iOS, then there is no good solution for that. 

You can try updating the most problematic apps on your iPad.

The best way to do this is by locating them on the App Store, where you will be provided with the information you need to know and application requirements. 

You may also do a soft reset first and see if it helps.

5. Visit an Apple Store

When your iPad keeps crashing, and all the above solutions have failed to fix the problem, you should consider visiting an Apple Store to get the best help possible. 

A Genius bar is there to help you out.

You can be assured that they will give professional solutions.

6. Free Up Storage Space

The storage space is another reason why your iPad keeps crashing.

Make sure you have enough storage space available on your device.

If you notice you are running out of space, you can purchase an external hard drive and transfer all the files from your device to the external storage device; this will help you solve two different issues at once.

How to Fix the iPad Crashing Issue While Preventing Data Loss

Try this guide if your iPad keeps crashing and you want to prevent data loss by fixing it.

Start by heading to Settings > General > Storage.

You will see that there are a lot of warning signs in this section. 

But if you ignore all these things, you will be in serious trouble because they can cause irreversible damage to your iPad.

You can download apps from the App Store anytime because everything will be backed up on iCloud. 

To help you make sure that your progress on the App Store is also backed up, you should check out the below settings section.

How to Check and Delete All iCloud Data

Start by opening Settings. From there, tap on iCloud.

Then under your account name, look for the option labelled Downloaded Apps.

Tap on it and then press Delete All.

Note that this won’t delete all data from the apps; it will just remove all downloads from your iPad.

Where’s Your iPad Data Stored?

In many cases, people are unaware of where their iPad data is stored; this can be a problem because you have to access the data to save it.

But if you don’t know where it is stored, you won’t be able to restore it.

First, you should find out if your files are backed up or not.

Go to Settings > iCloud > Documents & Data and ensure that this option is On; this can be a reliable way of making sure that your files are backed up.

If you want to protect your iPad from crashing, you should back it up; this is quite an easy process, and it doesn’t cost too much either.

You can back up your device for free by going to Settings>iCloud>Storage & Backup and then select Manage Storage.

From there, tap on Back Up Now.

Keep in mind that the solutions mentioned above will help prevent data loss.

Final Thoughts

It is very frustrating to have an iPad that keeps crashing. 

You need to determine the reason why. 

You may not be able to fix the problem completely, but at least you can try to fix it and make it work properly again.

For your iPad to work properly, you need to troubleshoot first for you not just to fix the crashing issues but also to prevent such from happening again.

Troubleshooting is important so that your iPad can run smoothly and efficiently. 

If you are still encountering issues with your iPad crashing, you need to eliminate any possible cause that can hamper the performance of your iPhone.

If these solutions do not work, you need to visit an Apple store and get it fixed there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why Does my iPad keep Crashing While I’m Browsing

A: Your iPad keeps crashing while you are reading because the app you were using crashed. 

You should make sure to update your apps. 

If this is why your iPad keeps crashing, try updating the apps first and see if it works. 

But if it still crashes, there could be some conflicts with an app already on your iPad because these problems can arise from third-party apps like themes and extensions. 

Try deleting these apps and see if it stops the crashing.

Q: How can I Fix an iPad that keeps Crashing?

A: There are a lot of reasons why your iPad keeps crashing, and you need to pinpoint the problem first. 

After you have clarified the problem, you can proceed with fixing it. 

You need to identify all possible issues and try to fix them fast. 

Here are some of the solutions that you can try:

Download a different version of iOS if you are already on the latest version, and it is crashing. 

Make sure to back up important files before downloading a new update in case something goes wrong. 

If that doesn’t work, try resetting your iPad by heading to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings. 

That will reset your device and ensure that all settings will go back to their default position. 

If your iPad keeps crashing and you want to prevent data loss, try this guide out.

Q: How can I fix an iPad that crashes unexpectedly?

A: It is not possible to make your iPad crash completely unless something is wrong with the hardware. 

But if you are experiencing unexpected crash issues, they can be caused by third-party apps or extensions. 

To fix the problem, you should delete all third-party apps and see if it works. 

If it doesn’t, try downloading a new version of the software.

Q: What can I do to improve the stability of my iPad?

A: The stability of your iPad will only improve if you have properly set up the device. 

If there are any issues with apps or settings, you need to make sure that everything is set correctly for your iPad to run smoothly.

Q: Why does my iPad keep crashing during a call?

A: An unstable Wi-Fi connection can cause problems with your calls, so if you are experiencing this issue, then you should make sure that the Wi-Fi is working properly. 

If the Wi-Fi is alright, it could be a legitimate problem with your iPad, and it might need to be serviced. 

Make sure to read all screen prompts if you are prompted not to drop your call.

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