Does The AirPods Case Support Wireless Charging?

Wireless charging has become an increasingly common feature of our favorite gadgets, and most of the latest Apple devices, from iPhones to Apple Watches, are compatible with wireless charging. But what about your AirPods case? Does it also support wireless charging? 

The Apple AirPods case supports wireless charging with the 2nd Generation model and above. AirPods cases that support wireless charging have a status light on the side of the case. If you have an AirPods 1 case that doesn’t support wireless charging, you can get upgrade the case. 

Let’s take a look at which AirPods cases support wireless charging, whether you can charge AirPods directly on a wireless charger, and what to do if your AirPods case isn’t compatible with wireless charging. 

Can the AirPods Case Charge Wirelessly?

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The AirPods case does support wireless charging, but only on newer models. All AirPods cases from the 2nd Generation AirPods and up can charge on a wireless charger. The AirPods Pro also support wireless charging and can charge quickly using Apple’s MagSafe wireless charger (on Amazon)

AirPods that support wireless charging will work with all Qi-compatible wireless chargers. You can place the AirPods inside the case to charge them or charge the empty case while you’re using the AirPods.

With Apple wireless chargers, you also don’t have to worry about placing the case perfectly on the charging pad; Apple’s wireless chargers provide optimal charging to AirPods cases. 

Some wireless chargers come with a dual charging pad that allows you to charge both your phone and AirPods simultaneously, like the MagSafe Duo Charger (on Amazon). It takes around an hour to charge an AirPods case with a cable charger, and charging it with a wireless charger will take slightly longer. 

How Do You Know if Your AirPods Can Charge Wirelessly?

You can easily tell if your AirPods case supports wireless charging by looking at the status light when it’s placed on a wireless charger. If the charging case has a status light that turns green when placed on a wireless charger, it supports wireless charging. 

You can also look at the model number of the charging case to see whether it’s wireless charging compatible. 

As we mentioned, wireless charging is supported in AirPods cases from the 2nd Generation and up. If you have the original AirPods case, you can check the model number of the AirPods from the settings on your phone.

To do that, go onto Bluetooth, select your AirPods, and click on ‘About‘ to see the model number. If your AirPods case came with AirPods 1, it won’t support wireless charging. Any other AirPods case will support wireless charging. 

What to Do if Your AirPods Case Won’t Charge Wirelessly

If your AirPods case is wireless charger-compatible but doesn’t charge when placed on a wireless charger, it’s either because the case isn’t placed perfectly on the charging pad or the charger isn’t connected to a power source. 

It may be difficult to place the case perfectly on the charging pad, especially if it’s not an Apple charger. However, most charging pads clearly indicate where the charging coil is.

While the case should charge even if it isn’t perfectly aligned with the coils, it will charge much slower. If the case and charging pad are properly aligned, and the charger still doesn’t work, make sure it’s plugged in. 

Can You Wirelessly Charge AirPods Without a Case?

You can’t charge AirPods wirelessly without a case since the AirPods don’t have a receiving coil compatible with wireless chargers. AirPods won’t charge with small pin chargers either, and most charging “hacks” for AirPods don’t work.

Placing AirPods directly on a wireless charging pad may actually damage the batteries since the AirPods aren’t compatible with wireless charging. You shouldn’t even try to use a non-compatible AirPods case on a wireless charger. 

What Are Your Other Charging Options?

If you don’t have a wireless charger compatible case, you can always get a replacement case and use it to charge your AirPods wirelessly.

You can also get an alternative non-Apple charging case that’s compatible with wireless charging. However, avoid fake Apple cases as these aren’t as durable as the original ones. 

Here are some ways to get a wireless charger-compatible case: 

Apple’s Replacement AirPods Case

If you have an AirPods 1 case that isn’t compatible with wireless charging, you can order a replacement case from Apple.

Apple has released an alternative charging case for 1st Generation AirPods (on Amazon) that’s wireless charging-compatible. While you can always go for a cheaper option, it’s best to get the original case from Apple. 

Third-Party Wireless Charger-Compatible AirPods Case

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Getting a third-party wireless charger-compatible case from a reputable manufacturer is a great alternative to the expensive Apple replacement cases. Here are some of the best wireless charger-compatible cases for AirPods: 

These cases work on all Qi-compatible wireless chargers and have as much recharge capacity as Apple AirPods cases. 

Fake Apple AirPods Cases

While you can get a fake Apple AirPods case for around $10 with wireless compatibility, it’s not recommended. Fake cases won’t charge as fast as original ones, and they may not carry the same charging capacity as Apple’s original case.

The last thing you want is a replacement case that only manages to recharge the AirPods once or twice! 

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