AirPods Microphone Not Working: Easy Steps To Fix

AirPods are much more than a simple device to listen to music with. A lot of people use them in their work life to conduct meetings, hold interviews, and lead conferences. That’s why it can be especially troubling when the microphone doesn’t work. It’s important to troubleshoot your issue and pinpoint exactly what’s causing the issue.

AirPods Microphone Not Working Easy Steps To Fix 1 AirPods Microphone Not Working: Easy Steps To Fix

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Why won’t the microphone on my Airpods work?

There are quite a few different reasons the microphone might stop working. The microphone in your AirPods might stop working because they are low on battery, the settings may have been accidentally changed on your phone, there could be a physical problem with your AirPods, or there might even be some unknown problem with your device. 

Continue reading for details on why your AirPods microphone might not be working and learn exactly how to fix the problem yourself.  

Aside from hardware failure, there are plenty of reasons the microphone on your AirPods might stop working. Before you panic, take a look at the reasons listed below in order to pinpoint the issue. 

Your Airpods might simply not have enough charge. Take the buds out of your ear and put them in the Charging Case. A low battery is more than enough to stop microphone functionality. Give the AirPods a few minutes to charge and see if the problem persists. 

Your AirPods might not be making a good connection to your phone too. Simply unpairing and repairing the earbuds might be enough to fix your problem. 

One of the most common issues is accidentally changing your microphone settings on your phone. You might have manually muted the microphone, rendering it completely useless until this setting is changed back. Follow these steps to check your microphone settings: 

  • Open the Settings app
  • Tap on Bluetooth near the top
  • Under the My Devices subheading, you should see whether your AirPods are connected
  • If they are connected, click the blue “i” located beside the AirPods
  • Here you will see a list of information about your AirPods
  • Select the Microphone option about halfway down
  • Make sure the setting is turned to Automatically Switch AirPods
  • Toggle the setting and see if your microphone works

The final thing to try is to disconnect and repair your AirPods. Follow these instructions to repair your AirPods to your phone: 

  • First, place the AirPods in their Charging Case and close the lid
  • Allow about 30 seconds for the case to recognize the earbuds
  • Now, open the case, leaving the buds inside
  • On your phone, navigate to the Settings app
  • Head back to the Bluetooth settings
  • Click the blue “i” next to earbuds again
  • This time, click on Forget This Device
  • Make your confirmation and exit

After this is complete, it’s time to pair the AirPods again.

  • Hold down the setup button on the back of your AirPods Charging Case with the earbuds still in place
  • Keep your iPhone close to the earbuds and a prompt will pop up
  • Click Connect
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to complete setup
  • Click done
  • Finally, see if your microphone is working again

The process is the same to troubleshoot both the normal AirPods microphone and the Airpods Pro Microphone. You might even find out exactly how to fix AirPods microphone not working. 

AirPods Microphone Not Working Easy Steps To Fix 1 1 AirPods Microphone Not Working: Easy Steps To Fix

How do I test My AirPods Microphone?

You may be suspicious that the problem isn’t on your end during a video or voice call. There’s an easy way to check and see if your microphone is working. Just open up your voice recorder app on your iPhone with your AirPods on. 

Create a sample recording on the voice recorder app and play it back. If you can hear the recording, it means your AirPods mic is working perfectly fine. If you can’t hear anything, then it might be time to replace your AirPods

Why Can’t People Hear Me on My AirPods?

If your AirPods pro microphone not working after trying the above steps, then it might be time to have them repaired or replaced. Luckily, it’s easy to purchase a replacement for your AirPods. Apple offers many options for replacement. 

You can receive a replacement by mail, stop by an Apple Store, or stop by any authorized Apple location. Some big box stores, like Best Buy, even have Apple Geek Squad members in their story ready to help. 

If an AirPods mic isn’t working, your most likely path ahead will be seeking a replacement. Luckily, Apple has a one-year limited warranty on all their products. This means you are protected from manufacturing defects and other common issues. You can also purchase the extended warranty if your product is less than 60 days old. 

Apple’s extended warranty is called AppleCare+ and it covers a whole list of issues dealing with phones, tablets, and other Apple accessories. It even offers discounts on AirPods replacement and repair.

What is AppleCare+?

Apple’s extended warranty, AppleCare+, isn’t just great for replacing lost, stolen, or broken phones; it can also be used to cheaply have your AirPods repaired or replaced. Those covered under AppleCare+ can have their AirPods replaced or repaired for a fraction of the price it would normally cost. 

Here is how much it costs to repair and replace AirPods if you have AppleCare+:


  • AirPods Pro – $89 each
  • AirPods – $69 each
  • Battery Replacements – Free


  • AirPods Pro – $29 each
  • AirPods – $29 each
  • 3rd Generation AirPods – $29 each

Compared to out-of-warranty repairs and replacements, you are saving over 3-times the money in most instances. Charging Cases can be replaced for as little as $59 dollars too; repairing a broken Charging Case only costs $29. 

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