Beats Flex Will Not Charge? [Do This]

You’re getting ready to head out for the day, and you pop your Beats Flex in – only to realize that they are not charged! This seems odd since you literally just took them off of the charger. 

Why, oh why, did they fail to charge? 

Now, you feel as though you aren’t going to get the right start to your day.

I’ve been there. When your headphones/earbuds randomly don’t charge, you are left to wonder, “What do I do if my Beats Flex won’t charge?” and “Can I even fix this myself?” There is a spot of good news: You can try a few different troubleshooting methods to rectify this issue. 

But will they work? It’s hard to tell until you try. 

You might have to run the gambit of troubleshooting methods, or you might need to only try one.

There are quite a few reasons why your Beats Flex might not be charging.

Just check out what users are saying in the Apple discussion forums. 

People will be charging their Beats Flex, only to have them not turn on at all when seemingly finished. 

Others find that they can charge their Beats Flex for hours but the flashing red light (which means the Beats are still charging) continues to blink. 

Neither one of these situations is considered “normal”, but these problems are reported fairly frequently across the list of Beats devices.

While Apple hasn’t given us a clear answer as to why this is happening to some devices, the one thing that seems to help the majority of these situations is resetting the case.

Random interferences can cause issues with charging

Other times, the case and earbuds just need a thorough cleaning because dirt will clog the connections. 

Still, it will be hard to tell until you go through the list of potential fixes I will give you in this guide.

Beats Flex Will Not Charge? [Do This]

Beats Flex might stop charging or act as though they won’t fully charge all the way. This could be for a variety of reasons, including interference or dirty connectors. A bad charging cable might also be the culprit.

What can you do if your Beats Flex won’t charge? What if the cable isn’t the culprit? How can you possibly troubleshoot this pesky problem?

Read on for some of my suggestions.

How do I know if my Beats Flex are charging?

You’ll know if your Beats Flex are charging by looking at the LED indicator light on the power button. 

If the light is blinking red, it still needs to charge. 

If the light is white, then it is ready to use.

It will remain white until you have less than half an hour of battery life left, which is when it will turn solid red. 

That is when you definitely need to plug them in so that the battery doesn’t fully drain.

How long does Beats Flex battery last?

Apple says that the Beats Flex should have a battery life of up to 12 hours of playback time while on a full charge.

Why are my Beats Pro not charging?

There are multiple possible reasons why your Beats Flex might not be charging. The solution is going to depend on the problem. 

Below are a few possible fixes for Beats Flex not charging.

Select Another Power Source

Power sources – or “adapters” – are all different. 

A charger with a lower power output than what your Beats Flex require will lead to very slow charging or abruptly stop charging.

Therefore, you might want to try using an adapter than you know will work with your Beats Flex, and make sure you are giving them enough time to charge. 

You’ll know your other adapter is the problem if a different adapter is able to successfully charge the Beats Flex.

Reset Your Beats Flex

A simple reset might be all it takes to fix the charging problem. It won’t take long to figure out whether this is the right troubleshooting method. Make sure that your Beats Flex are not connected to any cable. 

Then, you need to:

  1. Locate the power button on your device. Press down on it and hold it for about 15 seconds. Then, release it.
  2. The LED light indicator should light up three times, which indicates a successful reset. Try using your Beats Flex with your listening device once again.

Switch Cables

Cables aren’t always reliable and can break down over time.

If the cables are wearing thin, one solid tug can break them. 

Check for breaks in the cable itself – exposed wiring can be really problematic. 

Try using another charging cable to see if that works.

Clean Up the Port

A dirty port can stop the Beats Flex from charging. 

Dirt and debris will accumulate with use – this is just inevitable. 

Try cleaning the port with a can of compressed air or a gentle brush. 

After you’re done, try charging again.

Try Using Them With an Audio Cable

You can try using a non-charging headset with the audio cable that came with them or with a basic 3.5mm headphone jack. 

Either one should do. Sure, this makes yours a wired device, but you can at least keep on listening as long as the problem doesn’t reside with the Beats Flex themselves.

Replace the Battery

Older batteries or ones that come with manufacturer issues might fail to correctly charge. 

Try swapping out the lithium-ion battery. Lithium-ion batteries have a high energy density, but this also means that they have a restricted number of charge cycles. 

In other words, over time, your battery will struggle more and more to hold a full charge.

Look For a Broken Port

If you feel confident enough in your ability to inspect and disassemble a very small electronic device, try checking for a broken port. 

Ports transfer electric current from the power adapter to the Beats Flex’s own circuitry. 

As these devices age, the ports can lose their connectivity or even physically break. 

(If you’ve ever tried to fix a broken port on an iPhone before, you know full well how absolutely irritating this can be.)

Broken ports can be replaced if you know what you are doing.

You might be able to find replacement parts on the cheap, but trust me, this is best left to the professionals.

Closing Thoughts

Unfortunately, if you have serious hardware or software issues, you might need to replace your Beats Flex.

You can contact Apple Support for assistance or go to a brick-and-mortar Apple Store to get help from a tech. 

Pricing for repairs could vary, and a tech will be able to tell you what the damage is after they examine your Beats Flex.

If you need your Beats Flex working right away though, and no workaround or troubleshooting method is helping, you might just have to spring for a new set.

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