Can Apple AirPods Have the Same Serial Number?

Serial numbers are important for proving ownership of your AirPods. This is especially important if you ever find yourself contacting Apple support over your warranty information.

Serial numbers are typically unique to each individual product, but what about with AirPods? Can AirPods have the same serial number?

Can Apple AirPods Have the Same Serial Number?

Some older versions of Apple AirPods can have the same serial number. If your AirPods are first-generation headphones, you may notice identical serial numbers on the case and both earpieces. However, it’s highly unlikely second-generation AirPods or AirPod Pro models will have the same serial number. 

According to Apple, you can find the serial number for your AirPods on the devices or the charging case. 

You can also find the serial numbers within the settings of a device you’ve paired the AirPods with, such as an iPhone.

If you’ve kept the original packaging for your AirPods, you should also find the serial numbers(s) there. 

Why Do Some Apple AirPods Have the Same Serial Number?

When Apple first started manufacturing AirPods, older models shared the same serial number to help keep track of warranties and repairs.

It was less confusing for Apple and its repair vendors to track warranty replacement and repair requests. 

If something went wrong with one of the earpieces or the charging case, Apple could simplify the paperwork.

However, this method also led to some confusion and duplication.

Let’s say you purchased your AirPods less than a year ago.

In the second month of using them, one of the earpieces stops working through no fault of your own.

You file a warranty claim and receive a replacement.

However, three months later, your charging case also stops working. 

You try to file another warranty claim but run into some difficulties. 

It’s harder to document and justify a second warranty claim with the same serial number as your first claim. 

Apple may mistakenly deny subsequent claims with the same serial number. 

Do Multiple Serial Numbers Also Cause Confusion?

It can be challenging to keep track of multiple serial numbers for a single set of AirPods. 

At the same time, different serial numbers make it easier to make warranty claims. 

Plus, Apple can document which portions of the AirPods devices run into more problems.

For example, do the wireless charging cases tend to give out after eight months of use? Or do the earpieces fail more often? By using separate serial numbers, Apple can record trends in warranty claims, repairs, and replacement.

The manufacturer can identify areas for improvement, including defects in supplies or the manufacturing process. 

Do Multiple Serial Numbers Mean My AirPods Are Fake?

Can Apple AirPods Have the Same Serial Number 1 Can Apple AirPods Have the Same Serial Number?

Several serial numbers do not usually mean you’ve purchased a counterfeit pair of Apple AirPods. 

Neither does having similar or identical serial numbers on the earpieces and charging case.

However, a lack of serial numbers is a strong indicator your AirPods are counterfeit. 

To avoid purchasing a fake pair of Apple AirPods, only buy Apple products from the company’s retail stores or authorized retailers.

Avoid online marketplaces and retailers that allow third-party sellers to ship you goods.

It doesn’t mean that you will receive fake products this way, but your risk increases. 

You can verify whether a store or retailer is authorized to sell genuine Apple products on the company’s website.

Another way to ensure you’re getting authentic Apple products is to purchase them online through the manufacturer’s website. 

Should I Register My AirPods?

You can register your AirPods and their serial numbers via an Apple ID. 

Doing this helps verify your AirPods’ warranty status and keep on top of any claims. 

Beyond registering your AirPods, you should keep the original packaging so you can locate the serial numbers quickly.

Apple may ask for this documentation, including your receipt, under certain circumstances. 

Although it might seem inconvenient to have to store hard copies of your paperwork, you never know when you’ll need them. 

Where Is the Serial Number on the Charging Case?

Your charging case’s serial number should be on the inside of the lid. 

Open up the case, and you’ll see the number printed on the underside of the top lid. 

Apple’s serial numbers include a combination of letters and numbers.

What About the Earpieces?

If your earpieces have separate serial numbers, you can find them underneath the ear cushions. 

Gently lift the cushioning up and away from the earpieces. 

You’ll see a combination of letters and numbers printed on the speaker portion.

How Do I Find AirPod Serial Numbers on a Paired Device?

Have you paired your AirPods with an iPhone or iPad? You can find the serial numbers in iOS’s Bluetooth settings.

Just go to your device’s main settings menu and then select Bluetooth.

You should see the name of your AirPods in the list of paired devices. 

Select or tap the button labeled “More Info,” and you should see the serial number listed in the details. 

If your paired device is running iOS 14, you can also go to your main settings menu and then go to the About section. The About section is under the General section. 

Within the About section, you’ll see the name of your AirPods. 

You can select your AirPods and see the details, including the serial number.

How Can I Verify the Authenticity of My Serial Numbers?

You can ask a rep at an Apple Store or speak with Apple Support if you’d like to verify whether your serial numbers are authentic. 

However, this shouldn’t be necessary if you’ve purchased your AirPods directly from Apple. 

Also, if you’ve gone through the trouble of registering your AirPods to your Apple ID, you shouldn’t have to reverify the numbers. 

Apple’s systems will verify your serial numbers during the registration process. The same thing happens when you pair AirPods with an iOS device.

Wrapping Up

It’s common for Apple AirPods to share the same serial number, especially if they are older models. Later models of Apple’s AirPods tend to have different serial numbers. 

However, similar or different serial numbers are not a reason to worry.

Your AirPods are not fake because the serial numbers are identical or dissimilar. 

Instead, you should be worried if there aren’t any serial numbers on your AirPods. 

To minimize problems, purchase your AirPods directly from Apple, register your devices to your Apple ID, and keep the original box.  

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