Does AppleCare Cover Lost Airpods?

Oh no. You cannot find your Airpods anywhere! 

Perhaps you sat them down somewhere and completely forgot about them. 

Or perhaps they fell out of your pocket while you were walking. Whatever the case may be, they are gone – probably forever. 

Is there anything that can be done on Apple’s end so that you don’t have to shell out a bunch of money for new Airpods?

Since the first generation of Airpods was released in December of 2016, Apple users have been buying them up like hotcakes. 

They are easy to port around since they are small and lightweight. 

They are also pretty darn durable, surviving accidental drops and repelling raindrops. 

But their size can work against them, as they are particularly easy to lose or misplace. 

You might not even notice that they are gone until it is too late. 

When people lose their Airpods, they tend to ask, “Does AppleCare cover if you lose your AirPods?” And the answers that they get are probably a little disappointing.

Does AppleCare cover lost Airpods?

AppleCare does cover lost Airpods – both the left and right earbuds as well as the case. The replacements will be brand new from Apple, but you will incur a replacement fee. On the downside, AppleCare+ for Headphones will not cover stolen or lost AirPods.

While AppleCare does cover some of the cost of lost Airpods, there are fees associated with getting them replaced. 

The cost will vary depending on the type of Airpods you own, costing you between $69 and $99 for a lost Airpods fee. 

Let’s take a closer look at what you can do if you have lost your Airpods and how AppleCare has got you at least partially covered.

Just how much should you expect to pay for Airpods replacements? Does insurance cover loss of Airpods? 

What happens when your warranty has expired – is there anything you can do? 

Read on to get all of those questions answered so that, if you have lost your Airpods, you won’t have to go without for very long.

Is it free to replace lost Airpods?

Replacing a set of lost Airpods – or a lost charging case – is not free. 

It is, however, a lot cheaper than going out and buying an entirely new set of Airpods. 

AppleCare+ for Headphones does not cover lost or stolen AirPods, but regular AppleCare does cover some of the cost of replacement.

What are the replacement fees that Apple charges for lost Airpods?

Prices for replacements will vary based on which kind of Airpods you own and whether you lost one bud, both, or the buds and the case. 

Here are the prices that you will be looking at:

  1. The lost fee for Airpods Pro is $89 each.
  2. A replacement for the wireless charging case for the Airpods Pro is $99.
  3. A replacement for the MagSafe charging case for Airpods Pro is $99.
  4. The third generation of Airpods cost $69 each to replace.
  5. Older Airpods also cost $69 each to replace.
  6. The Airpods charging case will cost you $59 to replace.
  7. A replacement for the wireless charging case is $79.
  8. A replacement for the MagSafe charging case for Airpods is also $79.

Take note that all out-of-warranty and lost fees are subject to tax and a $6.95 shipping fee.

How do I know whether or not my Airpods are covered?

If you are unsure of your AppleCare warranty status for your Airpods, you can check it online. 

Go to Apple’s Check Your Service and Support Coverage page, enter your Airpods’ serial number, and enter the CAPTCHA code as it appears on your screen. 

This should tell you whether or not your Airpods are still under warranty.

Can I locate my lost Airpods?

It is possible to try to locate your Airpods before you go about replacing them. You can use the Find My app to try to locate them.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Make sure your device is updated to the latest version of iOS or iPadOS or macOS. 
  2. Open the Find My app.
  3. Open up the Devices tab.
  4. Choose your AirPods. Below each device’s name, you will see either a location or something that says “no location found.”

You can use a computer with iCloud to find your Airpods, or you can turn on the Find My network by going to your device’s Settings, then selecting your name, followed by Find My. 

Choose Find My (device), then tap to turn on Find My (device).

Then just turn on Find My network.

If you have lost both Airpods buds, note that you will only see one location on the map at a time. 

If you have the Airpod pro that is showing up on your map, put it in the charging case. 

Doing this will take it off the map so that you only see the missing Airpod earbud.

How do I replace lost Airpods?

You can replace your lost Airpods by going to Apple’s Get Support page. You have a few options:

  1. Order a replacement for a lost or missing Airpod.
  2. Get help by chatting with a customer service representative.
  3. Schedule a call with a service rep.
  4. Find Airpods replacement prices.
  5. Schedule a visit to your local Apple store for in-person assistance.
Does AppleCare Cover Lost Airpods 1 Does AppleCare Cover Lost Airpods?

How do I replace a lost charging case?

If your charging case is lost, you can choose from the same options you would for lost Airpods.

You can also opt to send a broken charging case in for repair if need be. 

Just remember your warranty coverage for both the charging case and Airpods themselves only lasts for one year after your date of purchase.

Closing Thoughts

AppleCare will cover lost Airpods (or a lost charging case) for one year after your purchase date, but there is a steep replacement fee. 

Of course, this isn’t anywhere near as expensive as buying entirely new Airpods, but it is still a cost that you likely will not want to incur.

Keep your Airpods in a secure place, and if you do lose one, try using Apple’s location tool to find your missing Airpod. 

It could save you a lot of time and money.

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