Can I Watch Youtube Videos On Twitch? Explained!

Twitch is a growing platform, and one of the things many channels and users have tried to do is watch YouTube videos without breaking the rules. Getting a warning or a temporary ban because you didn’t know the proper rules for watching YouTube videos on Twitch can be a significant hassle. Instead, we have provided the steps you can follow to ensure this never happens. 

Can I Watch Youtube Videos On Twitch Explained Can I Watch Youtube Videos On Twitch? Explained!

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How do you watch Youtube videos on Twitch?

You can watch YouTube videos on Twitch, but rules apply when doing so. You can follow the fair use policy, meaning you need to provide value while streaming the video on your channel. The other rule makes it legal for anybody to watch public domain YouTube videos on Twitch. 

Watching YouTube videos on Twitch is pretty straightforward and easy to do. Creators will make videos while they are watching YouTube and post it on their channel, and as long as some type of value is provided or no copyright is violated, it is perfectly legal. 

We will explain more about the Twitch rules and whether you can watch YouTube videos on the platform too. 

There are a few reasons why Twitch may ban you if you watch YouTube videos. After reading their policies, we have created this guide to eliminate confusion. Below, you will find out about all the Twitch policies related to watching YouTube videos on the platform. 

What To Know About Watching Youtube On Twitch

With the rise of streaming services like Twitch, it’s not uncommon to see people watching their favorite streamers on their computers or smartphones. 

If you are a Twitch user, you can watch YouTube videos in two ways, but the rules must be followed closely. They can be watched in someone else’s stream, or you could stream YouTube content yourself. 

And while it is possible, there are some restrictions to be aware of too. For example, Twitch refers to this policy as the Fair Use rule. The other rule applies to public domain content. 

Fair Use

What this means is if you are the streamer, you must provide some type of additional value to the video while watching. You could get banned if you sit in silence and only upload someone’s YouTube video. 

You will often see a Twitch user reacting to a YouTube video or providing some form of commentary. This is considered fair use and deemed completely safe by the Twitch guidelines. 

If you are only a Twitch user and not a streamer, you can also look for the streamers that do post videos. But remember this rule because it is not like going on YouTube.

The original video must be modified somehow because it needs additional value, or it would be removed from the platform. 

Can I Watch Youtube Videos On Twitch Explained 1 Can I Watch Youtube Videos On Twitch? Explained!

Public Domain

It is also worth noting any public domain YouTube video has no copyright and can be used freely. The rules would be less strict on these too. 

Public domain content is work on Youtube that loses its copyright protection after so much time. Once this happens, the video becomes available for use by anyone. 

You will first need to check if it is public domain. But this is the most straightforward way to watch YouTube videos on Twitch.

Can I Watch YouTube Videos On Twitch While Streaming?

YouTube is the most popular video-sharing website in the world. It is also one of the largest sources of online video content.

Many people watch YouTube videos regularly, but some prefer to watch them on Twitch because of the streamers they follow. 

As a streamer, creating a reaction or commentary-type video to existing YouTube content on your Twitch channel is a lucrative market. 

By following the fair use guidelines, you will never face a ban for watching YouTube videos on your Twitch. But as a streamer, you face more rules like the ones below. 

No Music Or Music Videos

The rights to any music you do not own are costly, and Twitch protects the rights of the song owners. You are not allowed to stream any type of music or music videos. 

You would need to gain permission from the artist or acquire the rights to the music before posting it. This is especially true if you have a bigger platform with a large following.

In some cases, you would even be eligible for a lawsuit with the creator of the music. This is something you should certainly try to avoid. 

Because of these reasons, it is best to avoid using music or music videos from YouTube as a general rule of thumb. 

No Movies Or Films

Another thing to avoid is watching any type of movie, TV show, or film of any kind from YouTube on your Twitch channel. This is an instant ban in many cases.

If you were to try and stream this type of content, you would need permission or ownership, which is extremely unlikely to happen.

The films and shows available on YouTube are behind a paywall too. This makes it an even bigger violation, and you can put your account at risk by watching these types of videos on Twitch. 

These rules even apply to movie trailers. If you wanted to post a reaction video with a trailer, you could violate the rules and get in trouble. 

No Hateful Commentary

People often watch YouTube videos while they are streaming on Twitch. When this happens, the viewer cannot post any type of hateful commentary on Twitch when watching YouTube videos, either.

This will result in a ban, which can frustrate some people. When providing commentary, you should keep it mild even if you post some form of criticism. 

If the video isn’t in the public domain, you need to be even more careful because if the original creator doesn’t like what you said, they can report you. 

When you get reported, this brings attention to your content, and Twitch will likely side with the YouTube creator because they own the content. 

Original YouTube Content

This unique category can be appropriately targeted, so no rules are broken. It is common to see Twitch streamers and YouTubers partner together. 

This means the YouTuber allows you to watch their videos on your Twitch channel. This would give you the ability to avoid the fair use policy.

Another thing that happens often is that YouTube will embrace the added publicity to their videos from a Twitch channel. They will allow the use of their videos because of this. 

Can You Get Banned On Twitch If You Watch YouTube Videos?

Yes, you can get banned if you watch YouTube videos on Twitch, but it is not as common as it may sound.

The copyright law states that if a user is watching a video on YouTube and then goes to Twitch, they could be banned if the rules are violated. This is because of the way that Twitch’s platform works.

For example, streaming music videos or movies will likely get you an immediate temporary ban because it breaches the rules. 

However, you will likely get asked to take the video down on your first violation. It is relatively harmless, and Twitch monitors the number of violations an account has before applying a ban. 

As long as you stick to the policy implemented by Twitch, you will likely avoid any bans on your account. 

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