Can Your Apple Music Get Hacked? (Explained!)

Apple strives to protect its users from hacking, and they take a lot of different measures to ensure that apps like Apple Music are kept secure. 

Is Apple Music secure? 

Can Your Apple Music Get Hacked? (Explained!)

Despite Apple’s best attempts at security, hackers can still get ahold of your Apple ID and passcode. They can use this information to make purchases in the App Store and get into your Apple Music subscription. When this happens, there are ways that you can address the hacking situation with Apple.

There are ways to tell if your Apple ID has been compromised, so Apple isn’t going to leave you in the dark. 

You might receive a message saying that there has been a login from a new device, or your device might have been put into Lost mode without your consent.

Hackers are out to access your information.

They can track your location, make purchases on the App store using your payment information, remotely erase your iPhone, and even blackmail you. 

Hackers will play dirty, but you can play smartly. 

There are ways that you can protect your account and, should you get hacked, methods for recovering what you lost.

Apple isn’t just going to leave you hanging, and, quite frankly (and as a victim of identity theft myself), neither will I.

Let’s go over what happens when your Apple Music gets hacked and what you can do about it.

Can an Apple account be hacked?

If you go into the Apple discussion forums, you will find that quite a few people ask “Is someone using my Apple Music?” The truth is, just as is the case with any online account you have, Apple accounts can get hacked.

Is Apple Music secure? Yes. 

Apple has a lot of built-in security, including tracking and protecting your phone with Find My and a two-step authentication process for accessing your Apple ID.

Of course, hackers are clever folks and will find loopholes that allow them to access your information. 

No device – no account – is ever 100% safe from hackers.

Signs That You’ve Been Hacked

Can You Apple Music Get Hacked Explained 1 Can Your Apple Music Get Hacked? (Explained!)

“How do I know who has access to my Apple Music?” and “How do I know if I’ve been hacked?” are common questions that Apple users ask in discussion forums. 

Let me tell you from experience, Apple is usually quick to send a notification saying they have detected a login from a new device. 

If you don’t recognize that device or where the access took place, that was a hacking attempt.

You might receive a message saying your Apple ID was used to log in, an email saying you made changes to your Apple ID or passcode when you didn’t, get locked out or put into Lost mode without your consent, find that files or text messages have been deleted, find that your Apple ID is no longer working, or that you’ve been charged for apps from the App Store that you know you did not purchase. 

You might also receive an alert from the bank you use for your payment method asking you to verify an attempted purchase.

How to Protect Your Account Information

You can take some preventative steps to deter hackers from getting your Apple account info. 

First of all, never ever give out your Apple ID and passcode. 

No reputable business or merchant will ask you for it. 

If they do, you’re looking at an attempted hack.

Also, make sure you are using a strong password.

It should have at least eight characters, use both upper- and lower-case letters, and use at least one number (if not more).

The more complex, the better. 

Make sure you have turned on two-step authentication, and don’t forget to update all of your security questions and answers.

If you receive a purchase notification for something you know you did not buy, contact Apple Support and your bank or credit card issuer. 

You might want to get your card re-issued.

Beefing Up Your iPhone’s Security

Wondering why your account was so easy for someone to hack? There could be multiple factors in play that made your account more susceptible to being hijacked. 

In addition to never giving anyone your Apple ID and passcode, here are some extra ways to avoid being hacked:

  1. Use two-factor authentication at all times.
  2. Make your security questions and answers difficult to guess.
  3. Do not click on suspicious links. Many hackers will attempt to get your information through phishing, and you might notice that their email addresses do not match the company they claim to be from. Be sure to report these phishing and scamming attempts through your email provider.
  4. Maintain access to the email address and phone number associated with your Apple ID. If you switch emails or phone numbers, be sure to update this in your account as soon as possible.

How does Apple handle hacking?

Apple encourages its users to report hacking and phishing attempts.

If you receive a suspicious SMS text message or email from someone who claims to be from Apple, send a report to 

If you are worried that your device might have a security issue, feel free to contact Apple to address the issue. 

If you think that your Apple ID has been hijacked, or if you accidentally entered your login info on a scam site, you need to change your Apple ID password very soon.

Closing Thoughts

Your Apple accounts are all fairly secure, all things considered. 

Still, that is not going to stop a hacker who is determined to get your info and use it to their advantage. 

Take some precautionary measures, but whenever something fishy does happen, reach out to Apple Support and your bank or credit card issuer. 

And, if the extent of the damages is more than a few hundred bucks, you might also want to get your state consumer protection office involved.

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