Can You Take Calls On Bose Headphones?

Anyone with a busy lifestyle appreciates the little features and accommodations that simplify daily tasks.

Being able to take phone calls on the same headphones that you are already wearing for meetings, gaming, or music would be super convenient.

Can you take calls on Bose headphones?

All Bose headphones can be used to take a call when they are connected to a phone via Bluetooth. A call can be answered and ended by using the controls built into the headphones. Exact controls vary from model to model. Some other Bose products are also capable of taking phone calls.

Keep reading to learn exactly how to take calls using each different model of Bose headphones, and a little bit about the other Bose products that could also be useful for phone calls.

How to Take a Call

Every set of Bose headphones comes with a selection of buttons and controls built into the earcups. 

These buttons make it easy to adjust volume, play/pause, skip, and control calls without ever needing to touch your phone. 

As long as the phone you are receiving the call on is connected to the headphones via Bluetooth, you will be able to quickly and easily answer a call using the built-in controls.

Different models of headphones have different placements and selections of buttons. 

Make sure you pay attention to which model you have to learn how to take calls.

QuietComfort Headphones

The QuietComfort 45 headphones are relatively new but very popular for the included sound-canceling technology. 

Noise cancellation makes these headphones ideal for taking and making phone calls.

They are conveniently wireless, very comfortable, and hold an impressive 24 hours of charge. 

With the noise cancellation, calls will be clearer for you and also for whoever you are talking to. 

The QuietComfort headphones have four microphones that work together to isolate the sound of your voice from any background noise.

On these headphones, you will find three buttons on the right earcup and one toggle on the left earcup.

To answer or end a call, you simply press the largest, centered, button on the back of the right earcup. 

This is called the multi-function button and can also be used to access voice assistant or pause and play music. 

The two other buttons on the back of the right earcup are volume controls and can be used to adjust the volume of your phone call. 

The QuietComfort 35 headphones are very similar to the 45s, just a generation older.

They are still very comfortable and have the same noise cancellation technology. 

The battery life isn’t quite as long and the microphone system isn’t as advanced, but they are still a great option for phone calls.

The button arrangement and functionality stay the same between the two models. 

Noise Cancelling Headphones

The Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 will give you extremely clear calls. 

They don’t have the same comfort measures as the QuietComfort line, but they do have an advanced microphone and noise cancellation system. 

The 700s have six microphones that will cancel out any background noise to make it easy for you to hear, and four microphones that take away distracting noises for whoever is on the other side of the call.

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For controls, the 700s use touch-sensitive controls rather than traditional buttons. 

You can swipe or tap on the right earcup to control calls, volume, and more. 

To answer or end a call, you will need to double-tap on the touch-sensitive front half of the right earcup. 

This is the same way that you could pause and play if you were listening to music.

To adjust the volume of the call, you can swipe up or down on the same spot.

Also available are the Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 UC.

These are essentially the same headphones, but with the addition of extra tech for better use with unified communication (UC) platforms. 

This includes platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, and others that many workplaces are using more and more for meetings.

The UC headphones are certified for use with Microsoft Teams and Google Meet. 

They also come with a Bluetooth USB link that will help you seamlessly switch connections between your laptop for video meetings and your phone for regular calls. 

The same touch-sensitive controls can be used to control all types of calls. 

The SoundLink Wireless Headphones II do not have noise cancellation, but they do have great connectivity which is perfect for phone calls. 

They can maintain a Bluetooth connection to two devices at once for seamless transitions and also support NFC pairing. 

Near Field Communication lets you pair and unpair your phone to your headphones simply by holding it near the right earcup. 

HD Voice, active EQ, and enhanced sidetone will help ensure the sound quality of your phone calls, wherever you are.

To take a call, you press the multi-function button, just like the QuietComfort. 

The multi-function button is the center button on the back of the right earcup, surrounded by the up and down volume control buttons that are slightly smaller. 

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On-Ear Wireless Headphones

The last, cheapest, and most basic headphone option is the Bose on-ear wireless headphones. 

However, just because these headphones don’t have all the advanced additions as the others doesn’t mean that they won’t make quality phone calls. 

The sound quality is still awesome and consistent thanks to the Active EQ technology.

Double microphones help reduce background noise as well. 

Phone call controls are going to be identical to the SoundLink Headphones. 

Other Bose Products

Bose also sells earbuds, headsets, and frames that can be used to take calls. 

The QuietComfort and Sport earbuds use touch-sensitive controls, and you can double-tap to answer or end a call. 

The SoundSport earbuds have a multi-function button on the connecting wire that works just like the multi-function button on Bose headphones

The Bose Sleepbuds are the only earbuds that cannot be used to take calls.

They are intended only for sleep, so you would have to take them out and use your phone to take a call. 

However, you can set up call alerts with the SleepBuds if you want.

Bose sells professional headsets for gaming, flying, broadcasting, and any job that relies on clear communication in a noisy environment. 

You won’t be using these headphones for casual calls, but they work great for all the communication needs of the fields that they were designed for.

Bose Frames are sunglasses that can play sound without anything being in or on your ear.

They also have a microphone, allowing you to take calls from your sunglasses.

The frames are tap sensitive on the right side, and you can double-tap to take calls.

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