How To Delete The Game Center From Your iPhone

Deleting data from the Game Center on the iPhone and other devices can be a little tricky. How do you go about getting rid of stored stuff from your games?

How To Delete The Game Center From Your iPhone 1 How To Delete The Game Center From Your iPhone

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How do you delete the Game Center data from an iPhone?

You’ll want to go to your iPhone’s settings in order to delete Game Center data. The first step is to go to your iCloud app, then “Manage Storage,” then for that particular game. From there you can select “Delete Documents and Data” to get rid of all the data for that game.

I enjoy writing technical explanations that make sense for users simply trying to find their way around their phones. Some people who are deleting game data just want to start fresh with a game while others want to free up storage. No matter the reason why, we’ll help you find your way.

Why would I delete Game Center data?

We can think of quite a few reasons why you would delete your Game Center data, so we are going to introduce that first in part to make sure you want to delete this data.

I want to start over within a game. Will deleting data help?

Most of the time, yes, but the answer does depend on the game and developer. Some iPhone games actually keep your progress saved, which can have added benefits. 

This also means that if you were to delete your Game Center data, the game developer still has the data, and logging in under your existing account would let you continue playing with the same setup.

This can be a good thing! It means that your iCloud doesn’t have to store your game data. It also means that you don’t really have to do anything to keep your data saved.

How To Delete The Game Center From Your iPhone 1 1 How To Delete The Game Center From Your iPhone

I want to free up space on my iCloud. Will deleting data help?

Kind of. Game Center data doesn’t tend to be all that big. We suggest trying to delete larger files instead of focusing on the smaller text files produced by Game Center.

I want a game complete off my phone. Will deleting the data work for this?

Yes! Deleting the game data and the game itself will help. Read on to learn how to do both.

So how do I delete my game data from iCloud from my iPhone?

You’ll want to head to your iCloud app first. Your best bet to get there is to go through your Settings App, then touch on Apple ID, then iCloud.

Next, tap on Manage Storage. Touching Manage Storage should show you many of the apps on your iPhone that take up storage. Find the game you want to delete data for and select it. Then select “Delete Documents and Data”.

What does deleting data from iCloud do?

Deleting data from iCloud specifically deletes all the data for that game off your iPhone’s iCloud storage, which is connected to your phone. We previously mentioned that sometimes data is stored by the game developer too. If data is not stored there, there is no way to get your data back.

Since iCloud game data doesn’t often take up lots of space, we suggest thinking about whether or not you need to delete the data. 

If you are trying to overcome a technical problem in the game, ask the developer for help. Should you decide you are finished playing a game forever, deleting the data might be a good step to get rid of your achievements and data.

Can I just delete Game Center itself?

Nope. Game Center is part of the iPhone and a connection between your phone, iCloud, and games. 

In more recent versions of the iPhone, the Game Center itself doesn’t exist and is actually part of the iCloud app instead.

Will removing a game delete data?

No, the game data stays on iCloud. Apple does this in part in case you go back and want to retain the game data to use it again.

If you want to delete a game and it’s data, delete the game first via the same storage method within settings, then delete the data for the game.

Can I stop iPhone games from saving data?

Yes, you can! Go to your iCloud account via your iPhone or your computer and select the particular game you don’t want to save data for, then turn off the ability to record data.

We’ll be honest: This is not a great idea, unless you intend to have to start the game over every time, or unless you know that the game developer stores data that you can always access. Saving data naturally is a better idea in the event you ever need it.

The game developers saves data – how do I delete that?

The best solution here is to log in to the game or the game developer’s site and ask. Giving more specifics really isn’t possible because of the massive number of iPhone games available, but some will let you delete game data from your account by yourself.

Is the process the same across all iPhones?

The answer depends more on the edition of the Apple operating system. Some older versions of iOs, like version 10 or older, might still have Game Center. 

Opening Game Center and following roughly the same prompts of finding the game and the “delete data” button should take you a long way.

Also, unless you have a reason to have not updated your iPhone and still have Game Center, we suggest letting Apple upgrade you to the latest operating system. There are a lot of reasons to want the latest software!

Key Takeaways

  • To delete game data, go to the Game Center in your iPhone. This is located within the iCloud app. Find the game and “Delete Documents and Data”
  • If you are planning to remove the game, do that too via storage management. Removing the game will not delete the data
  • Keep in mind that deleting data from iCloud is permanent – and removes the data from your iPhone too
  • You can turn off data storage for games, but we wouldn’t!

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