Do I Need To Unpair A PS4 Controller?

The PlayStation 4 Controller is one of the best console gaming controllers currently out. 

It comes with unbelievable features and offers an excellent experience for gamers. 

But it’s not as smooth for every gamer as it looks on paper.

Unpairing, the controller can be challenging and confusing for some new users.

Do I Need To Unpair A PS4 Controller?

You do not necessarily need to unpair your PS4 controller. If you don’t intend to use a connected PS4 controller for some time or if you plan on selling or loaning out your PS4 controller, you should unpair it. 

Each PS4 profile is designed to use one controller at a time. They need a specific button combination to achieve certain actions. 

If it detects multiple controllers, they may interfere with one another.

Do You Have To Unpair Ps4 Controller?

Whether to unpair your PS4 controller depends on what you want to do with it.

If you want to connect the controller to a different PS4 system, you’ll need to unpair it from the console. 

Likewise, if you’re going to connect the controller to a Mac or PC, you’ll need to unpair it from your PS4.

It’ll no longer connect with that system.

If you want to use your controller as a wired controller (via USB cable), you don’t need to unpair it from your console. 

You can attach the USB cable and play games using a wired connection instead of wireless.

How Do You Disassociate a PS4 Controller?

To dissociate a PS4 controller, you must first turn off the controller. Hold down the PlayStation button in the center of your controller until a menu appears. 

Press and hold the PS button until you are taken back to your home screen.

Once your controller is off, open your PS4’s settings. Press the d-pad to get to the top level of your home screen.

Right on the d-pad, go to the settings tab. From there, select Devices and Bluetooth Devices.

Using a USB Cable

If you are using a USB cable, disconnect it from your console and controller. 

Then, go back into Bluetooth devices from settings and find “Wireless Controller.” Select it and then choose “Forget Device,” followed by “Yes” when prompted.

Not Using USB Cable

If you are not using a USB cable, disconnecting the Bluetooth device should be enough.

Why Does My PS4 Controller Disconnect and Not Reconnect?

Do I Need To Unpair A PS4 Controller 1 Do I Need To Unpair A PS4 Controller?

Connecting to a PlayStation 4 wirelessly with a PS4 controller is convenient. 

However, the convenience can go south after a while. 

Some PS4 controller users experience disconnect issues. 

This prevents them from playing their favorite games.

The PS4 controller is designed to give you a stable connection. 

But, if you’re experiencing disconnects, it may be too far away from the console. Below are the reasons why you can reconnect.

1. Controller Is Out of Range

If you’re using a wireless controller, make sure the controller is within range.

The DualShock 4 has a built-in light bar to identify the controller number.

You should see this light from across the room when playing on your PS4.

If you are using a wired controller, check that there are no kinks or knots in the cord. And, if it’s still not working, try using another USB port on your console.

2. Controller Battery Is Dead

If you’ve been using your PS4 for a while, the controller battery might be dead. This can happen if:

  • You haven’t used it in a long time.
  • It has been drained because of extended use.
  • You had it plugged into the console for charging, and it was accidentally left on. 

Plug your PS4 controller into the PS4 console via USB cable to charge it.

If your controller still won’t turn on after a few hours of charging.

3. Another Controller Is Connected

When another controller connects your console on the same profile, the existing disconnects, making sure your controller is the only one connected to your console.

Hold the PlayStation button for 10 seconds to disconnect other controllers. 

If that doesn’t work, unplug the console from power for 30 seconds and plug it back. Use the controller you are interested in to restart the console.

Or, use a USB to reconnect the controller. 

The USB connection would disconnect other connections since it is automatically preferred.

4. Faulty or Broken Controller

The first thing to do is make sure that your controller isn’t the problem.

If you have a second controller, you can try plugging it in and seeing if the issue persists.

If the issue only happens with one controller, you might be dealing with a faulty controller.

Try connecting your controller to other PS4s or devices with a USB cable to test your theory further.

If the behavior persists, the controller is faulty and needs replacement.

How Do You Change the Analog On PS4 Controller?

If you want to change the analog on your PS4 controller, you’ve come to the right place!

Changing the analog on your controller can be helpful. 

It can be due to drifts, and you wish to replace it. 

Follow our step-by-step guide below to learn how to change the analog.

  • First, open up your PS4 controller and remove the screws. Once removed, carefully separate the back of the controller from the front.
  • Now, take out your new analog stick and remove it from its packaging. Some analog sticks come with replacement buttons, so go ahead and set them aside if you have these. 
  • Next, take out your old analog stick. To do this, remove the screw located in the center of your analog stick. Then push apart each side of your old analog stick to detach it from the rest of your controller. 
  • Now install your new analog stick. Push it into place and reattach the screw to fasten.
  • Once you’ve done this, put everything back together. Have the screws attached—and test out your replaced analog stick! You’re all set!

Can You Connect PS4 Controller to PS4 Without USB?

You can use a PS4 controller without connecting it to your system with a USB cable. 

But, you will first need to connect the controller using a USB cable.

The connections that follow won’t need a USB to connect. 

The console would remember the controller each time you turn it on. 

This would be possible so long as other controllers aren’t interfering.

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