Where Is R3 On PS4 Controller?

Curious about the ‘R3’ button on your PS4 controller? Let’s dive deep into its function, location, and why it’s more important than you might think!

Where Is R3 On PS4 Controller?

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I’ve found that the PS4 controller is not only one of the most comfortable controllers, but it’s also expertly laid out for gamers. All buttons are labeled properly, and you can easily navigate game commands. 

That is, unless you’re looking for the R3 button. I’ll help you find that button and give you other useful info about R3.

Where Is R3 On A PS4 Controller?

The R3 button on a PS4 is actually the right analog stick itself. Push it inward like a button. You should hear a soft click. This means that you properly pushed the R3 button.

While finding the R3 button on your PS4 controller should be simple, you might be curious about this button in general. 

I will help you figure out where this button is while also giving you vital information about it.

Finding the R3 Button and Other Information

Which is the R3 button on a PS4 controller? If you have been playing games for a long time, then you probably know where this button is. 

This button is used frequently in current games as it provides you with extra commands, but it’s been used since PlayStation 1.

I’m going to help you locate this button.

I’ll also give you other information so you know a little more about R3 in general.

Where Is R3 On PS4 Controller?

Where is R3 on a PS4 Controller?

A PS4 controller has many buttons. You’ll see square, circle, the shoulder buttons on the top, and many other buttons. 

Nearly every button is properly labeled, but you won’t see a label for R3 or L3.

The R3 button is located right behind the right analog stick

For those who don’t know, the analog sticks are those two sticks near the button of the controller. 

The left one usually controls movement while the right stick controls perspective.

Push the analog stick inward. It doesn’t require much force, so be gentle when pushing it. 

You should hear a soft click when the stick is depressed.

This means that you successfully pushed the R3 button.

Other Controllers

Where Is R3 On A PS4 Controller 1 Where Is R3 On PS4 Controller?

While this is about the PS4 controller, you might be wondering if finding R3 is as simple with other controllers. 

This button is frequently used with Xbox and Switch games, and it has also been used in PS1, PS2, PS3 and PS5 games.

Finding R3 is exactly the same with these controllers.

Push down on the right analog stick to use the R3 button.

This tends to be the same with third-party controllers. 

Most of them follow the conventions of normal game controllers, but some do have R3 as an independent button.

Finding the L3 Button

Many games also use the L3 button for sprinting or other commands. 

Since R3 is located behind the right analog stick, you might be wondering if L3 is located behind the left analog stick.

If you are thinking this, then you are correct. 

You can access the L3 button by pushing down on the left analog stick. 

Much like with R3, this carries over to most other game controllers.

Common R3 Function

Every game developer chooses what commands to map to each button.

That means that each game can have different commands. 

What is R3 in PS4 games? R3 is most commonly used for melee attacks in current games.

This makes sense when you consider what the right analog stick does. 

This stick often controls the camera. 

You can easily locate your target with the right stick and simultaneously attack them if they are within range.

Keep in mind that some games differ with this. Some will use R3 for completely different commands while others may not use it at all.

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Troubleshooting Common Problems

Sometimes, knowing the location of R3 isn’t enough. You might have trouble pushing this button for one reason or another. 

I’m going to cover the most common troubleshooting steps.

The most advanced step here is disassembling the controller and replacing the analog sticks. I highly suggest just buying a new controller instead of disassembling it, as that is much easier.

Remove Build-Up

Remove PS4 Controller build up Where Is R3 On PS4 Controller?

There might be some build-up under the analog stick. The PS4 controller leaves some room around the edge of the stick. 

This is good as it allows for free movement, but it can be problematic as build up can form under the stick. 

Too much build-up may prevent the button from working.

Removing build up is fairly easy. Start by rotating the right analog stick 30 times. You can do clockwise, counterclockwise or alternate between them. Push the R3 button 30 times. You should then lift up the stick about 30 times. Much like pushing R3, you can lift the stick and it will make a soft click.

Kern C., The Gadget buyer!

This should be enough to remove the build up. Try pushing R3 again to ensure it’s working properly.

Restart and Reset the PS4 Controller

Sometimes you may notice that R3 or other buttons don’t work. 

Restarting or resetting the PS4 controller might be a good idea. 

These are different, but I’ll guide you through both.

Restarting the controller simply involves pushing the PS button for several seconds until the controller turns off.

Wait about two minutes and then push the PS button again to turn it back on.

If that didn’t work, then reset the controller. Turn it over and find the hole by the top corner. 

Insert a paperclip or similar object to push the button inside. 

Hold for five seconds and then turn the controller back on.

This resets the default settings. You will have to pair it to your PS4 again. Do that and see if the button works now.

Another common issue is that the battery is low. 

Consider fully charging the controller if needed.

Replace the Analog Sticks

While this is an option, it’s better to just buy a new controller. Start by removing all the screws from the back of the controller. 

Open it up and disconnect the ribbon cable from the battery.

Remove the battery and then unscrew the protective covering over the motherboard. 

Disconnect any cables and then remove the motherboard. 

You can now access the analog sticks.

Take them out and place the new sticks in. You should then place the motherboard and battery back. 

Put the controller back together and try the R3 button. This should correct the problem.

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