What Is Ext On A PS4 Controller? [Explained!]

Sony really made a significant upgrade when they introduced the Dual Sense controller for the PlayStation 5 back in November of 2020. 

2020 was certainly a rough year, but getting the PS5 at the tail end of it made things start to feel slightly normal again, at least for me. 

While the console itself had some bugs that Sony needed to iron out upon release, the controller was what really impressed buyers.

But that doesn’t make the PS4 any less enjoyable of a controller. In fact, there are a lot of benefits to using it.

It is a fantastic piece of hardware that can endure years of use. 

The Dual Sense controller marked a serious change, but from the original PlayStation to the PS4, the one thing that never really changed was the controller. 

The touchpad and thumbsticks are really the only things that were added over time.

For the most part, the Dual Shock controllers are easy to use. Almost everything is clearly marked and pretty straightforward… save for one little thing. You’ve probably noticed it. 

That port that sits between the thumbsticks, underneath the PS button.

Yeah, that thing.

It is actually the EXT, which is the abbreviated form of “extension”. 

This mysterious port is something that even avid gamers have barely used and paid little attention to over the years. 

But it is there, and it does serve a purpose.

What purpose is that? Give me a few minutes of your time to enlighten you.

What Is Ext On PS4 Controller? [Explained!]

The PS4 Dual Shock controller’s EXT port is there for you to plug in external devices. You can plug in headphones, additional trigger or thumb grips, a keyboard, or a charging station port. You can locate this port between the two thumbsticks, underneath the touchpad and PS logo.

What exactly is the EXT port there for?

What goes in the EXT on the PS4 controller? 

How can you use a charging station, keyboard, headphones, or a headset with the controller? Is it really worthwhile to use this often ignored little port? 

Read on to learn more about the functions of the EXT and why you should consider using it for enhancing gameplay.

What does EXT on PS4 controller mean?

EXT is the abbreviation for the word “extension”.

This is the place where you can plug in the cords belonging to different external devices.

You can insert a USB-C cable or plug in a keyboard, headphones or a headset, additional thumb or trigger grips, a keyboard, or a charging station. 

I’ve even heard other people talk about using it to plug in their PlayStation VR extension cord.

So, despite getting overlooked, this little port has a lot of potential uses. When you line it up just right, the PS4 controller will plug right into the charging station this way. 

Let’s look at how you can use this versatile extension port.

How To Use It As a Charging Station

Want to use this all-too-often overlooked port? Try plugging it into a charging station to charge your controller.

Unlike the USB-C cables that come with your controller, you can use the charging station to charge several controllers at the same time. 

For those of you who play for hours on end or who have friends over to play a lot, this could really come in handy.

This reduces the need to have cords galore, and it is definitely the safer method for those of you who have little kids or critters who like to chew on cords. 

You can safely stash the controllers and charging station up on a table or desk for safekeeping as they charge.

What Is Ext On A PS4 Controller Explained What Is Ext On A PS4 Controller? [Explained!]

How To Add a Keyboard

You’ve probably seen serious gamers online using mini keyboards with their controllers. 

You might’ve wondered how they got those tiny keyboards to plug in. 

Well, now you know, they used the EXT port!

If you are playing one of the many games that have a chat function, this little keyboard will come in handy (ahem, mind the pun) if you don’t have a microphone or just don’t want your voice being heard by other gamers.

You can type in-game messages using this mini keyboard. 

For example, if you’re playing GTA Online, you can use this keyboard to quickly message the rest of your team. 

Of course, the buttons are really small, so it can be hard to type on if you have big fingers.

And there is no autocorrect, so you will have to use the back function to correct typos.

How To Use Headphones Or a Headset

Headphones and headsets can both be plugged in via EXT. 

If you have an older model that doesn’t use Bluetooth, you will need to connect your microphone headset or headphones using the EXT.

While these generally aren’t made for sale on the popular market, you can find wired headphones and headsets on eBay, Amazon, and other online retailers or from resellers on Facebook Marketplace.

You probably won’t be able to use Xbox-compatible headsets with the EXT port though.

Is it worthwhile to utilize the EXT?

The EXT port doesn’t have as many uses today as it did even six or seven years ago. 

So many accessories are now wireless thanks to the advancement of Bluetooth technology. 

Unfortunately, the utility of the EXT port has become limited, and most people just don’t pay any attention to its presence these days.

Does EXT work with PlayStation VR?

I’ve only heard people talk about plugging an extension adapter for the PSVR into the EXT port on the controller. 

You can try it and see if it works, but most people go the traditional route of using the USB cable and connecting it to the back of the processor unit.

Closing Thoughts

As far as the EXT port goes, it will probably always remain one of the most overlooked components on the Dual Shock controllers. 

For a long time, it did serve a purpose. 

However, now that Bluetooth is such a big thing, it feels a little irrelevant. 

You can certainly still find uses for it, whether you’re plugging in an old mini-keyboard or a wired headphone set you’ve had sitting around for a while. 

It will still function as it is supposed to and isn’t totally useless.

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