Where Is L3 On PS4 Controller?

Ever wondered about the ‘L3’ on your PS4 controller? Join us as we uncover its purpose and how it can change the way you play your favorite games!

Where Is L3 On A PS4 Controller Where Is L3 On PS4 Controller?

One thing I prefer about PlayStation controllers is that they properly label their L and R buttons. Unlike Xbox or Switch controllers, PlayStation controllers have L1, L2, R1 and R2. What about L3? Don’t worry, I’ll show you exactly where this button is on your PS4 controller.

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Where Is L3 On A PS4 Controller?

Finding the L3 button on your PS4 controller is simple if you know where to look. While the button isn’t labeled, it’s actually the left analog stick itself. Press it in like a button. You should hear a click, signifying that the button was pushed successfully.

While finding the L3 button on your PS4 controller is simple, you might be curious to learn more about this button or find out why it isn’t working.

I’ll give you all the info you need about this button.

Finding the L3 Button

Like most other controllers, the PS4 controller does a wonderful job of correctly labeling every button. 

You should have no problem identifying the square, triangle, R2, and other buttons on the first inspection.

The problem is that the L3 button itself isn’t labeled. 

If you have been playing video games for a long time, finding this button is probably easy. 

Gamers have been using this button for years with various games.

If PS4 is your first console, or if you’ve never had to use L3 before, then you might have no idea where to look.

Don’t worry. It’s incredibly easy to find once you know where to look.

Left Analog Stick

Almost every PlayStation controller, starting with the original DualShock for PS1, has analog sticks

These are the two sticks near the bottom of the controller. 

They are used very commonly for moving around and accessing other commands, so you’re probably very accustomed to using analog sticks.

You may not know that both analog sticks also function as buttons. 

While many developers will stick with the other buttons, sometimes they need to add L3 to ensure you can use all the commands.

Finding and using the L3 button is simple. 

Just push in the analog stick. It doesn’t require much pressure, and you should hear a soft click to signify that the button was pushed. It’s really that easy.

Using L3 and Analog Stick Simultaneously

The left analog stick is now commonly used to move your character around.

If you want to move forward or backward, then you’re using this stick to do it. 

You are also using this stick during more frantic moments, like dodging a boss as it tries to kill you.

You might be wondering if you can move your character and push L3 at the same time.

You can without any issue. Tilt the analog stick in the correct direction and push down on it at the same time.

This allows you to move around unimpeded while continuously accessing the L3 command.

l3 on ps4 controller

Other Controllers

While each controller is different, there are many similarities between the PS4, Xbox, and Switch controllers. 

You might be wondering if L3 is accessed in the same way with all of these controllers.

You can push L3 in the same way with all of these controllers. They all include a left analog stick that also functions like a button. 

While some third-party controllers are different, most of them also follow this convention.

Finding the R3 Button

I just told you how the L3 button is hidden beneath the left analog stick. 

You might now be wondering if the R3 button is the same but with the right analog stick.

If you are thinking that, then you would be correct. The R3 button is accessed by pushing the right analog stick.

It can also be pushed while simultaneously using the right analog stick, and most other controllers follow this convention.

Most Common L3 Function

Every game is different and some developers think of other ways to use the L3 button, but it has been relegated to one common function in most games. 

Many games now use the L3 button for sprinting.

Sprinting is a common function in games. If you want your character to move faster, then you want them to sprint. 

While some games use another button, the L3 button is most often used for this now.

It makes sense. As I explained above, the left analog stick is commonly used for moving your character.

As such, using the L3 button for sprinting feels natural. It allows you to control movement entirely with your left thumb.

That being said, not all games follow this rule. Some may give you special commands, while others will ignore the L3 button entirely.

Be sure to consult the game’s guide or tutorial section for more info.

l3 on ps4 controller Where Is L3 On PS4 Controller?

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Troubleshooting L3 Issues

Knowing where the L3 button is sometimes isn’t enough. You might still have problems pushing this button.

I will go through the most common troubleshooting steps to help you fix these problems.

Please note that while some steps involve opening the controller, it might be best to just buy a new one in this case. 

You shouldn’t try working on the internal components unless you know what you’re doing.

Fixing the Sprinting Glitch

This isn’t really a glitch, but this is what the problem is commonly called online. 

The “sprinting glitch” refers to the L3 button not working on your PS4 controller. 

While there are many possible explanations, the most common one is that gunk has collected inside the stick.

You want to remove this build up by first rotating the stick 360 degrees for 30 rotations. You should then push the L3 button 30 times, move the stick up and press the L3 button again 30 times and then lift the stick 30 times. Much like pushing down, the stick lifts up slightly and makes a soft clicking noise.

If this isn’t enough, the blow into the analog stick to help remove the build up. 

While some suggest using a can of air, that might make the build up go further into the controller.

Restarting or Resetting the Controller

The L3 button and some others might not work on your PS4 controller. This issue is rare, but you might face it sometimes.

You can often fix it by restarting or resetting the controller. Press the PS button for several seconds until the controller turns off. 

Give it a minute, and then turn it back on.

If the problem remains, flip the PS4 controller. You’ll find a hole on the upper right. Push the button inside using a toothpick or paperclip. Keep the button pressed for five seconds.

Kern C, The Gadget Buyer

This will restore the default settings on your controller.

Replace the Analog Stick

I highly suggest just buying a new controller in this case, but you can change the analog stick and L3 button if you’d like. 

Start by removing the screws from the back of the controller with a screwdriver.

Remove the ribbon cable and disconnect the battery wire. 

You will see a black plastic covering for the motherboard. Remove this covering, take out the motherboard and then remove the analog sticks.

You can then place the new sticks in and reassemble the controller. 

While it’s not the hardest thing to do, any small problem can destroy the controller.

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