How Far Away Does PS4 A Controller Work?

I think we all can agree the gaming industry has come a long way in personalizing the gaming experience. 

Over the years, companies have released new and innovative consoles designed to advance the freedoms a player has.

However, these changes don’t just occur in the games themselves, but also to their accessories. 

For example, the Nintendo Wii revolutionized motion sensor gameplay in 2006 allowing players to combine the use of mobility in their digital activity. 

The Xbox 360 Kinect wasn’t too far behind in allowing the player to become the controller.

Motion sensor gaming had become the norm, and ever since the ps3 release on November 11, 2006, Sony had continued to do the same. 

In 2013, the PS4 was brand new to shelves and was marketed with an improved engine, a new lightbar on the DualShock controller, touchpad ability, and more intuitive gameplay through controller movement.

For many households, though, this begs new questions.

How Far Can A PS4 Controller Go Without Disconnecting?

On average, the DualShock can be used from across the room and further from 50 to 100 feet away. Interference can take place in the presence of other dominating signals such as a wi-fi router or a separate Bluetooth device. In such cases, issues may come up even 20 feet away. 

However, there are still errors that can occur unexpectedly in certain situations. 

In a few situations too, the issues with the connection just may be the result of a damaged controller. 

This may require either fixing it or simply purchasing a new one. 

What if, though, the DualShock isn’t in immediate view of the console?

Does PS4 Controller Need Line Of Sight?

Simply put, no. The radiowaves between the DualShock controller and the console are strong enough to effectively pass through solid objects. 

Even on the other side of a table, chair, desk, bed, in a box, wrapped in paper, no matter the circumstance, the average active PS4 controller can still function just as easily.

Just as radio can produce loud enough soundwaves to be heard through a wall, the radio waves from a DualShock can be just as active in similar circumstances.

Can I Use PS4 Controller In Another Room?

The points made in the previous subheading apply here as well. Radio waves from an average PS4 DualShock can travel straight through a wall without absorption or reflection. 

The use of such a controller can be successfully used throughout the average home without major interference. Needless to say, you still need to see your screen to use it effectively.

Can You Extend PS4 Controller Range?

There are still ways, though, to improve your connection in unfortunate circumstances of a weaker controller or other dominating factors such as another Bluetooth device or the wi-fi router. 

Simple ways may involve merely moving the console or the interfering device from the immediate area, perhaps finding uses for them in another room.

Another useful tactic may be to purchase a Bluetooth extender. 

The DualShock operates through a Bluetooth connection, so a repeater or extender can be connected to the PS4 through the USB port or audio jack to boost the signal even further. 

The speed of the connection becomes greater as well.

How Far Away Does PS4 Controller work 1 How Far Away Does PS4 A Controller Work?

Can You Switch PS4 Controllers To A New PS4 Console?

Sometimes mobility is a factor. PS4 systems are complete with the ability to identify their used controllers. 

This even includes identifying which controller is player 1 and so on. 

So, what if you want to use the same controller for a new system that you purchased? Or maybe you’re just at a friend’s house looking to play multiplayer?

The DualShock allows you to use a syncing ability. 

Hold down both the share button and the PS button for 5 seconds simultaneously. 

On-screen, the new controller should appear as a part of the list of Bluetooth devices. 

Use the already established controller to select it. This will effectively sync the DualShock to the new PS4 system. 

What if the DualShock needs resetting?

How To Reset Your PS4 Controller?

There are situations where your DualShock might’ve faced an error with the change in circumstances such as unplugging the PS4 before turning it off, switching PS4 consoles to connect to, or maybe even switching the charger you use for it. 

Sometimes DualShocks need a reset for unexpected change. 

There’s a reset button on the back of your controller that can be activated with a sharp object. 

Press it before turning your console on. This action will reset the connection.

After this, connect your controller to the PS4 through your USB cable. Now turn the console on letting it activate entirely. 

Then press the PS button on your controller to sync both devices once again.

Lagging Issues?

Issues in gameplay may come up during game time. This can also affect movies, shows, music, or other sorts of entertainment if the issue is your controller. 

As explained before, Sometimes the problem may lie with other radio wave dominant factors. Separating the PS4 from those devices may help.

Dust, however, is another potential contributor to slowing progress. 

Dust can take away the joystick’s movement range, so perhaps you could blow into those areas by lifting the sticks a bit to free up the spaces collecting dust.

Other lagging issues can simply be a low wi-fi connection or an issue with the PSN Network. 

Can My Controller’s Battery Life Affect The Connection?

In an immediate sense, no. Your controller can function just the same on a low battery. 

Although, it goes without saying that keeping your DualShock charged should be a priority for long-term use. 

You can always check the status of your PS4 charge by holding the PS button. An icon will appear on the upper left side of the screen displaying the charge progress.

You can charge your PS4 controller while actively using it through a USB cable.

However, for faster and more efficient results, charge your controller while the console is in rest mode. 

While charging in rest mode, the DualShock lightbar will seamlessly blink orange indicating the charge is working. 

It will only stop when it’s either finished charging or disconnected prematurely. 

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