Rest Mode on the PS4: What it Does and How to Use it

Modern gaming consoles like the PS4 come with innovative features that marry both user convenience and energy efficiency. One such feature is the PS4’s Rest Mode, a crucial tool that offers gamers a seamless experience while being eco-conscious. For anyone keen on understanding its benefits and the how-tos, this guide sheds light on the ins and outs of the PS4’s Rest Mode.

ps4 rest mode 1 Rest Mode on the PS4: What it Does and How to Use it

What is Rest Mode on the PS4? 

Rest Mode is a feature on the PS4 that conserves energy while allowing the console to run background tasks. This power-saving setting has counterparts in many devices, like the Sleep Mode found in computers, phones, and televisions.

Discover the science behind Rest Mode, how it stands out as a beneficial tool in your gaming routine, and essential troubleshooting tips should you face any hitches.

Benefits of Using Rest Mode:

  • Eco-friendly Maintenance: Rest Mode is designed to be an energy-efficient way for the PS4 to perform tasks when you’re away. It handles actions like updating games and charging controllers.
  • Quick Game Resumption: Switching the PS4 on from Rest Mode takes less time than booting it up after a full shutdown. This means you can get back to your games faster, preserving in-game settings.

How to Activate Rest Mode

To use Rest Mode, either press the power button on your PS4 or select the Rest Mode option from the control panel’s power menu.

Why Consider Rest Mode Over Powering Off?

Rest Mode offers an energy-saving solution for those keen on conserving electricity. Moreover, it ensures a swift return to gameplay, eliminating the need to reconfigure game settings that might be lost with a full shutdown.

By using Rest Mode, not only do you reduce power consumption, but you also enhance your gaming experience by ensuring quick access to your paused games.

How to Use Rest Mode on Your PS4

ps4 rest mode 1 1 Rest Mode on the PS4: What it Does and How to Use it

Entering Rest Mode Directly from the Console: it’s simple: just press the console’s power button once. This method is straightforward and doesn’t need a controller.

Entering Rest Mode Using a PS4 Controller: For those who prefer staying comfortably seated:

  1. Tap the PS button on the controller to access the control center.
  2. Navigate to “Power.”
  3. Choose the “Rest Mode” option.

By opting for Rest Mode, you conserve energy, which is both eco-friendly and beneficial for your utility bills.

Troubleshooting PS4’s Rest Mode

Stuck in Rest Mode? Here’s What to Do: If your PS4 remains in Rest Mode and won’t resume:

  1. Hold the console’s power button until it fully shuts off (the orange light will turn off).
  2. Disconnect the console from the power outlet for a few seconds.
  3. Reconnect it to the power outlet and ensure it has an internet connection.
  4. Enter Safe Mode by holding the power button until two beep sounds are heard.
  5. Connect a DualShock 4 controller using a USB cable and press its PlayStation button for pairing.
  6. Choose “Update System Software” in the Safe Mode menu.

When to Avoid Rest Mode

ps4 rest mode 2 Rest Mode on the PS4: What it Does and How to Use it

Rest Mode is great, but if you don’t intend to play for an extended period, power off the PS4. Over time, a constantly resting PS4 might consume more electricity than one that’s turned off, especially if you play sporadically, like once a week.

Safely Turning Off Your PS4: Rushing? You might be tempted to unplug your PS4 directly. However:

  • Risks of Unplugging: This can result in unsaved game data loss or disrupt system updates. While the potential for hardware damage is low, unplugging might introduce technical issues.
  • The Right Way: Always utilize standard power options via the digital interface, console, or controllers. Doing so ensures data integrity and minimizes technical glitches.

By following the proper procedures, you not only preserve the longevity of your PS4 but also ensure a seamless gaming experience.


Mastering Rest Mode on your PS4 not only aids in energy conservation but also ensures you dive back into your gaming adventures without a hitch. By understanding its advantages and the correct practices, you can enjoy a more streamlined and efficient gaming experience. Remember, technology, when used right, can be both an asset and a friend to the environment. So, game on, with mindfulness!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What exactly does the PS4 do in Rest Mode?

In Rest Mode, the PS4 conserves energy while still running essential background tasks. This includes activities like downloading updates, charging controllers, and maintaining a swift game resumption.

Is it safe to keep my PS4 in Rest Mode overnight?

Yes, it’s safe. Many gamers leave their PS4 in Rest Mode overnight to allow for game downloads or updates. However, if you plan not to use the console for an extended period (e.g., a week or more), it might be better to turn it off entirely.

How is Rest Mode different from turning off the PS4 completely?

While both options save energy, Rest Mode allows the PS4 to run specific background tasks and ensures faster game resumption. Turning off the PS4 stops all operations but might be more energy-efficient if you’re not using the console for longer durations.

Will I lose any game progress if I switch to Rest Mode during gameplay?

No, one of the key benefits of Rest Mode is that it preserves your game state. When you resume, you’ll pick up right where you left off. However, it’s always good practice to save your game progress manually when possible.

Is there any maintenance required if I frequently use Rest Mode?

Regularly updating your PS4’s system software ensures smooth functionality. If you ever face issues with Rest Mode, try troubleshooting by updating the system software or following the steps provided in this guide.

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