Does Applecare Cover a Cracked Screen?

Oops! Oh no! You dropped your iPhone on the ground, and now the screen is cracked. 

And it isn’t just a tiny little crack – it’s one of those cracks that takes up the majority of the screen. 

You now feel like your phone is essentially useless since you cannot properly see what is on your screen. 

This isn’t just annoying – it is totally disheartening.

Should you attempt to repair the screen yourself? It is likely going to be the cheaper method, right? Well, let me tell you from personal experience, trying to replace your iPhone’s screen is nothing short of a royal pain in the keister.

And you could risk damaging other components of your phone if you do not know what you are doing. (Rest in pieces, my iPhone 5s.)

While you are probably feeling pretty broken up (no pun intended, I swear) about your cracked screen, there is a spot of good news.

If you have opted for AppleCare+ and are still within its warranty window, you can possibly get your screen repaired. 

And I say “possibly” because, as is the case with everything Apple does, there are some stipulations. 

The standard AppleCare warranty does not cover this repair, and even with AppleCare+, a service fee is involved. Compared to replacing your screen – or your entire device, for that matter – the service fee feels pretty darn reasonable.

Let’s talk a little more in-depth about what the terms of AppleCare+ are and how they might help you cover that damaged screen of yours.

Does Applecare Cover a Cracked Screen?

AppleCare+ will cover a cracked screen on your Apple device. There is a service fee that comes along with it, and there are certain limitations as to how you can use AppleCare+ to get your devices repaired.

What exactly is AppleCare+, and how is it different from the standard warranty? 

What will it cover? And what won’t it cover? 

What kind of a service fee should you expect to pay? 

What if you are unable to get your cracked screen’s repairs covered? Read on to learn more about what AppleCare+ covers and how it might help you get your cracked screen replaced.

What is AppleCare?

AppleCare – without the “+” sign behind it – is Apple’s standard warranty.

It comes with new Apple devices. 

This basic warranty lasts for one year and covers manufacturing defects and natural disaster damage. 

You also get 90 days of free phone support to go along with it.

It doesn’t matter where you buy your device from as long as you are buying it new from an Apple-approved retailer.

What is the difference between AppleCare and AppleCare+?

AppleCare+ is an extended warranty. In addition to extending the warranty coverage period by one full year, accidental damage repair is added to the list of what it covers.

You also get two free years of phone support, which is a vast advantage in and of itself. 

Nobody wants to get billed just for receiving support over the phone.

Does Applecare Cover a Cracked Screen 1 Does Applecare Cover a Cracked Screen?

What does AppleCare+ cover?

AppleCare+ covers exponentially more than regular AppleCare, hence the reason why this is such a popular upgrade when people buy new Apple devices. 

You’re spending a lot on your device, so you want to make sure you get the most warranty coverage, right?

If you have AppleCare+, you might be able to get your cracked screen covered. 

You get two instances of repairs per each 12-month period (so, a total of four repairs) covered under this extended warranty. 

Should your iPhone be eligible, your service fee for a screen repair comes out to just $29. 

Back in 2016, Apple changes its rates around to accommodate this lowered rate – by elevating all other service fees from $79 to $99.

Here are the fees associated with various devices and types of repairs:

  1. iPhone: $29 for screen damage; $99 for any other damage.
  2. iPad: $49 for any type of damage.
  3. Mac: $99 for screen damage (or external enclosure damage); $299 for other damage.
  4. Apple Watch: $69 for any kind of damage.
  5. HomePod: $39 for any kind of damage.
  6. iPod Touch: $29 for any kind of damage.

You can also get AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss, which costs an additional $100 in addition to the regular $199 cost for getting the basic form of AppleCare+. 

While it is cheaper than having to replace your lost or stolen device, it isn’t cheap at the onset.

What won’t AppleCare+ cover?

So, what won’t AppleCare+ cover? Unless you specifically opt up for it, theft and loss are not covered. 

And it certainly will not cover more than two instances of defects or damages within a 12-month time-frame. 

There will also be applicable sales taxes that get added on, depending on where you live.

How do I check how much time I have left in my coverage?

Unsure of whether your one- or two-year time-table for warranty coverage is up, about to expire, or has enough time left for one more repair? You can go online and check your service and support coverage through the Apple website. 

You will need to input your device’s serial number to see how much time you have left in your warranty coverage period.

What if I cannot get my cracked screen covered?

Let’s say that you cannot get your screen repaired through Apple. 

Maybe your warranty is up, you only have AppleCare, or you never had a warranty to begin with and don’t want to invest in one.

If you have replaced iPhone screens before, then you shouldn’t have too many problems tackling an iPhone. 

The Apple Watch, well, that is smaller and even more complex. 

You might want to save yourself some trouble by looking for an affordable and reputable tech repair service near you that can handle your device’s screen repair. 

With Apple products, you can’t even afford to go the cheap route with repairs.

Closing Thoughts

With any shred of hope, AppleCare+ will have your cracked screen covered. 

Its coverage is fairly extensive, all things considered. 

If you just have the basic AppleCare warranty, your screen won’t be able to be fixed by Apple. 

Whatever the case, if you aren’t familiar with screen repair on Apple devices, have a professional replace the screen for you. 

These delicate devices can be a real pain to try to fix on your own and, if you don’t know what you’re doing, things can go from bad to worse really fast.

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