Finding & Joining Communities On The PS5: Pros & Cons

Game communities play a vital role in ensuring that players with the same PS5 game interests can interact. So how do you find communities on PS5? 

How do you find communities to join on the PS5 1 Finding & Joining Communities On The PS5: Pros & Cons

How do you find communities to join on the PS5?

To find communities on PS5, go to your home screen and choose “discover communities.” Then, request membership in the game communities you would like to join, and once the community moderator grants your request, you become an eligible community member.

Gaming is not only a way people entertain themselves but also a platform where people worldwide can interact by forming communities. 

With these gaming communities, gamers can discuss their gaming experiences with other players and receive new insights on how they can improve their gaming skills. Typically, you can find communities internally or externally depending on how often you want to access them.

Regarding internal communities, these are communities that you can access within your gaming console and join them. The external communities represent locations outside the gaming console, such as Facebook, Reddit, and Discord, where gamers can join different communities depending on their preferences and interests. 

Therefore, gaming communities are a part of the gaming life and experience because gamers get to learn from one another.

How do you find communities to join on the PS5 1 1 Finding & Joining Communities On The PS5: Pros & Cons

How to Find Communities on PS5

Finding communities in your PS5 gaming console involves choosing the friends option on the home screen and selecting communities. In the community icon, there is a list of various gaming communities that you can choose depending on your taste and preference. 

Additionally, you can search the kind of gaming community you want if the ones listed or shown in the community option need to match your needs.

 You can also choose more than 1 gaming community and interact with other gamers in different gaming communities. 

After you have decided on the gaming communities to join, you can join the community to request a membership. If the owner or the community’s moderator grants your membership request, you will get a PS5 notification, and you can join the community and become a part of its engagements.

Advantages of Joining Communities in PS5

How do you find communities to join on the PS5 2 Finding & Joining Communities On The PS5: Pros & Cons

Enhances Social Skills

Joining PS5 communities, just like any other gaming community, helps individuals develop their social skills, especially if you use the PS5 webcam.

This happens because communities have created the ability to engage in multiple-player games where different gamers interact with each other while playing games. Additionally, online game broadcasts are another way gamers interact with other gamers and people using social media. 

Therefore, communities will improve how you interact with people in the gaming world and help you interact with people in the real world.

Creates Friendships with other People

Typically, it is the very nature of human beings to form interpersonal relationships with one another due to similar interests.

It might not be easy to engage in conversation with people with whom the only thing you share in common is being close to each other in daily life. 

Online game-playing communities provide a platform to engage and challenge each other in similar game interests. During the process, you will have a fun experience and also create a friendship with other gamers.

Disadvantages of Joining Gaming Communities in PS5

How do you find communities to join on the PS5 3 Finding & Joining Communities On The PS5: Pros & Cons

Cyber Bullying

Joining a gaming community does not guarantee that every gamer you interact with will treat you well. In the US, for instance, there is an increase in cyberbullying, especially for kids who join gaming communities. 

Some gamers can use their anonymity to make the game other people are playing less fun, intending to grieve them.

Bullying also occurs when other gamers feel threatened by your skills in a particular game. 

These gamers will go to the extent of threatening to kill you if you do not back down or leave the game communities. Therefore, before you join a certain gaming community, ensure that it follows the gaming code of conduct and has safety regulations.

Malware Susceptibility

Since gaming communities allow different kinds of people to join, it also offers certain freedom or opportunity to share their insights or any other resources.

However, some gamers are known to post files or resources containing malware, and once you click on them, the malware can damage your gaming console or cause you to lose files.  

One of the ideal ways to avoid getting malware from gaming communities is to research the gamer who posts any resources on the site before opening his links and reviewing what other gamers are saying about him. 

As a parent, make sure you go over every gaming community your kids want to join to avoid cyberbullying cases and malware susceptibility. 

Additionally, regulate the amount of time your kids spend in the online game community because it can be addictive.

Codes of Conduct to Follow in Gaming Communities

Typically, anyone can join the gaming communities regardless of their location, gender identity, education level, and religion, among other characteristics you can use to categorize people. 

Other regulations that you will find in gaming communities in the PS5 gaming console include the following:

  • Gaming communities do not allow individuals to use hate speech or other ways, such as creating hate groups. Once the administrator spots you encouraging hate speech, the owner will remove you from the community.
  • You should also avoid disclosing or sharing any personal information in the community, such as  any addresses and phone contacts, among other details
  • In communities, you should share any information concerning your account or credentials. Additionally, you are not allowed to buy, sell or harvest any PS5 accounts.
  • You are not allowed to upload, broadcast, or promote any content that contains malware to cause harm or damage to other people’s devices

Key Takeaways

  • Gaming communities enhance social skills
  • PS5 has a section where you can join communities and create friends
  • You will need to request membership from the communities moderator
  • Gaming communities have their pros and cons
  • Parents should monitor the kind of gaming communities their kids join

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