Transferring Fallout 4 Saves from Xbox One to PC

After playing Fallout 4 for many hours, you may want to transfer saves from an Xbox One to a PC so you don’t have to start over from scratch.

fallout 4 games on xbox one to pc 1 Transferring Fallout 4 Saves from Xbox One to PC

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Can you transfer Fallout 4 Saves From The Xbox One To A PC?

Fallout 4 saves cannot be transferred from Xbox One to PC since the two platforms are currently incompatible for that game. Online game subscription services like Xbox Game Pass allow saves to instantly update across different platforms, but Fallout 4 is currently not available on Game Pass.

Making significant progress on a video game can take a very long time for beginners and advanced players. I’ll often spend hours trying to get past a certain level, but that can easily get pushed to days or weeks for some games. Transferring save data between platforms can save loads of time for games like Fallout 4. Gamers hoping that can be done may be sorely disappointed.

Key Takeaways

  • Transferring Fallout 4 saves from an Xbox One to a PC can help streamline gameplay.
  • There is no option to transfer Fallout 4 through storage media or a subscription service.
  • One of the best ways to transfer saves is to play a cloud-based cross-platform game.

Fallout 4 Saves On Xbox One To PC

I enjoy playing Fallout 4 on an Xbox One, but I also like playing on my PC and other gaming platforms.

Since I’d rather not start at different game points on different platforms, I want to be able to unify my game saves across all the game platforms I play on.

When I play countless hours on a game, it’s often unthinkable for me to have to forgo all my progress when playing the game on a PC instead of an Xbox.

I go nuts when I forget to save a paragraph of an essay or email, so losing saved data or not being able to transfer data would be quite upsetting.

It’s unfortunate there are no straightforward ways to transfer Fallout 4 saves between an Xbox One and a computer.

If there is a reason for me to not play a game, the inability to transfer data or upload the data somewhere would be a big one.

Before you get too upset about not being able to transfer your saves, you should know that technology is constantly changing and may allow for saves to be transferred in the future.

How Can I Save Files With My Game Data?

fallout 4 games on xbox one to pc 1 1 Transferring Fallout 4 Saves from Xbox One to PC

Play Games From The Cloud

When it comes to transferring game progress across different platforms, the most intuitive way to make that work is to play a game with cross-platform compatibility.

Modern video games often use cloud servers to sync data across each available platform such as consoles like Xbox and PlayStation, or operating systems like Windows or Android.

Loading games from a cloud-based program may not require the use of a computer hard drive or an external USB drive.

A Windows PC can use online storage like Microsoft OneDrive to save games and files without a record being downloaded to a console or PC.

You technically may not need to transfer data as your gameplay status may be updated on the servers right away.

Whether you’re playing on an Xbox One, PlayStation 5, or any other available platform, you may be able to resume games exactly where you left off on a different platform.

Game services like PlayStation Plus, Xbox Game Pass, and other online gaming subscriptions allow for game saves to be made without having to go through multiple steps in a local console’s settings.

When I transfer PlayStation game saves from one PlayStation to another, I will sometimes have to use on-screen settings to save files to a memory stick or other storage device.

Though there are benefits to exporting game data to a memory stick such as not having to be online and the ability to store data offline, it can be more time consuming to save and transfer game data that way.

When playing a long-form game that requires many hours of playtime, it could be extremely cumbersome to have to start a game from scratch when playing on a new platform.

To a gamer that doesn’t understand programming, it might seem like a given that gameplay saves should be accessible on whatever system the game is played on.

However, the ability to save and transfer game data across multiple systems and accounts can be very complicated and not worth the time for developers to include in their game.

fallout 4 games on xbox one to pc 2 Transferring Fallout 4 Saves from Xbox One to PC

Use Xbox Game Pass To Load Saved Data For Xbox Games

Your best chances of transferring game save data from Xbox One to another platform like PC, would be to play a cross-platform game that saves game data in the cloud.

When game data is stored in the cloud on a service like Xbox Game Pass, it is not dependent on individual consoles to save game data.

You don’t have to worry about accidentally deleting game data from a console and having to start over on a different console.

Just like photos and videos are stored in the cloud for an iPhone, game data in a subscription service like Xbox Game Pass are stored in the cloud so gamers can continue where they left off from any compatible system.

Keep in mind that in order to resume a game from a certain save point, you must be logged into the same account on the other gaming platform.

Let’s assume for the time being that Fallout 4 is available through an Xbox Game Pass subscription.

If you were to save and transfer Fallout 4 saves on an Xbox and try to transfer that data to a different Game Pass subscription, it simply won’t work.

Considering Xbox is made by Microsoft, you might think they would allow Fallout 4 saves to be transferred to a PC with their Windows operating system.

Allowing these types of transfers may make both the Windows operating system and Xbox more appealing to existing and prospective users.

The fact that exporting game save data is not possible for Fallout 4 goes to show how difficult it is for such an action to be included.


In today’s gaming world, the ability to seamlessly transfer and save game data is paramount. Giants like Bethesda, known for titles like Skyrim, have set industry standards, but challenges remain. Players often discuss loading times and PC version nuances on forums.

With advancements in consoles like the Xbox Series X, integrating with external hard drives and the Xbox app has become more streamlined. As we navigate this landscape, it’s essential to stay updated, especially with features like allow network transfer and tools like vortex for mod management. Always ensure a smooth experience by using a DRM-free version of Fallout and be cautious of potential crashes.


Why might loading times differ between the PC version and the Xbox Series X?

It could be due to the type of HDD or SSD used on the PC versus the optimized Xbox Series X.

Does Bethesda’s Skyrim offer unique achievements?

Yes, both Skyrim and Witcher have distinct achievements for players.

How can I transfer game data via the Xbox app?

Go to system settings, select allow network transfer, and ensure both devices are on the same local network.

Is modding possible on the PC version?

Absolutely, but ensure correct file names and be wary of crashes. Tools like vortex can assist in mod management.

What’s the difference between using an external hard drive and an external storage device for Xbox Series X?

Both expand storage, but external hard drives are typically for larger game files, while external storage devices might be for smaller data or backups.

What does a ghost icon on my game save mean?

The ghost icon usually signifies a temporary or backup save.

For the most accurate information, always refer to official Bethesda forums and the Xbox app.

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