How Do You Buy M-Rated Games?

M-rated games are intended for mature gamers and may be more difficult to buy than other games. I’ll tell you how to buy M-rated games in person or online.

m rated games 1 How Do You Buy M-Rated Games?

How Do You Buy M-Rated Games?

You can buy M-rated games at a store by showing your ID to the sales clerk if they ask to see it. To buy M-rated games online, you must have a gaming account with a date of birth of at least 17 years old. Having a qualified gaming account will allow you to browse and buy M-rated games online.

Since I’m much older than 17 years old, I’ve been able to buy M-rated for quite some time. Gamers that have never bought an M-rated game might be wondering how difficult it is to buy the game online or at a store. As long as you meet the age requirement, it should be a relatively simple process either way.

Key Takeaways

  • Buying an M-rated game requires the buyer to be at least 17 years old.
  • When buying an M-rated game in person, you might be required to show your ID.
  • A child gaming account must be set to a certain restriction level to play M-rated games.

Why Are Games Given An M Rating?

A video game can receive an M rating from the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) based on specific content descriptors within the game.

On one end of the ratings spectrum is the Everyone rating, suitable for all audiences. Examples of games with this rating include Mario Kart and Mario Party.

However, games designated with the M rating often contain more mature themes, such as intense violence, sexual content, crude humor, and strong language.

Notable M-rated games include God of War, Death Stranding, The Last of Us, and Bayonetta.

m rated games 1 1 How Do You Buy M-Rated Games?

How Do I Buy M-Rated Games At A Store?

If you’re looking to buy an M-rated game from retail outlets like Best Buy, Game Stop, or Wal-Mart, be prepared to show identification.

The store manager or cashier often requests an ID to ensure compliance with store policies concerning age-restricted items. While not every store clerk may check, it’s recommended to always carry identification.

There may be avenues to buy M-rated games without proper identification, but we advise adhering to store and ESRB rating system guidelines.

How Do I Buy M-Rated Games Online?

Purchasing an M-rated game online often requires an account on platforms like PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo Switch eShop with a valid birth date.

Some websites claim to offer bypass mechanisms for age restrictions, but they may engage in questionable practices. We urge consumers to follow company policies and purchase through legitimate channels to avoid complications.

To allow a child account to play M-rated games, the restriction level in the parental controls must be set accordingly.

Follow these instructions to allow a PlayStation 5 child account to buy an M-rated game online:

  • Open the main menu on the PlayStation 5.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Go to Family and Parental Controls.
  • Go to Family Management.
  • Choose the child account you want to manage.
  • Choose Parental Controls.
  • Set the desired restriction level in the dropdown field.
  • Choose Confirm to save the settings.

Follow these instructions to allow a PlayStation 4 child account to buy an M-rated game online:

  • Open the main menu on the PlayStation 4.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Go to PS4 System Restrictions.
  • Go to Default Parental Controls.
  • Choose Age Level for Games.
  • Select a restriction level (playing M-rated games requires a restriction level of at least 9).

Follow these instructions to allow a Nintendo Switch child account to play M-rated games:

m rated games 2 How Do You Buy M-Rated Games?
  • Open the main menu on the Nintendo Switch.
  • Go to System Settings.
  • Go to Parental Controls.
  • Go to Use this Console.
  • Go to Restriction Level.
  • Set a restriction level that allows for M-rated games.

Follow these instructions to allow a Xbox child account to buy an M-rated game online:

  • Open the main menu on the Xbox.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Go to Privacy and online safety.
  • Choose the account you want to set.
  • Set the Content restrictions to allow for M-rated games.

Other online gaming platforms that allow you to buy M-rated games require similar configurations for M-rated games to be played.

The PC gaming platform is much wider and often less restrictive when it comes to buying games with any rating.

Aside from well-known PC gaming platforms like Steam, you might not be required to verify your age to buy an M-rated PC game.

To verify the required steps for buying M-rated games on a certain platform, be sure to read the age-restriction policies for that particular platform.

Should I Let My Child Play M-Rated Games?

While M-rated games are specifically crafted for mature gamers aged 17 and up, several parents may permit their younger children to engage with such content. Adhering to the ESRB’s rating system is a smart move, but determining whether it’s fitting for your child to immerse in an M-rated game is a very personal decision.

If concerns arise over potentially harmful content like gore, partial nudity, or violent video games, parents might opt for titles with more lenient ratings.

What Are Alternatives To M-Rated Games?

For guardian figures hoping to steer their child away from M-rated games, perusing game reviews on websites or consulting store employees at places like Kmart or retail stores can be invaluable. These resources can illuminate age-appropriate titles that encapsulate the excitement of gaming sans the mature themes.

Furthermore, securing a physical CD of a game with a gentler rating can make future resale straightforward, especially considering some category restrictions in resale marketplaces that might be more stringent for M-rated games.

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