Laying the Nintendo Switch Dock on its Side

If your gaming setup has limited space, you might be wondering if you can lay your Nintendo Switch dock on its side.

nintendo switch dock on its side 1 Laying the Nintendo Switch Dock on its Side

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Can you lay the Nintendo Switch dock on its side?

A Nintendo Switch dock was not designed to be laid on its side, but it should function fine on its side if the cables and console are not disconnected. Since the dock has vents to allow for air circulation, you should avoid blocking the vents when laying a Nintendo Switch dock on its side.

Though I usually like the way new game consoles are designed, I often like to tinker with console positions to make space for other objects or just create a new vibe in my room. Since electronic devices like the Nintendo Switch and its dock contain sophisticated and delicate components, you should make sure you take the right steps to properly position them in your gaming setup.

Key Takeaways

  • Laying a Nintendo Switch dock on its side might help to fit it in tight areas on a platform.
  • Though the Switch dock was not designed to run on its side, it should work sideways.
  • To lay a Nintendo Switch dock on its side, you can buy a stand or use a DIY solution.

Risks Of Laying the Nintendo Switch Dock on its Side

With the advancements in technology today, you might think a modern device like a Nintendo Switch dock can stand on its side.

While that may technically be true, the dock has components that are designed to be used in a normal flat position.

Since other consoles like the PlayStation 5 can be placed in a flat or upright position, it makes sense to me that a Nintendo Switch dock can do the same.

Though the dock was designed to be laid upright, it can technically function when laid on its side.

There are components on the dock that may have diminished functionality if the dock is not in its standard position.

Blocked Air Vents

For instance, there are vents on the side of a Nintendo Switch dock that may be covered if its side is placed down on a table or shelf.

Restricted air flow through the vents may cause an increase in the console’s temperature, which can adversely affect its performance and damage the console.

Risk Of Damage To Console, Cables, And Other Components

If a Nintendo Switch dock is laid on a side with ports, the cables connected to the ports might get bent in an awkward position and cause issues with the power supply.

Since the Nintendo Switch is normally placed in a vertical slot in its dock, it would be in a horizontal position when the dock is on its side.

If the Nintendo Switch is tilted too far down, the console, SD cards, or a controller can be at risk of falling out and getting damaged.

Even if the Switch doesn’t get damaged, it can be annoying for the user to have it constantly falling out of the dock.

nintendo switch dock on its side 1 1 Laying the Nintendo Switch Dock on its Side

What Are The Benefits Of Laying A Nintendo Switch Dock Sideways?

Though a Nintendo Switch in its dock is relatively small compared to other game consoles, it can still take up considerable space where I play games.

Depending on how your gaming area looks, it might be beneficial to lay your Switch dock down in a sideways position to make room for other items.

If you are feeling artistic or want to change up the interior design of your room, placing a Nintendo Switch dock may be an easy way to add more flare to your game center.

I have a friend that built a small platform on his wall for a sideways dock, which created a cool image that was quick to grab my attention.

How Can I Lay A Nintendo Switch Dock On Its Side?

If you’re really determined to place your Switch dock on its side, you should use a durable and stable object to position the dock in a way the vents aren’t blocked and the console won’t fall out.

In other words, it might be best to lay the dock down so it’s almost on its side, but not completely on its side.

The way you actually position your Nintendo Switch dock depends on the materials you have to secure your dock.

nintendo switch dock on its side 2 Laying the Nintendo Switch Dock on its Side

Buy A Stand

If you want to avoid trying to figure out how to place the dock on its side, you should consider buying a vertical stand for the Nintendo Switch dock.

Using a predesigned stand takes all the guesswork out of how to position your dock.

You can simply buy the stand and follow the instructions to connect it to your Nintendo Switch dock.

You may first want to check out popular gaming-related stores to see if you can find a stand from a reputable manufacturer.

If you can’t find a stand from well-known retail outlets, you can check out DIY marketplaces such as Etsy for a stand that can position the Nintendo Switch dock on its side.

Make Your Own Stand

If you are not able to get your hands on such a stand, you might consider having a stand 3D-printed based on templates you can find on the internet.

I try to save as much money as I can whenever possible, so when it comes to buying accessories like a stand, I’ll often try to create one on my own based on designs I’ve seen.

I consider myself a pretty creative person with common sense, which is all I think it takes to create a stand that will work with a Nintendo Switch dock.

In case I want to quickly move things around in my room, I try not to create accessories that are too permanent and hard to adjust.

The Nintendo Switch is obviously a flexible device like a phone that you can plug into a TV or play in your hands.

I don’t want to attach anything to it that will restrict me from moving it at a moment’s notice.

Since there are other objects in my area that can help to prop up my Nintendo Switch dock, I tend to just use those objects to temporarily place my dock on its side.

The dock basically looks like a book on a bookshelf when it’s placed on its side in my gaming center.


The Nintendo Switch, with its innovative design, offers a blend of portability and big-screen gaming. Whether you’re using the original Switch, the Nintendo Switch OLED, or the more compact Nintendo Switch Lite, understanding the intricacies of its docking stations is crucial. The official dock, with its HDMI ports, USB ports, and USB-C port, is designed to seamlessly transition your gameplay from handheld mode to a big screen.

However, the back of the dock and its angle play a pivotal role in ensuring proper ventilation, preventing overheating, and ensuring optimal cable management. While third-party docks and docking stations from sellers on platforms like Amazon and eBay might offer a more compact or varied design, it’s essential to ensure compatibility, especially with the Nintendo Switch OLED model. Always use the official Nintendo power adapter and be cautious with third-party cables to ensure the longevity of your console.


Can I use third-party docks with my Nintendo Switch OLED?

While third-party docks are available, it’s essential to ensure they’re compatible with the Nintendo Switch OLED model and won’t cause overheating or other issues.

What should I consider when positioning the back of the dock?

The back of the dock houses essential HDMI ports, USB ports, and the USB-C port. Ensure proper cable management and avoid blocking any vents to prevent overheating.

Are there portable dock options available for the Switch?

Yes, portable dock options, like the Genki Covert Dock, are available and can be a great third-party option for Switch owners who prioritize portability.

How does the Nintendo Switch Lite differ in terms of docking?

The Nintendo Switch Lite is designed primarily for handheld play and doesn’t support docking to a big screen like the original Switch or Nintendo Switch OLED.

Where can I buy replacement docks or third-party docking stations?

Replacement docks can be found on Nintendo’s official website, while third-party docking stations can be sourced from sellers on platforms like Amazon, eBay, and other online retailers.

Is it safe to use third-party cables with the Nintendo Switch dock?

While some third-party cables might work, it’s always recommended to use the official Nintendo power adapter and cables to ensure the safety and longevity of your Nintendo Switch console.

Remember, whether you’re gaming on the go or on a big screen, the Nintendo Switch offers a versatile gaming experience. Proper care and understanding of its docking capabilities will ensure you get the most out of your console.

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