Does The Nintendo Switch Come With Games?

Curious if the Nintendo Switch bundles in games right out of the box? Join us as we dive into what’s included and what you can expect when unboxing your new console.

Does the swtich come with games?

Does The Nintendo Switch Come With Games?

While some bundled packages include games, the regular Nintendo Switch console does not come with games. You must buy these separately. At the same time, it’s easy to quickly amass a collection even if you don’t want to spend any extra money.

The short answer is that the Nintendo Switch often doesn’t come with games, and they must be bought separately.The real answer is actually better. You can find bundled packages that come with both the console and the game. You can also find games, some even for free, that can be quickly downloaded.

What Games Does Switch Come With?

As one of history’s most popular video game consoles with an impressive library of games from official and third-party developers, you might expect the Switch to include a few games.

The Switch comes in several varieties. There is the original console that you can play handheld or docked to your TV, Switch Lite, which only allows handheld play, and Switch OLED with a larger screen.

The good news is that all of these versions play the same games. The bad news is that nearly all of the console packages don’t come with games.

The Lone Exception

As I said above, nearly all Switch packages don’t come with games. 

There is one lone exception if you are looking for an official release. There is an original Switch bundle that comes with Mario Kart 8.

That is currently the only official Nintendo bundle release that comes with a game. I hate to burst your bubble, but this is currently the only Switch bundle with a game. 

There are special Switch versions, such as the Pokemon Let’s Go or Animal Crossing Switches.

These only come with custom docks and controllers. That means you’ll have to spend some extra money getting games for the console.

At least, in most cases, you’ll have to spend extra money.

Does The Nintendo Switch Come With Games 1 Does The Nintendo Switch Come With Games?

What is Included in Bundles?

Other console bundles sometimes include games, so what do you normally get in Switch bundles? 

This largely depends on your version, but the Switch bundles commonly include the console, TV dock, Joy-Cons, Joy-Con Comfort Grip, and the power cable to charge the console.

This is everything you need to start playing on your Switch. 

Well, everything except for the games, but we’ll get to that a little later.

Keep in mind that accessories depend on the Switch version. 

For example, Switch Lite doesn’t come with a TV dock because that feature is not supported.

Third-Party Bundles

Keep in mind that I am primarily covering official Switch bundles here.

There are many third-party bundles that you can find online from independent sellers. 

These often include games along with the console.

The risk of course, is that either the console or game might be used.

If you are OK with that risk, these bundles allow you to get all the accessories you need and the games you want.

Be sure to pay attention to the price as well.

Sometimes, you can get a bargain, but other times, these bundles are the same price as buying the console and game separately.

Getting Games Quickly

While there are some workarounds, such as getting the lone Switch bundle with Mario Kart 8 or buying a third-party bundle, the truth is that often you’ll only get the console with your purchase.

That could be an issue if you ordered online and forgot to buy games. 

I don’t know about you, but waiting a few more days for games to come in the mail feels like torture.

While this is an available option, I think you want something faster. I’m going to help you quickly amass a game collection even if you only ordered the console. 

All you need is an internet connection and a little bit of patience.

Does The Nintendo Switch Come With Games

Welcome to Nintendo eShop

If you have an internet connection, then you can download games as soon as the console is powered up. Accessing the eShop is easy. 

You will see two rows of applications when you power on the Switch.

The top row is comprised of large square icons. These are your games. You will see a smaller row of circular icons under that. 

One of these icons will look like an orange bag. This will lead you to the eShop.

Navigating the eShop is simple. You can check out great deals, browse by genre, look for games according to price or type in keywords to quickly find games.

Downloading the game is just as simple.

Select the game you wish to purchase and then add the funds to your account. 

You will be prompted to do this, so just follow along with what the Switch is telling you to do. 

The game will then begin downloading.

Downloading a game is usually fast, but that depends on your internet speed and the size of the game. 

You can click the game’s icon and it will tell you how much more time is remaining.

Free Games

If you’re looking to get games with your Switch, then what you’re probably really asking is how to get free games. 

The console itself isn’t cheap, so you might want to have some fun without spending extra money.

Don’t worry, I get where you’re coming from.

While the free route only gives you access to certain games, the good news is that there are a lot of games you can choose from. 

Some of the best free Switch games include:

  • Warframe
  • Arena of Valor
  • Fortnite
  • Pokemon Unite
  • Super Kirby Clash

This is just a small sample of the free games that you can find. There are also many inexpensive games from independent developers.

Some of these games only cost a few dollars. 

It’s also a good idea to check the eShop deals page. Sometimes you’ll find great games at a deep discount.

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Memory Cards

One thing to keep in mind when downloading games to Switch is the internal memory.

You can’t just download games infinitely. There is a limit to how much you can download.

The available memory dictates this.

If you only purchase the console, then it comes with 32GB of space. This allows you to download a good number of games.

If you want more space, then you’ll need to buy a memory card. You can buy either official Nintendo memory cards or regular microSD cards. Both will work.

Another option is to delete games that you aren’t playing anymore.

While you will have to download them again if you want to play them, the good thing is that your saved data is saved separately. 

This means that you can pick up wherever you left off.

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