How To Exit a Game on Mac Without Quitting? (Answered!)

Many people play games on their Macs. Sometimes these gamers need to exit the gaming window temporarily without completely closing their game, as they will go back to it soon. Doing so often requires keyboard shortcuts.

To exit a game on a Mac without quitting said game, press the escape key and minimize the window if the key is available. Another method is to click the Apple symbol while holding the H, M, or Tab keys. The exact key varies with the game and the computer’s settings.

There are lots of shortcuts for using a Mac. Shortcuts like these come in handy when trying to close out of games without quitting the game. Keep reading to learn more about MacBook shortcuts.

How to Exit Game On Mac Without Quitting

To exit a game when it is on full-screen mode while using your Mac, the simplest thing to do is press the Escape key, then minimize the window. However, this shortcut isn’t always compatible with the game settings.

There are multiple ways you can exit your game while using your Mac without actually quitting the game. The following are some of the most common ways to do this:

  • Press Command + M
  • Apple Logo + H
  • Apple Logo + M
  • Apple Logo + Tab
  • Apple Logo + Alt + Esc
  • F5 key

If you need to do something on your Mac, but are currently playing a game and want to go back to it as soon as possible, there are many keys you can use. This is especially helpful if you’re not at a saving point in your game yet.

The exact shortcut that will minimize your game depends on the games as well as your computer settings.

You may need to activate shortcuts indoor MacBook’s settings for these controls to work properly. Shortcuts such as Command + H (hide available screens), only work with certain applications. If these shortcuts don’t work with the game you are playing, you’ll need to click the minimize button in the game menu. On Macs this is usually represented by a yellow dash in the top left corner of the screen.

How to Make Game Full-Screen on Your Mac

When you first log into your favorite game while using your Mac, you likely want it to fill your entire screen so you can fully enjoy the graphics and become immersed in the storyline. But how do you make your game full-screen?

Ways to make your game full-screen on your Mac

  • Press Command + Tab
  • Press Command + M
  • Press Command + H
  • Press Command + Enter
  • Press Command + Control + F
  • Click on View, then choose Enter Full Screen

Overall, it is easy to enter full-screen mode in your game on your Mac computer. The command to make your game full-screen will change with the game’s settings as well as the in-game commands. Keep this in mind before attempting to use one of these shortcuts in the middle of playing your favorite game. If the command has a meaning in your game, it may alter your gameplay.

How to Quit App on Mac

If the game you are playing on your Mac is an app, you can use the same keyboard shortcuts mentioned before to leave the app. However, it will still be running in the background. You can easily reopen it, but if you want to close the app completely, you will need to do the following:

How to Quit an App on a Mac

  1. Click on the app name on the menu bar. You can also click on Preview.
  2. Click Quit App. It may appear as Quit Preview.

You can also press Command + Q on your keyboard at the same time if you don’t want to go into the app menu. When you hit these keys, a pop-up window will likely appear on your game screen, asking you if you want to quit the game or keep playing. Don’t quit your game if you haven’t saved it recently.

Are Macs Good Gaming Computers?

Macs are not good computers for gaming purposes. Macs are great computers for editing pictures in Photoshop and other photo-editing apps, but they don’t have the power needed to be a great gaming computer.

Macs have advanced software and quality screens, so you would think that they would be amazing gaming computers. Unfortunately, that is not the case. The software ensures that the computer functions well, but does not have the power needed to play most games.

Apple manufactures the GPU system in MacBook computers. This means that most games are not designed to be played on Macs. Instead, they are designed to be played on other laptops and PCs that all have similar GPU systems. If a company designs its games for a Mac, players from other computers wouldn’t be able to play the game.

Modern games need quite a bit of power and storage to prevent lagging during game play. Macs just don’t have the power to support many of these games. Those that are powerful enough to support game playing are more expensive than normal, even though Apple products are already known for being expensive.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t play games on your Mac. Some games are highly compatible with Mac systems. However, if the game is available on other systems, it will be slightly different.

If the fans in your Mac are louder than normal, this means the computer is working extra hard to keep up with gameplay. The game is likely to lag as the computer overheats. If this happens, you may need a cooling tray to place under the computer. These trays usually have fans that help keep the computer system cool and operating smoothly. Another solution is to set the computer on a wooden board. The wood will absorb some of the heat, helping the system run.

Overall, it is easy to exit full-screen mode on your Mac when you are playing a game. When you close a game by clicking the X in the corner of your screen, it is still active. You just can’t see it. However, it can be easily closed, helping save the computer’s battery life.

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