How to Log Out of iTunes on Mac

Apple’s products and apps have a lot of the latest and greatest in technology, and with their sleek designs, they certainly have no problem with gaining plenty of customers. However, plenty of their apps and websites can be confusing to deal with at times, and iTunes is one of these. What should you do if you’re having trouble logging out or doing something else on iTunes?

To log out of iTunes on a Mac, select the “Account” option that is located at the top of the screen. Click Account and then Profile. There should be a log-out option in the profile menu. It’s important to remember that iTunes is an app and not a website, and it must be treated as such.

It sounds pretty easy, but don’t feel bad if you have a few difficulties, because apps are always changing and being updated. Below is a little info on how to manage and find your way around iTunes. By the time you’ve finished reading, you should have a better idea of how to log out of iTunes without getting frustrated!

Logging Out Quickly

On most Macbooks, iTunes can be found at the bottom of the screen in the app library. Once you have opened the application, you should navigate up to the account button, which should appear in the top corner. When you click the account button, a menu should drop down beneath it, and one of the options should be listed as “Profile”.

Then, click on your profile. On your profile page, there should be a log-out button. Click that, and you will be logged out of iTunes. It may take a few minutes, and iTunes will ask if you are sure that you want to log out, but you will eventually be logged out completely.

However, according to some users, the iTunes app has recently been updated and changed its layout. Rather than simply saying “Account” at the top, there is a toolbar you’ll have to find (though it should still be in the top corner!) Find the toolbar, then follow the rest of the instructions as previously laid out.

If you are having the same problems with your iPhone or iPad, never fear! The process here is quite simple. Open the iTunes app on your phone and scroll down to the bottom of the page. At the bottom of the page, you will find a few quick links and three buttons: Redeem, send a gift, and Apple ID.

If you are signed in, the Apple ID button should say your username on it. Touch that button and then a sign-out option will appear for you. The same should be true with an iPad!

Just a word of caution before you click that button. Make sure you have updated usernames and passwords and above all, make sure you remember them. Of course, all is not lost if you forget an Apple password, but it will make your life a bit simpler if you come back to sign in. Make sure you close all the apps when you’re finished so the battery on your Mac isn’t drained by apps that aren’t being used.

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When to Log out of iTunes on Mac

Although most of the time you can stay logged into iTunes even when you are not using it, there are several circumstances where you will want to make sure that you are signed out of the app, including:

  • When you get a new computer
  • If you choose to sell your current Mac
  • You no longer want to use iTunes on your iPhone or Mac
  • You signed in to the wrong iTunes account
  • Someone else will be using your computer and you don’t want them to have access to your iTunes
  • You are having issues using iTunes and want to troubleshoot
  • You need to use a different iTunes account temporarily

When your Mac is updated, you will automatically be logged out of iTunes, and you will have to sign back in the next time you use the app. Luckily, it is easy to log in to iTunes.

Although some people prefer to log out of iTunes and sign back in every time they use the app, most prefer to stay logged in. Unfortunately, you won’t be logged out of iTunes automatically. You will have to log out through the settings every time you want to log out of the app. Although it can be a hassle, it is easy and only takes a few seconds.

If you are having trouble using iTunes on your Mac, you can sign out and sign back in soon afterward. It may fix the issue. If the issue isn’t resolved, contact customer support and tell them about the issues.

How to Sign in to iTunes on Mac

If you want to use iTunes after you have logged out of the app, you will need to sign back in. Luckily, it is easy to sign in to iTunes, especially when using a Mac. All you need to do is open the iTunes app and enter your Apple ID and the corresponding password. The window where you enter that information will automatically appear when you open iTunes. If it doesn’t appear, wait a few minutes.

You can also click on Account, then Sign In if the sign-in window doesn’t appear within a few minutes of you opening iTunes. It may take a few minutes for iTunes to load completely after you sign in. It will take longer to load if you have a large amount of music stored on your iTunes account.

If you are unable to sign back into your iTunes account after you logged out, make sure that the Apple ID and password are spelled correctly. If you are still unable to sign in, reset your password or Apple ID. Sign into iTunes after they have been reset. If you are still unable to sign in, contact customer support.

It is easy to log out of iTunes while on your Mac, but you won’t have to do so often as the information on iTunes is protected.

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