How To Wear Bluetooth Ear Hook

Wireless earbuds offer a number of advantages over traditional earbuds. Unlike traditional earphones, they do not have wires that might end up tangling in your pocket. You can connect your Bluetooth ear hook to several Bluetooth-enabled devices, including your TV, radio, smartphone, tablet, and laptop among others.

They are ideal when you need to make a call or when you need to listen to audio from any of your devices. But how do you wear these earbuds the right way?

How To Wear Bluetooth Ear Hook

There is no one ear hook that is the best fit for all. This means that you need to try out different earbuds until you find one that fits on your pinna perfectly. Pinnae come in different shapes and sizes and whatever might fit one person may be so small or very large for you.

If you are buying from a brick and mortar store, you need to try out different earbuds and see which will fit your pinna without falling. If you are buying online, you can try out your friends and family members’ earbuds and then use the sizing chart provided online.

Generally, men have larger pinnae than women and so their earbuds need to be larger. The hook goes over your pinna while the audio bud goes into your ear canal. Because the ear canal is also different in different people, you need to try out that one too.

The ear hook needs to fit snugly and comfortably in your ear canal and over your pinna. When trying out the buds, place them snugly into your ear canal and see if they feel comfortable.

These buds need to be as close to your eardrum as possible for them to give the best audio. You can twist them a few times to ensure that they are all the way lodged into your ear. When the ear hooks fit well, they will block ambient sounds so that you can have the best listening experience.

While fitting the ear hooks, pull your ear lobes down to open your ear canal enough to let in the buds. Once they are in, release the ear lobes, and you will have sealed the earbuds into place.

How to Make the Ear Hook Fit Properly

If your earbuds do not fit properly when picking the right size, you need to clean ear wax from your ears to make it easy for them to fit. Wax can alter the size and shape of your ear canal, making the earbuds not to fit properly.

If you have been using earbuds for a while, and they now only started slipping out, you need to clean out the wax so that they fit properly. While at it, ensure that you do not push the ear wax in, but instead rub the wax out.

The ear hook ensures that your bud fits perfectly and doesn’t fall off. There is an earbud that you place into your ear and then it hooks on your pinna and another that hooks behind the ear with the earbud being out.

If you have the earbuds that get into your ear, you need to avoid moving your jaw too much while using the bud. Depending on how close the jaw is to the earbuds, and the size of the jaw, opening and closing your jaw wide might loosen the bud.

If, for instance, you are chewing gum or chewing food while listening to music, you will likely find the ear hook uncomfortable.

Your ear hooks will accumulate ear wax after a period of use. The in-ear surfaces of the ear hook might be covered in ear wax. You need a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol to remove the wax. Wipe down all surfaces until you have the earbuds clean.

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How to Fit Bluetooth Ear Hook with Glasses On

Ear hooks are ideal when you need earphones that do not fall off your ear. However, when you are wearing glasses, the hook and the glass frame all go behind your ear. It might feel bulky and uncomfortable at first, but you will get used to it, and you will be good.

If you have your Bluetooth ear hook and the doctor prescribes glasses, you need to go for glasses with thin frames. Thin frames take up less space behind your ears, allowing room for the ear hook. If you are already wearing glasses, you need to choose an earbud with a very thin hook so that it fits perfectly behind the ear together with the glasses’ frame.

When wearing the two, the glasses should go on first as it is not easy to adjust them. Once your glasses are on and comfortable, place your ear hook and adjust it accordingly for the best fit. Ensure the ear hooks do not hang away from your pinna as this may make them fall.

If you need to remove or put on your glasses when the ear hook is on, you can still do it. However, you need to use both hands and use straight-back (when wearing) or straight-forward (when removing). This ensures that you do not knock off the ear hook when you move the glasses up and down or side to side.

If you wear the ear hook so many hours during the day, you can practice wearing and removing your glasses when the ear hook is on. Stand in front of a mirror and practice wearing and removing the Bluetooth ear hook.

Once you have mastered the best way to wear your ear hook and your glasses perfectly, your muscles will retain the memory, and you will do it right the next time. However, you need to practice a lot before you can do it perfectly.

Can You Replace the Ear Hook of Your Earbuds?

Yes. Most brands allow you to remove the ear hook and fit a new one. Some even come with replacements when they are new so that you never have to worry if the first hook breaks.

There are so many replacement hooks online, and you can pick one that meets your needs. You can replace if your hook breaks, or you want a bigger or smaller hook for your earbud.

Some people also create DIY ear hooks with a piece of wire. If you love DIY projects, you can look for a wire with insulation and create your hook at home. The main advantage with a DIY ear hook is that it will fit on your ear perfectly.

Because you will use a wire in your DIY project, you can adjust it the way you need to fit the size of your ear. All you have to do is ensure the ear buds fit.

Closing Thoughts

Bluetooth earbuds are ideal when you need convenience. However, it can be uncomfortable if the ear hooks keep coming off, and you have to keep adjusting them to fit. To ensure that that doesn’t happen, ensure that you get the right ear hook size.

Your hook and your earbud should fit your pinna and your ear canal. When the ear buds fit your ear canal, they block out ambient sounds. When the hook fits your pinna, you are able to use the earbuds comfortably.

If you can pick replacement hooks that will fit or create your own hooks, do it for the best fit.

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