How To Put Military Time On Apple Watch And Change Faces

If you have an extremely busy professional life, then an Apple watch face that provides useful information at a glance can be an incredibly important asset. If you simply want to know the local time, you can opt for a simple face, like Typograph, Numerals, or California. However, if you deal with projects and people all around the world, then the World Time and GMT faces may be better options.

You can activate military time on your Apple Watch by opening the Watch App on your iPhone, tapping ‘My Watch,’ selecting ‘Clock,’ and toggling on ‘24-hour Time.’ You can change watch faces by pressing the Digital Crown, swiping through the different options, and stopping at the one you want. 

With the release of watchOS 7 in 2020, Apple made its smartwatch compatible with faces from third parties. This means that along with the watch faces offered by Apple, you can also download and use apps that have galleries of various unique faces. Let’s take a closer look at whether an Apple Watch can tell military time and how you can change its face to better suit your needs and style.

Can an Apple Watch Tell Military Time?

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Yes, an Apple Watch can tell military time. However, keep in mind that even if you’ve set your iPhone to military time, you might still need to change the time on the Watch itself. 

Most of the time, an Apple Watch (on Amazon) automatically switches from 12-hour time to military or 24-hour time at night. However, if for any reason this change doesn’t happen, here’s how you can switch the Watch to military time yourself: 

  1. Open your iPhone’s Watch App.
  2. Tap ‘My Watch.’
  3. Scroll down until you see ‘Clock’ and then tap it.
  4. Toggle the ‘24-Hour Time’ option. 

This should set your Apple Watch to military time. 

How to Change Your Apple Watch Face

It’s important to note that the ‘24-hour Time’ option will only appear if you’ve already set up a digital face on your Watch. If your Apple Watch doesn’t have a digital face, you can change it by following these steps:

  1. Access the watch face by pressing the Digital Crown.
  2. From the watch face, swipe right or left to see the different watch faces you’ve added to your Watch.
  3. Stop when you see the watch face you want to apply. 

How to Customize the Face of Your Apple Watch

  1. Access the watch face by pressing the Digital Crown.
  2. Tap and hold your watch’s display.
  3. Swipe right or left to select a watch face and then tap ‘Edit.’
  4. Swipe right or left to choose a specific feature, then change it by turning the Digital Crown. For instance, you can change the second hand’s color or customize the markings on the face.
  5. Swipe completely to the left to change complications. Select a complication by tapping it and then customize it by turning the Digital Crown.
  6. Once you’ve made all the changes, press the watch’s Digital Crown to save them.
  7. Finally, tap the watch face to set it.

How to Add Watch Faces to Your Apple Watch

  1. Access the watch face by pressing the Digital Crown.
  2. Tap and hold the watch’s display, swipe completely to the right, and then tap the ‘+’ (plus) button.
  3. Browse all the watch faces by turning the Digital Crown.
  4. Once you find the watch face you want, tap ‘Add.’ If the face doesn’t offer any customizable options, it’ll immediately become the current watch face. Otherwise, it’ll allow you to swipe through and edit features like complications and colors. 

Is There an Apple Watch Face That Shows Multiple Time Zones?

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If you work with customers or colleagues all around the world, then knowing the current time in different regions and countries can be incredibly helpful. Luckily, the Apple Watch comes with two faces that show multiple time zones: 


The GMT watch face shows the local time in the dial’s inner section and the time of a different time zone in the dial’s outer section. Here’s what you need to do to set a different time zone: 

  1. Tap your watch face.
  2. Scroll through the different time zones by turning the Digital Crown until you find the one you want.
  3. Tap the checkmark.

Your dial’s outer ring should now show the time of the region you selected. 

World Time

The World Time watch face, which was released with watchOS 8, displays the time of all 24 time zones around the world. Before setting your watch face to World Time, make sure you update watchOS to its latest version. Then, follow these steps: 

  1. Launch the Watch app on your iPhone and open the ‘Face Gallery.’
  2. The World Time will be at the top of your screen under the heading of ‘New Watch Faces.’ You can also scroll down to the bottom of the alphabetical list and locate it there. Tap it.
  3. Select the style and color you want to apply to the watch face, customize the four complications, and then tap ‘Add.’

The World Time will now appear among all your other displayed watch faces. The inner dial will show the local time with a digital or analog display. Meanwhile, the outer dial will display each zone’s time in 24-hour or military time.    

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