How Much RAM Is On The iPad Pro?

RAM is basically a storage bank that holds all the data your iPad or computer is currently using. Without it, your files, Netflix streams, programs, and any other processes won’t work. But how exactly does RAM work, and how much is there on the latest iPad Pro?

The M1 iPad Pro models that have 512GB, 256GB, or 128GB of storage have 8GB RAM, while the 2TB and 1TB models have 16GB RAM. You can check the RAM on your device by determining your iPad’s specific model (Settings > General > About) and then checking its RAM on Apple’s website.

RAM is much faster to access than the data on an SDD, hard disk, or any other permanent storage device, which is why total RAM capacity has such a big impact on system performance. Let’s look at what RAM exactly is and how much of it is there on the iPad Pro, so you can choose a model that best suits your speed, performance, and storage needs. 

What Is RAM and How Does It Work?

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RAM, which stands for “random-access memory,” can be simply defined as a temporary memory bank that stores all the data your iPad is currently working on. It makes data quick and easy to access, which means that your processor won’t have to retrieve data from long-term storage to accomplish immediate processing tasks.

RAM processes information immediately and is much faster than a hard disk. In fact, it can be anywhere between 20 to 100 times faster, depending on the task and hardware type.   

When you want to complete a certain task, your computer or iPad’s operating system processes data by loading it from the hard disk into the RAM. Once you’ve finished the task or the system has actively stopped working with that specific data, the iPad saves it in long-term storage.

So, for instance, let’s say you want to crunch some numbers on a spreadsheet. When you launch Excel, your computer (or iPad) loads the app into RAM. If you open an existing spreadsheet (stored on the hard disk), then the operating system copies that data into the RAM as well. Then, you can use Excel as you normally do. 

Since RAM is faster, your iPad or computer will have a quicker response time. Once you’re done with Excel and tell the device to save the spreadsheet, the operating system will copy that data to the hard disk or any other long-term storage. 

And once you close the app, the operating system will remove the data from the RAM, freeing up space to allow you to work on your next thing. 

How Much RAM Do I Need?

The more RAM your iPad has, the faster it will run. Remember that all open apps, including the tabs in your web browser, consume RAM. It’s also possible to run out of RAM, in which case your device will have to move some things around in long-term storage, which will slow it down. 

So, the amount of RAM that best suits your needs depends on the type of work you do, the total number of things you do at one time, and how patient you actually are.

How Much RAM Does an iPad Pro Have?

The M1 iPad Pro (on Amazon) models with 512GB, 256GB, or 128GB of storage come with 8GB RAM, while the 2TB and 1TB models come with 16GB of RAM.

In contrast, the 2020 iPad Pro only has 6GB of RAM, while the iPhone 12 Pro Max/Pro and iPhone 12 come with 6GB and 4GB of RAM, respectively. 

So, the latest M1 iPad Pro has a lot of RAM. This huge increase in RAM capacity might be because Apple is planning on bringing some form of macOS to the iPad Pro at some point in the tablet’s lifespan. 

Or it could be because Apple is planning on launching even more advanced video and photo editing tools for the device. If that’s the case, then Apple has some really powerful tools in its pipeline.

How to Check How Much RAM Is on Your iPad Pro

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If you know your iPad’s exact model number (written on your device’s back cover in the form “Axxxx” where each “x” is a number), you can use the Apple Support website to identify your exact model.

Then, you can find all the technical specifications (including RAM) of your specific model by visiting Apple’s iPad comparison page

Alternatively, you can determine your iPad Pro’s exact model by going to Settings, tapping ‘General,’ and then tapping ‘About.‘ You can then use the iPad comparison page to check the RAM capacity of your device.  

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