Roku Apps Not Working: How To Troubleshoot

Roku has come to be known as one of the best ways to stream your favorite TV shows and movies from a vast array of streaming services, from Netflix to Discovery+. You can even use it to watch YouTube or live TV on apps like Pluto. Some are free, some require paid subscriptions. But, either way, Roku makes binging your favorite shows and movies extremely convenient…

… Except when the Roku apps suddenly stop working. And, of course, this does happen from time to time. It isn’t an unheard-of issue, but when it happens, it is not just a source of frustration but a source of confusion and stress. You want to watch your favorite shows and movies on your preferred streaming services, but Roku stops you from doing that when the apps all of a sudden do not work.

Luckily, you can troubleshoot this ultra obnoxious issue. The best way to start is simply by restarting your Roku device. Leave if off for five minutes, then turn it back on again and see if your apps will work as they are supposed to. Of course, if that does not work, you might need to try reinstalling the entire thing.

Whether you need to just address one channel or all of them not working, there are potential resolutions. Let me explain to you what I learned about Roku apps when I had this problem happen to my Roku a few months ago.

Roku Apps Not Working: How To Troubleshoot

If your Roku apps stop working, try turning your TV off for five minutes, then turn it back on. If a particular channel is not working for you, you might want to remove that channel and reinstall it. There could be quite a few culprits behind why your Roku is acting up, but restarting and reinstalling apps can help clear things up in some cases.

Why might your Roku apps all of a sudden not be working? Is there a reason they are signing you out or closing at random?

What might be causing your Roku apps to disconnect from your TV? Is a weak WIFI connection or an outdated router the problem? Read on to learn more about what you can do about your Roku apps not working.

Why are my Roku apps suddenly not working?

Your Roku apps might suddenly stop working for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, an app will just get stuck buffering.

If this happens, you are going to need to try uninstalling and reinstalling that particular app. Here is how you can do that:

  • 1. Go to the Home screen and roll over to the channel that is giving you the problem.
  • 2. Press on the ‘*’ button found on your Roku remote, then click ‘remove’.
  • 3. If it prompts you to do so, put in your PIN number.
  • 4. This will remove the channel.
  • 5. If you want to add the channel again, go to the ‘Streaming Channels’ on the Home screen. This will show you a comprehensive list of all the Roku streaming channels.
  • 6. Locate the channel that you want to re-add, then select it to reinstall.

Sometimes, updates get stuck in their process and require a fresh install to get things rolling again.

Why do my Roku apps keep closing or signing me out?

Are your apps signing you out or closing out of the blue? Restarting your Roku is usually the best way to approach this issue. Remove and reinstall all those apps.

As troublesome as it sounds, this can get the apps working properly again. But if that does not work for you, you might need to contact the app’s maker (like Hulu, YouTube or Netflix) to let them know that this is an ongoing problem.

There are two ways to restart the Roku. You can either select ‘restart’ from the Roku’s settings menu or simply can unplug all the cords. Remove them and wait for five minutes before plugging the cords back in and turning the TV back on.

Why do my Roku apps keep freezing up?

If your Internet ever gets disconnected, it can cause Roku’s apps to freeze up. This will cause the app to get stuck while downloading all the associated files.

You can take one of two approaches to addressing this issue. You can either restart your Roku by going into your Settings on the Roku’s Home screen. Otherwise, you can unplug your Roku, leave it off for five minutes, then plug it in and turn it on again.

Be sure to check and see that your WIFI is working and remove the apps that keep freezing. Sometimes, it is just one or two apps, but it could also be all of them.

Roku Apps Not Working: How To Troubleshoot

Why do my Roku apps keep disconnecting from my TV?

If your Roku apps get disconnected from your TV, restart both your Roku and your WIFI modem. You will need to check and make sure that your Internet connection is actually strong and stable.

You are able to go into your Roku settings to check the strength of your wireless connection. Simply go into Settings, then ‘Network’. This brings up an informational screen that displays your signal strength, which will be labeled as either Excellent, Good, Fair, or Poor.

A Weak WIFI Connection

Let me just touch on why a weak WIFI connection can be so problematic for streaming channels on your Roku. A poor signal means that something is blocking your WIFI or your WIFI modem is experiencing problems.

Frequent disconnections is a good indicator that your modem is getting old and will soon need to be replaced. If it is under warranty, then you are in luck. Otherwise, you will have to splurge on a new one.

Closing Thoughts

Getting your Roku apps to work correctly can involve a lot of guesswork. The best thing you can do to start off is just restarting your Roku. Then, you can go from there.

For most folks, allowing the system to reset itself is all that is needed, but if not, you will have to do more troubleshooting. If it comes down to it, you might need to contact the app company or your Internet service provider if it seems to be coming from that end.

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